6 Unique Examples of 5 Letter Words that Start with ARO in English

If you go through an English dictionary looking for 5 letter words that start with Aro, you will find a mere 4 entries.

There are two more words, but one is hyphenated and the other is a proper noun. So, while it helps to know their meaning if you are trying to work on your vocabulary, they are quite useless for most word games.

Continue reading to know what these words are and what they mean.

5 Letter Words that Start with Aro

What Are 5 Letter Words Starting with Aro?

If you are analyzing these words in terms of parts of speech, except for one, all others are nouns. As far as pronunciation is concerned, the “a” in these 5 words takes on different forms.

In one word the vowel sounds like the “a” in air while in two words it sounds like the “a” in ago. The last word has been borrowed from Arabic and the “a:” in it sounds like the “a” in Arabic.

5 Letter Words that Start with Aro

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Why Learn 5 Letter Words that Start with Aro?

To enjoy a game of Scrabble or Wordle:

If you are into the legendary word game Scrabble, using 3 of these words can get you a total of 18 points. Of course, the highest Scrabble points for a word starting with “Aro” are for the word “Aromatizing”, which can get you 23 points.

But, we are only talking about 5 letter words here, so we’ll stick just to those. If the board game does not appeal to you, it’s always possible to use these words in an online game like Wordle.

To improve your vocabulary:

Because 2 of the words in this category are frequently used in conversational English, learning them will certainly help.

List of All 5 Letter Words that Start with Aro

  • Aroba
  • Aroid
  • Aroma
  • Arose
  • A-roll
  • Aroha

5 Letter Words that Start with Aro with Meanings


This is a noun and a less common variant of another noun- “Araba”. The common noun refers to a cart or carriage used in Turkey and neighboring countries. Typically made of wood, the coach is drawn by horses or oxen and can be covered or uncovered. The plural of the word is arobas.


Also, a noun, this term refers to a plant from the botanical family – Arum or Araceae. Except for Antarctica, plants from this family are seen across all other continents. The famed Peace Lily is an aroid as are many other popular houseplants.


Another noun in this category, this word refers to a pleasant smell. Typically, the word is used when talking about the distinctive smell of food items. For instance, the aroma of coffee. Its adjective form is also used to describe the quality of plants and plant products. For example, you’d say aromatic spices or aromatic plants.


The only verb in this list, arose is the past tense of the verb “Arise”. It means to get up or stand up or idiomatically to emerge or to become apparent. For example, you’d say, “He arose from his chair” or “Sheela arose at sunrise”. In the idiomatic sense, you’d use the verb as, “A problem arose due to his mistake” or “And when the opportunity arose, he grabbed it at once”.


As mentioned earlier, you cannot use these words in Scrabble or Wordle. This term refers to the first footage of a television story or show.


This is a proper noun. It means affection, love, or compassion. While you cannot use this word in Scrabble or Wordle, you can use it in other word games like Quordle, and Octordle.

Parting with an interesting fact!

Did you know that more than 7% of words in the English language start with “A”? That’s a massive 16,869 words.

Of all those words, a mere 4 are 5 letter words that start with Aro; that’s a minuscule 0.023%. And, now you know them all!

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