37 Cool Examples of 3 Letter Words with X

What are 3 letter words with X? X is such a relatively uncommon letter in the English language and when it comes up in word games such as Scrabble, it can seem like a challenge to figure out whether to play it. When that happens (especially when the board is full) three-letter words are your friend! You can squeeze them in just about anywhere, and if they contain the x, you’ll score quite few points while you’re at it. This article discusses three-letter words and the different forms they come in before focusing in on three-letter words that contain an x.

3 Letter Words with X

What Are 3 Letter Words?

Three-letter words are those tiny words that no one really thinks about but are the building blocks of the English language. The past sentence alone has five three-letter words in it and the sentence wouldn’t make sense without them.

In word games, they are even more important as fillers, ways to use the last few letters you have or finish filling in the board. The more creative you can get with these three-letter words the better and if there’s an uncommon letter like v, w, z, or x in them, it becomes a real win. Here are some ideas for when you happen to pick up an x or even two. As you’ll see, there’s a surprising number of commonly used words included in the list.

3 Letter Words with X in Them

  • Axe
  • Box
  • Fax
  • Fix
  • Fox
  • Hex
  • Lex
  • Lox
  • Lux
  • Max
  • Mix
  • Oxy
  • Pox
  • Rex
  • Sax
  • Sex
  • Six
  • Tax
  • Tux
  • Vex

3 Letter Words Starting with X

  • Xat
  • Xes
  • Xis
  • Xie
  • Xin
  • Xan
  • Xav
  • Xem
  • Xer
  • Xey
  • Xia
  • Xir
  • Xor
  • Xue
  • Xun
  • Xus
  • Xyr

3 Letter Abbreviations with X

  • XAP: IATA airport code for Chapecó Airport
  • XAS: X-ray absorption spectroscopy
  • XBL: XML binding language
  • XBX: ten Basic Exercises
  • XDK: Xbox Development Kit
  • XDR: extremely drug resistant
  • XFF: X-Forwarded-For
  • XFL: Xtreme Football League
  • XGA: Extended Graphics Array, a computer display standard of the 1990s, offering various resolutions and palettes and using a 4:3 aspect ratio
  • XHR: XMLHttpRequest object
  • XMA: Extensible Management Agent
  • XMI: XML Metadata Interchange
  • XML: Extensible Markup Language
  • XMM: Extended Memory Manager
  • XMP: xanthosine monophosphate; Extensible Metadata Platform; Extreme Memory Profile
  • XMS: Extended Memory Specification
  • XNA: Xinhua News Agency, the New China News Agency, the government news agency of the People’s Republic of China
  • XPS: Dell XPS; XML Paper Specification
  • XRD: X-ray diffraction
  • XRF: X-ray fluorescence
  • XRR: X-ray reflectivity
  • XSD: XML Schema Definition
  • XSL: Extensible stylesheet language
  • XSS: cross-site scripting
  • XTC: ecstasy
  • XTM: XML topic map
  • xtr: extra
  • Xty: Christianity
  • XUL: Xml User interface Language
  • XUV: extreme ultraviolet; crossover utility vehicle
  • XWT: XML Windowing Toolkit
  • XXS: extra extra small

3 Letter Words with X with Meanings

  • Fax: a machine used to send copies of documents over phone wires
  • Lox: lightly smoked salmon that’s been covered in brine
  • Vex: to irritate or annoy
  • Tax: payments levied against property or goods being bought and sold
  • Six: a number.
  • Mix: to stir together.
  • Max: the highest amount allowed.
  • Fox: a carnivorous animal known for its bushy tail and pointed ears.
  • Box: a storage container
  • Hex: an evil spell or curse
  • Axe: a woodworking tool
  • Sex: the act of procreation
  • Pox: a virus that manifests as a rash
  • Rex: a cat or rabbit with very short hair.
  • Sax: a saxophone
  • Fix: to solve a problem
  • Oxy: containing oxygen
  • Lux: a unit of illumination
  • Lex: a nickname; short for Alexis
  • Tux: formal wear; a tuxedo.

This list of 3 letter words with x are just here to get you started with the many options for using x more; whether it’s in everyday conversation or to swoop in with a win on your Scrabble game, these words will be sure to impress.

As you can see, there are quite a few common 3 letter words with x in them than you might expect. You shouldn’t be intimidated by the fact you need to use an x in your play. Just remember, it seems like an uncommon letter but there’s actually a decent number of commonly used words that contain the letter x. They may get overlooked because they’re also three-letter words but don’t forget them and they’ll be your friend in Scrabble or any other word game you enjoy playing.

3 Letter Words with X | Picture

3 Letter Words with X

3 Letter Words with X

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