2 Letter Words: List of 80+ Common Two Letter Words in English

2 letter words are by no means difficult to understand, however, it can definitely be difficult to know when to use which one correctly in a sentence. Though you’ll very rarely find it difficult to pronounce one of these words, since they only have one syllable and can often be sounded out with ease, you might have a harder time knowing when it’s good to use an “at” and when it’s better to use a “to”.

This might all sound fairly easy to you, but sometimes you can be fooled by certain sentence structures. Don’t take 2 letter words for granted. Just because they are some of the shorter-length words in the English language, doesn’t mean they’re easy to figure out.

2 Letter Words

What are 2 Letter Words?

2 letters words are only made of 2 letters (as the name would suggest) and are most commonly used as either conjunctions or pronouns. There aren’t that many out there (since there are only so many combinations you can make with only 26 letters in the English alphabet) but there are plenty to get yourself stuck in with and try to figure out how best to use each one.

In total, there are somewhere between 88 and 106 2 letter words in the English language. The reason this number varies is that it can be difficult to determine which 2 letter words are actually officially considered words in the language. Most 2 letter words don’t come with an official definition and so might be marked as incorrect on certain apps compared to others. There’s a lot of trial and error involved with knowing which 2 letter words will work and which won’t.

For example, a word like “eh” is a common way of expressing confusion in a conversation and is very commonly written in novels to do just that. However, it isn’t technically a word that is always recognized, since it doesn’t actually come with a meaning other than “to express confusion”. And that’s just one of the more common words on the list, there’s plenty of others like “de” or “et” that can be even more difficult to determine.

Let’s take a look at a list that we’ve compiled of all the 2 letter words that we could find. We’re sure that some of these might surprise you – some of them you might never even have heard of before. Have a play around with them and see if you can use them in sentences.

List of 2 Letter Words

  • Aw
  • Ax
  • Ay
  • Ba
  • Be
  • Bi
  • Bo
  • By
  • De
  • Do
  • Ed
  • Ef
  • Eh
  • El
  • Em
  • En
  • Er
  • Es
  • Et
  • Ex
  • Fa
  • Fe
  • Go
  • Ha
  • He
  • Hi
  • Hm
  • Ho
  • Id
  • If
  • In
  • Is
  • It
  • Jo
  • Ka
  • Ki
  • La
  • Li
  • Lo
  • Ma
  • Me
  • Mi
  • Mm
  • Mo
  • Mu
  • My
  • Na
  • Ne
  • No
  • Nu
  • Od
  • Oe
  • Of
  • Oh
  • Oi
  • Om
  • On
  • Op
  • Or
  • Os
  • Ow
  • Ox
  • Oy
  • Pa
  • Pe
  • Pi
  • Qi
  • Re
  • Sh
  • Si
  • So
  • Ta
  • Ti
  • To
  • Uh
  • Um
  • Un
  • Up
  • Us
  • Ut
  • We
  • Wo
  • Xi
  • Xu
  • Ya
  • Ye
  • Yo
  • Za

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2 Letter Words: List of 80+ Common 2 Letter Words in EnglishPin

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