5 Letter Words Ending in CIT in English

List of 5 letter words ending in CIT! You would be surprised at just how much of our communicated information can be broken down into different categories. If fact, research shows, that when we attempt to break down large swaths of information into chunks that can be easily digested, our capacity for learning and remembering skyrockets.

This is a process known as chunking and you’d better get used to it if you aim to learn anything in life beyond an intermediate level. Today, we shall improve our language and communication skills by chunking a select group of words into our minds. This group is called 5 letter words ending in cit.

5 Letter Words Ending in Cit

  • Amcit
  • Licit
  • Tacit
  • Fecit
  • Recit
  • Ticit
  • Sjcit

FAQs on 5 Letter Words Ending in Cit

What Are 5 Letter Words Ending in Cit?

5 letter words ending in cit are words that comprise five characters but whose last three characters are the suffix cit. Do not turn away in disgust, thinking that you could never use these words in the modern era. That is simply not true, the facts state otherwise. For example, one of these 5 letter words ending in cit is the word tacit. The word tacit may sound very highbrow to you but it does have its uses. Tacit means something that is understood or even implied without being stated.

Something that is not tacit, is the French word for narrative. This word is recit, recit is a french word that means either ‘story’ or ‘narrative’. From French, we leap through the centuries and end in Latin. The Latin word for ‘make’ is facit. Latin is seen as a ‘scary’ language in today’s world and this is, no doubt, thanks to horror movies. Whenever a lazy writer needs a villain or ancient evil, they just wheel out the corpse of the Latin language and dump it right at our doorstep. Then we are all supposed to look at that and consider it ‘spooky’.

A final word for this section will be the oddly spelled licit. When something is licit it is not forbidden, in other words, it is lawful. Everything that we do in life, we want to make sure is lawful or licit. This way we stay out of trouble and can enjoy our peace and quiet.

What are 5 Letter Words Ending in Cit with their Meanings?

Not enough 5 letter words ending in cit for you to feel satisfied? Then sit down and pay attention because I am about to throw a few more 5 letter words ending in cit straight at you. I expect you to be able to recite all of these from the heart by the end of this lesson.

  • Fecit. Fecit is Latin for “he makes”.
  • Ticit. Ticit is an acronym that stands for “Tripoli International Center for Information Technology”.
  • Sjcit. Sjcit is another acronym that stands for “SJC Institute of Technology”.

There you have it. I bet you didn’t know that there were this many 5 letter words ending in cit. Well, neither did I! This is why learning is such a magical experience. It expands our entire world and broadens our horizons.

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5 Letter Words Ending in Cit

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