44 Examples of 2 Letter Words with Q

What are 2 letter words with Q? Words are used throughout the world and are defined as primarily a combination of sounds that convey a specific meaning. Secondarily a word can be the letters or symbols which represent a written version of these sounds. The sounds represented by written symbols can vary significantly between different languages allowing some languages to express more, or less, phonetic sounds in a limited number of written symbols. It is important to note that abbreviations are shorthand representations of a word or a combination of multiple words and are not themselves actual words.

2 Letter Words with Q

What Are 2 Letter Words?

By using this definition of ‘words’ we can easily define what is a 2 letter word in the English language. That is, a word is 2 letters representing a sound, or combination of sounds, that represent a specific meaning. By having only 2 letters the range of sounds these words can represent is clearly limited due to the small array of sounds that can be produced by 2 letters.

2 Letter Words with Q

The English language is extremely limited in the number of 2 letter words containing the letter Q. Indeed there are only 2 words that are not an abbreviation. These words are qi and qu.

Qi: Qi can also be spelled ‘Chi’ and represents the energy flowing throughout all living beings.

Qu: Qu is a form of classical Chinese poetry from the Yuan dynasty and is based upon a set pattern of tones. These patterns consist of varying longer and shorter lines derived from musical pieces the poems are based upon.

2 Letter Abbreviations with Q

As described above abbreviations are not the same as words, and depending on the context the abbreviation may have very different meanings. The abbreviation’s meaning can also vary based on the native language of the writer. A list of 2 letter abbreviations containing the letter Q follows below. The list of abbreviations is extensive and a single representative meaning is included.


Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4 (Quarter 1,2,3, 4)

Starting with Q

  • QA: Quality Assurance
  • QB: Quarterback
  • QC: Quality Control
  • QD: Quaque Die
  • QE: Queen Elizabeth
  • QF: Quality Factor
  • QG: Quantum Gravity
  • QH: every hour
  • QJ: UHF radio frequency
  • QK: Air Canada Jazz
  • QL: Queensland
  • QM: Quality Management
  • QN: Quintillion
  • QO: Quheleth, Ecclesiastes, in the Hebrew bible
  • QP: Quantum Platform
  • QR: Quick Response, as in QR code
  • QS: Quality and safety
  • QT: Quality Time
  • QV: Quod Vide
  • QW: Quo Warranto
  • QX: Quality of Experience
  • QY: Query
  • QZ: Quiet Zone

Ending with Q

  • AQ: Aqueous
  • BQ: Becquerel
  • CQ: Customer Quality
  • DQ: Dairy Queen
  • EQ: Equivalent
  • FQ: Fiscal Quarter
  • GQ: Gentleman’s Quarterly magazine
  • HQ: Headquarters
  • IQ: Intelligence Quotient
  • JQ: Joint Quarters
  • KQ: Knowledge quotient
  • LQ: Last Quarter
  • MQ: Minimum Qualifications
  • NQ: Nonquota
  • OQ: Operational Qualification
  • PQ: Product Quality
  • RQ: Risk Quotient
  • SQ: Square
  • TQ: Transmission Quality
  • UQ: University of Quebec
  • VQ: Voice Quality
  • WQ: Water Quality
  • XQ: Excellence Quotient
  • YQ: The long arm of the Y Chromosome
  • ZQ: Zero Quotient

2 Letter Words with Q | Picture

2 Letter Words with Q

2 Letter Words with Q

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