62 Cool Examples of 3 Letter Names

3 letter names for your babies. Are you tired of the same old baby and pet names? Do you want to stand out from the crowd and unleash your creativity? Look no further! In this blog post, we have compiled a list of unique 3 letter names for both babies and furry pets that will make them unforgettable. From Axl to Zig, these names are sure to make a statement and leave everyone impressed. So why settle for ordinary when you can be extraordinary? Let’s dive in and discover some truly one-of-a-kind names!

3 Letter Names

What Are 3 Letter Names?

When it comes to naming your baby or pet, there are no rules. You can go traditional with a classic name like “Mary” or “John” or get creative with a unique name like “Sage” or “River.” But what if you want to get really creative?

One way to do that is to create a three-letter name. This can be done by using the first letter of your baby’s or pet’s first, middle, and last name. For example, if your baby’s full name is Mary Elizabeth Smith, you could use the letters MES to create a 3 letter name.

If you have a pet who doesn’t have a middle name, you can use the first letter of their last name twice ( for example, Lassie would be LLS).

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List of 3 Letter Names

  • Ada
  • Amy
  • Ben
  • Bob
  • Dan
  • Eve
  • Ian
  • Jay
  • Kim
  • Lia
  • Max
  • Mia
  • Ned
  • Pam
  • Ray
  • Rex
  • Sam
  • Tom
  • Uma
  • Zoe
  • Ava
  • Eli
  • Leo
  • Joe
  • Kai
  • Taj
  • Lou
  • Wes
  • Zia
  • Jan
  • Liv
  • Meg
  • Ron
  • Eva
  • Fay
  • Gil
  • Kay
  • Lee
  • Ola
  • Sue
  • Tim
  • Van
  • Gus
  • Hal
  • Ivy
  • Ken
  • Ora
  • Ted
  • Cal
  • Vic
  • Aya
  • Bam
  • Ace
  • Coy
  • Dax
  • Eon
  • Rio
  • Taz
  • Jax
  • Kip
  • Nim
  • Pip

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3 Letter Names with Meanings

3 Letter Names for Girls

There are a lot of baby girls’ names that only have three letters, but these are some of our top choices. If you’re looking for something unique and different for your baby girl, consider one of these beautiful and rare names.

  • Aya: This name is of Hebrew origin and means “to hear” or “to answer.” It’s a perfect name for a baby girl who you hope will grow up to be kind and compassionate.
  • Ivy: This name has English origins and is derived from the plant of the same name. It symbolizes loyalty and friendship, making it a great choice for a baby girl who you hope will have lasting relationships.
  • Lia: This lovely name is of Greek origin and means “bringer of good news.” It’s perfect for a baby girl who you hope will bring joy into your life.
  • May: This name is of English origin and means “month of May”. It’s a great choice for a baby girl who you hope will give you lots of joy throughout her life.

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3 Letter Names for Boys

If you’re looking for a unique name for your baby boy, why not try one with only three letters?

  • Ace: This one is perfect for a little boy who’s going to be the best at everything he does.
  • Bam: A strong and powerful name for a little guy who’s destined to make a big impact in the world.
  • Coy: A sweet and shy name for a gentle soul who will always have a special place in your heart.
  • Dax: A modern and edgy name for a boy who embraces the latest trends and fashion.
  • Eon: An inspirational name for a boy who will strive to make a difference in the world.

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3 Letter Names for Dogs

There are a lot of great three-letter dog names out there! Here are just a few of the dearests:

  • Bam: A strong and energetic name for a lively pup.
  • Gus: A regal name for a handsome hound.
  • Lee: A perfect name for a loyal and devoted friend.
  • Max: A classic name for a strong and mighty pup.
  • Rex: A great name for a loyal, brave, and powerful pup.
  • Rio: A fun and exotic name for an adventurous pup.
  • Taz: A spunky name that is perfect for a mischievous pup.

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3 Letter Names for Cats

There are plenty of cat names out there with three letters only. Here are some of our favorites:

  • Jax: A strong and handsome name for a regal cat.
  • Kip: A playful and energetic name for a kitten.
  • Max: A classic name for a beloved pet.
  • Mia: A sweet and gentle name for a loving cat.
  • Nim: A unique name for a curious and intelligent feline.
  • Pip: An adorable name that’s perfect for a tiny kitten.
  • Sam: A strong and brave name for a mouser.

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Tips on Choosing the Perfect Name

When it comes to naming your baby or pet, the sky is the limit! But if you’re looking for something unique, try using letters of the alphabet as inspiration. Here are some tips on choosing the perfect name:

  1. Consider the meaning of the name. What do you want it to represent?
  2. Keep it short and sweet. Long names can be difficult to pronounce and remember.
  3. Avoid names that might be difficult to spell. You don’t want your child or pet to have a spelling bee nightmare!
  4. Be aware of common nicknames. If you’re not fond of them, pick a different name.
  5. Most importantly, choose a name that you love!


Choosing a name for your baby or pet can be a daunting task, but with the help of these unique 3 letter names, you are sure to find one that is perfect for them. Whether you want to go traditional or something more creative, these 3 letter names will definitely inspire some ideas and get those creative juices flowing. So take your time and have fun exploring all the possibilities – chances are you’ll come up with something truly special!