50+ Examples of 2 Letter Words with V

What are 2 letter words with V? Words are best defined as a combination of sounds that convey a meaning, such as a concept or an object. A written word uses a combination of letters or symbols that function as a phonetic representation of these sounds.

2 Letter Words with V

What Are 2 Letter Words?

As described above written words in English are combinations of letters to produce a distinct sound representing a word, and a 2 letter word only uses 2 letters to represent these sounds. Using only 2 letters to reproduce the sounds significantly limits the number of phonetic options and as such only a few words are able to be represented by 2 letter words.

List of 2 Letter Words with V

The list of any words containing only 2 letters is obviously very limited given the limited number of sounds and possible combinations of letters. Indeed there are no standard 2 letter words containing the letter V. However there are two combinations of the letter V that should be discussed.

Vi: Vi is the proper name of a coding language developed in 1976 as a visual full-screen text editor in Linux. By defining a word as sounds conveying a meaning, Vi does function as a word to represent the coding language.

Roman Numerals: V can represent the number 5 using Roman Numerals and as such there are multiple combinations of V, such as IV, VI, XV, L, LV, CV, DV, and MV. Together these letters represent a single number, similar to our definition of a word expressing a concept. However, these numbers are not pronounced as a single sound in English and as such may be considered similar to an abbreviation since each letter represents a distinct number.

Abbreviations containing the letter V

Based upon the definition of a word as a combination of letters producing a sound corresponding to a written word, abbreviations do not strictly represent words, and there are many two-letter abbreviations that contain the letter V which are listed below. However, the meaning of an abbreviation can vary significantly based on the context and the native language of the writers, and only a single representative meaning is included below.

Two letter abbreviations ending in V

  • AV – Audio Visual
  • BV – Book Value
  • CV- Curriculum Vitae
  • DV – Daily Value
  • EV – Electron Volt
  • FV – Field Validation
  • GV – Gravity Velocity
  • HV – High Voltage
  • IV – Intravenous
  • JV – Junior Varsity
  • KV – Kilo Volt
  • LV – Low Voltage
  • MV – Market Value
  • NV – Nano Volt
  • OV – Output Voltage
  • PV – Pico Volt
  • QV – Quality Value
  • RV – Recreational Vehicle
  • SV – Sievert
  • TV – Television
  • UV – Ultraviolet
  • VV – Velocity Vector
  • WV – Wind Velocity
  • XV – Extreme Video
  • YV – Yield Value
  • ZV – Zero Vibration

Two letter abbreviations starting with V

  • VA – Veterans Administration
  • VB – Visual Basic
  • VC – Venture Capital
  • VD – Venereal Disease
  • VE – Virtual Environment
  • VF – Forward Voltage
  • VG – Voltage Gain
  • VH – Valve House
  • VI – Viscosity Index
  • VJ – Visual J++
  • VK – Virtual Key
  • VL – Voltage
  • VM – Virtual Memory
  • VN – Virtual Network
  • VO – Voice Over
  • VP – Vice President
  • VQ – Ventilation/Perfusion
  • VR – Virtual Reality
  • VS – Visual Studio
  • VT – Tidal Volume
  • VU – Volume Unit
  • VW – Volkswagon
  • VX – Vertex
  • VY – Velocity along the Y-axis
  • VZ – Velocity along the Z-axis

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