202 Examples of 5 Letter Words with AU in English

There are many English words with the letter “AU.” Most of them are short or standard. You might have heard some of these words before, but did you know what they mean? This article will teach you five-letter words with au and how to use them appropriately.

5 Letter Words with AU

What are 5 Letter Words with AU

What are Five letter words with AU? This is one of the questions many ask when they find five-letter words with a vowel sound at the beginning. There are quite a few words that fall under this category, and we can quickly put together a list of wanted words thanks to our sophisticated search engine, but why is there still any confusion about these words? No complex algorithm decides which letter in a two-syllabic word will be used as an adjective.

It all comes from how these letters work together. For example, while five letters mean five things, it’s already apparent that “his” or “her” in the sentence makes it unique. Their meanings do not make the sentence any better nor worse than “hers” or “his.”

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5 Letter Words with AU, Starting with A

  • Audad
  • Amaut
  • Audax
  • Audio
  • Audit
  • Auger
  • Auget
  • Aught
  • Augur
  • Aukan
  • Aulas
  • Aulds
  • Aulic
  • Aulis
  • Aulls
  • Auloi
  • Aulos
  • Aults
  • Aumil
  • Aunes
  • Aungs
  • Aunts
  • Aunty
  • Aurae
  • Aural
  • Aurar
  • Auras
  • Aurei
  • Aures
  • Auric
  • Auris
  • Aurum
  • Auths
  • Auton
  • Autos
  • Auxin

5 Letter Words with AU, Starting with B

  • Bauds
  • Bauks
  • Baulk
  • Baurs
  • Beaus
  • Beaut
  • Beaux
  • Blaud
  • Boyau

5 Letter Words with AU, Starting with C

  • Cauda
  • Cauks
  • Cauld
  • Caulk
  • Cauls
  • Caums
  • Caups
  • Cauri
  • Causa
  • Cause
  • Claut
  • Coyau

5 Letter Words with AU, Starting with D

  • Daube
  • Daubs
  • Dauby
  • Dauds
  • Dault
  • Daunt
  • Daurs
  • Dauts
  • Dwaum

5 Letter Words with AU, Starting with F

  • Faugh
  • Fauld
  • Fault
  • Fauna
  • Fauns
  • Faurd
  • Faute
  • Fauts
  • Fauve
  • Fraud
  • Fraus

5 Letter Words with AU, Starting with G

  • Gauch
  • Gaucy
  • Gauds
  • Gaudy
  • Gauge
  • Gauje
  • Gault
  • Gaums
  • Gaumy
  • Gaunt
  • Gaups
  • Gaurs
  • Gauss
  • Gauze
  • Gauzy
  • Ghaut
  • Glaum
  • Glaur

5 Letter Words with AU, Starting with H

  • Hauds
  • Haufs
  • Haugh
  • Hauld
  • Haulm
  • Hauls
  • Hault
  • Haunt
  • Hause
  • Haute
  • Heiau
  • Hinau

5 Letter Words with AU, Starting with I, J

  • Imaum
  • Jauks
  • Jaune
  • Jaunt
  • Jaups

5 Letter Words with AU, Starting with K

  • Kaugh
  • Kauri
  • Kauru
  • Kaury
  • Kawau
  • Knaur
  • Kraut

5 Letter Words with AU, Starting with L

  • Lauan
  • Lauch
  • Laude
  • Lauds
  • Laufs
  • Laugh
  • Laund
  • Laura
  • Luaus

5 Letter Words with AU, Starting with M

  • Mapau
  • Mauby
  • Mauds
  • Mauls
  • Maund
  • Mauri
  • Mausy
  • Mauts
  • Mauve
  • Mauzy
  • Miaul

5 Letter Words with AU, Starting with N

  • Nauch
  • Naunt
  • Nikau
  • Noyau

5 Letter Words with AU, Starting with P

  • Pauas
  • Pauls
  • Pause
  • Pelau
  • Pikau
  • Pilau
  • Praus

5 Letter Words with AU, Starting with R

  • Rauli
  • Rauns
  • Raupo

5 Letter Words with AU, Starting with S

  • Sauba
  • Sauce
  • Sauch
  • Saucy
  • Saugh
  • Sauls
  • Sault
  • Sauna
  • Saunf
  • Saunt
  • Saury
  • Saute
  • Sauts
  • Sauve
  • Scaud
  • Scaup
  • Scaur
  • Shaul
  • Spaul
  • Staun

5 Letter Words with AU, Starting with T

  • Taube
  • Tauld
  • Taunt
  • Tauon
  • Taupe
  • Tauts

5 Letter Words with AU, Starting with U, V

  • Unaus
  • Vauch
  • Vault
  • Vaunt
  • Vaute
  • Vauts

5 Letter Words with AU, Starting with W, Y

  • Wauff
  • Waugh
  • Wauks
  • Waulk
  • Wauls
  • Waurs
  • Whaup
  • Whaur
  • Yauds
  • Yauld
  • Yaups

5 Letter Words with UA

  • Duals
  • Equal
  • Guard
  • Guava
  • Quack
  • Quads
  • Quaff
  • Quail
  • Quake
  • Quaky
  • Qualm
  • Quats
  • Squad
  • Suave
  • Usual

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5 Letter Words with AU with Meanings

List of 5 Letter Words With AU (also known as Short Vowel Word list): These letters are called short vowel words or vowel-consonant-letter or VC letter words. All the vowels are written with consonants, so you can read easier using a calculator, but there are many ways to write this word list. The most common forms of writing these words are ‘aw,’ ‘au,’ ‘eau,’ and ‘eu.’ The following is the list of 5 letter words with AU and their definition.


Audacity is the quality of being bold and daring. It is also the quality of having the audacity, especially when taking risks.

Audacity is often considered a positive trait but can also be used negatively. For example, someone with too much audacity may be seen as impulsive or rash. On the other hand, if someone lacks audacity, they may be perceived as unambitious and timid.


Augur is a decentralized prediction market platform. The Augur protocol creates markets for events or outcomes that do not yet exist and allows anyone to participate in these markets.

Augur’s use of “Reputation” as a method of forecasting events has been compared to the concept of “Social Proof” from marketing theory, as well as the idea of “Psychological Distance” from economics.


Album is a noun that refers to a collection of songs or recordings. Albums can be composed of one music or several pieces, but they are typically organized into chapters or sections with artwork, liner notes, and a title page. Albums can also consist of several different recordings, such as an artist’s greatest hits album or a compilation album featuring previously released material from the same artist’s catalog. Albums are usually packaged in plastic sleeves or hardcover books, although many albums are now sold individually online and at brick-and-mortar record stores.


Abuse is a word that describes behavior that results in physical, psychological, or sexual harm. This can be either overt or covert and includes threats and intimidation, as well as non-physical abuse such as emotional, financial, sexual, and verbal. Abuse can occur in relationships of all kinds (family, friend, romantic) and within organizations, including the workplace. As a verb, it means “to treat with cruelty or violence.”


The adult is a letter word that can represent all kinds of different things, like age or maturity. It’s also a word used in English to describe the state of being an adult. For example, you might say, “she’s an adult now,” or “we’re going to have to wait until he’s an adult before we can get married.”


Aloud is a transitive verb that means to speak or say something out loud. It’s usually used in the present tense: I’m allowed to go.

Aloud can also be used as a noun and adjective, but there are no direct translations for these uses. For example, someone who can do something is permitted to do it. The word aloud means “allowed” or “permitted.”


Acute means “of or relating to the sharpness of sensation or perception, or a sudden onset.” It can also mean “unfortunate.” Necessary means that you are feeling something right now, and it’s intense, whereas chronic implies that you feel something all the time. The two words are often used together: acute pain.

Acute is a common medical term used to describe the symptoms of an illness or injury. Acute may also refer to something new or unexpected. For example, “an acute attack of nausea.”

Wrapping Up

These are words that are five letters with au. There are only a few of these because many of the words in Scrabble only go up to a certain point, at which point the player is forced to use different tiles. Also, most players do not bother using words that they know are not helpful to their score or might get them stuck in a dead end. These words can be used in any direction.

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