35 Useful 4 Letter Words Starting with E in English

What are 4 letter words starting with E? Language development happens very rapidly in early childhood. It is especially amazing to watch in the first 2 years of a child’s life. This means that infant’s home and family play an immense role in their language and vocabulary growth. Children learn new words beginning with pronouncing words with one letter, 2 letters and even 3 letters. This thus creates a stepping stone to learning and pronouncing words with 4 letters.

Children can learn new words mainly by hearing them in meaningful context which often include a story illustration or a speaker’s gestures. They can also learn through making your home a print rich environment filled with fun ways to play with letter and words. For instance, labelling items throughout your home so that your child can connect a word with its meaning.

4 Letter Words Starting with E

What Are 4 Letter Words?

4-letter words are words that contain four letters of the alphabet that include both vowel and consonant. Creating a good learning environment in which the kids can learn the 4- letter words will impact them positively. Children learn 4-letter words in order to improve their vocabulary and also how they phrase their sentences. The kid’s ability to understand and construct sentences depends on how they have mastered these 4 letter words. It is thus important for parents and teachers to help children in building the child’s vocabulary by exposing them to these 4 letter words.

List of 4 Letter Words Starting with E

  • Even
  • Easy
  • Else
  • East
  • Edge
  • Ease
  • Expo
  • Eggs
  • Earn
  • Evil
  • Ears
  • Emit
  • Edgy
  • Etch
  • Eyes
  • Edit
  • Edgy
  • Emit
  • Eons
  • Eggy
  • Epic
  • Eats
  • Envy
  • Elan
  • Exam
  • Each
  • Eads
  • Eras
  • Earl
  • Eave
  • Each
  • Ever
  • Exes
  • Echo
  • Exit

Activities that can help your kid learn four letter words starting with e

When it comes to learning four letter words that start with e it is important to make it a fun learning experience for kids. Some of the activities to learn 4 letter words starting with e include:

Fill in the missing letters for the 4-letter word beginning with e

1. E_ VEN

2. E_ER

3. EAC_

4. E_GGS

5. E _RY

6. EX_M

7. E _L_

8. E _ _T

9. E_V_

10. E_SE

Quiz on four letter words starting with e

1. The 4-letter word for the repeated sound that comes after the original sound.

What is it? Answer: Echo

2. The 4-letter word for what is considered bad or wrong when someone does it.

What is it? Answer: Evil

3. The 4-letter word for showing jealousy towards other people.

What is it? Answer: Envy

4. The 4-letter word for things that are considered not be difficult.

What is it? Answer: Easy

Crossword puzzles

Children can fill out cross word puzzles on four letter words starting with “e”. They can do phone cross words or use books that have crossword puzzles. Parents can come in and give them a helping hand when they are stuck or when difficult words are involved. And this not only make them to be ready to learn but in a way boost their motor skills. For parents, it can be helpful for them to always encourage their kids to recite and learn this letters always.

4 Letter Words Starting with E | Image

4 Letter Words Starting with E | Useful List of Four Letter Words Starting with E

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