18 Cool 5 Letter Words with AO and Their Meanings

Learning 5 letter words with Ao will help you find top-scoring words in Scrabble and Wordle games. While it may seem tricky to solve the puzzle, you don’t have to give up. You’ll soon realize it’s easy to find words close to the solution. The best strategy is to understand their meanings before memorizing them for a quick and easy win in your next game. Apart from that, learning words with ao helps you to build a strong vocabulary, so you’ll be more confident in reading, writing, and speaking. Here is a list of 5 letter words with ao to help you improve your English or crack that puzzle.

5 Letter Words with AO

Here are some 5 letter words with AO in the English language.

5 Letter Words that Start with AO

  • Aotus
  • Aonia
  • Aomen
  • Aortic
  • Aoede
  • Aorta

5 Letter Words with AO | Image

5 Letter Words with AO

5 Letter Words with AO in the Middle

  • Chaos
  • Gaols
  • Kaons
  • Haole
  • Maori
  • Miaou
  • Praos

5 Letter Words that End with AO

  • Pulao
  • Mulao
  • Chiao
  • Alfao
  • Cacao

5 Letter Words with AO and Their Meanings

  • Goals

Aim or desire to achieve specific results, a person’s ambition, working towards something with determination. It’s also commonly used in games like soccer, hockey, and rugby where a pair of posts are linked by a crossbar and a net is set in between. The ball goes between the posts to score. The word goal can be used in a sentence as a noun.

  • Chaos

A state of confusion, disorderly mass, or total lack of organization. For example; putting dozens of cats and dogs in a room can lead to utter chaos. In physics, chaos refers to formless matter or the infinity of space that preceded the existence of the universe. Some scholars use the word to mean great sensitivity to changes in conditions.

  • Aorta

The large artery (part of the circulatory system) that runs from the left ventricle of a human heart. It supplies blood (oxygenated) to other parts of the body. As the main artery extends down the abdomen, it splits into smaller arteries. The word aorta is also used figuratively to mean the liveliest part of something.

  • Aorist

A Greek word (commonly used as a past tense of a verb) that refers to anything that doesn’t have a completion of an action. A simple occurrence of an action without reference to its duration.

  • Miaow

A spiteful response or malicious reaction of a cat; the cry of a kitten. Example: the brown kitten jumped down with a miaow.

  • Pilao

A delicious meal that consists of rice flavored with spices, to which poultry, meat, or fish may be added. A Middle Eastern dish of rice cooked in shellfish or bouillon. Pilao also refers to a village in Hsawlaw Township in the Kachin State North-eastern Burma.

  • Naomi

A feminine name for the pleasant one, beauty, or above all. The name Naomi features in the Hebrew Bible to refer to a compassionate woman who faced challenges in life. It’s a popular choice among followers of the Torah.

  • Cacao

Seeds (contained in large oval pods) from a South American evergreen tree that make cocoa butter, chocolate, and cocoa. It also refers to the tree that produces cacao seeds. In Greek, cacao means the food of the gods.

  • Macao

A unique destination in Pearl River west of Hong Kong that preserves multi-cultural heritage for tourists. It has a full calendar of activities. Macao is the smallest country in Asia, with two islands in the open sea.


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