5 Letter Words Ending in Ymph: How Many Words Do You Know?

5 letter words ending in ymph may just be the most obscure and hidden pattern that we have ever gone over in our English language learning journey. But do not underestimate this wonderfully rare word pattern because it comes up much more often than you may think. Why? Well, the answer is because there are many words that end with ymph but these words are not five letters in length. Fortunately for us though, the National Council of English Teachers has decided that you can abbreviate these words and in doing so, these words become 5 letter words ending in ymph.

We shall go over this section of words in greater depth as you progress through this reading.

5 Letter Words Ending in YMPH

What are 5 letter words ending in YMPH?

Two 5 letter words ending in ymph that are not condensed versions of longer words are lymph and nymph. A lymph is a fluid that is colorless and that contains within it blood cells that are white. This fluid bathes the surrounding tissue and even drains throughout the lymphatic system. In other words, this is a very important thing for our bodies and overall health. It is why lymph nodes are so essential to our body’s defenses against anything that may ail us.

A nymph is commonly seen in old myths from distant lands. Nymphs are mythological spirits that are considered souls of nature. They usually take the form of a beautiful woman that lives in the mountains, forests, or even at the bottom of lakes. Today, calling a woman a nymph is a common compliment amongst those that are older. This simply means a woman that is young and beautiful.

5 Letter Words Ending in YMPH with Meanings

Now begins the most interesting part of this reading. The following list of 5 letter words ending in ymph is composed of the National Council of English Teacher’s recommendations for condensed forms of existing words. This is what makes this list vital to mastering this topic. The fact that it represents an official evolution of the language. Growth in a language such as this is not common and should be respected.

  • Eymph – Elymph is a fluid that is clear just like lymph but this fluid is located around the ear. It is found within the inner ear, namely the labyrinth of membranous.
  • Hymph – Hymph is also known as hemolymph is a fluid that takes the place of blood within most invertebrates. This fluid occupies the hemocoel.
  • Pymph – A pymph or paranymph is a very traditional position within ancient Greece. A pymph is the individual tasked, alongside the bridegroom, with the goal of bringing the bride home after the festivities have ended. Today this individual is known as the best man.

This article on 5 letter words ending in ymph has taught you all that there is to know on this subject. Don’t forget to practice using your new words in your daily conversations as that is a great way to cement what you have learned.

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