List of 35 Powerful 5 Letter Words with OUR

Last Updated on November 3, 2023

Are you searching for a list of 5 letter words with OUR? Learning new words every day can help activate one’s mental faculties and allow a person to live a proactive life. It prepares a person to be equipped with the right words to use when the need arises. Below are the 5 letter words with Our that you can add to your vocabulary.

What Are 5 Letter Words with Our?

If you happen to be playing scrabble and you only have five (5) tiles left in your rack, then finding a five-letter word that can make you lay down all your tiles is the best thing to do. And if you have the letters O, U, and R among those tiles, then you might just hit the jackpot with this short list of 5 letter words with Our below.

List of 5 Letter Words with Our

  • Amour
  • Bourn
  • Clour
  • Courb
  • Court
  • Flour
  • Fours
  • Houri
  • Hours
  • Loure
  • Lours
  • Loury
  • Mourn
  • Odour
  • Ourie
  • Pours
  • Scour
  • Sours
  • Stour
  • Tours
  • Yourn
  • Yours
  • Glour
  • Jours
  • Koura
  • Bourd
  • Bourg
  • Courd
  • Youre
  • Yourt
  • Coure
  • Cours
  • Gourd
  • Doura
  • Goura

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5 Letter Words with Our with Meanings

From amour to yours, here are the twenty-two (22) 5 letter words with our in English.


  • it refers to a secret lover or an illicit love affair


  • a small stream or narrow river which flows seasonally or at irregular intervals
  • a boundary or limit


  • it refers to a blow or a bump on the head caused by a powerful strike with a hand


  • an archaic term for bend or bow


  • a justice forum presided over by a judge or magistrate
  • a marked-out area designed for playing games such as basketball or tennis


  • a fine soft powder made from grain or other similar food product


  • it refers to a unit that consists of four people or things
  • that which is equivalent to the product of two and two or one less than five


  • In Islamic belief, it refers to a beautiful maiden that serves as a reward for a faithful Muslim once he reaches paradise
  • a beautiful voluptuous young woman


  • plural form of the word, hour, which is a period of time equal that is divided into 60 minutes


  • it refers to a dance performance in triple or sextuple time or its music


  • a frown or a facial expression that shows anger


  • to become gloomy or threatening


  • to feel deep sorrow or show the customary signs of grief for someone’s death, typically by wearing black clothes


  • a foul or unpleasant smell


  • showing gloom or depression
  • to shiver or tremble due to cold


  • to flow rapidly and in large numbers in a steady stream
  • it refers to a heavy rainfall
  • to dispense or supply from a container


  • to remove something by rubbing and washing
  • to purge or clear an area where outlaws or enemies take refuge


  • drinks made by blending an alcoholic beverage with lemon or lime


  • a mass of dust or a cloud formed from accumulated dust
  • a harsh disturbance


  • an industrial city on the Loire River in central France with a population of 134, 978 as of 2022


  • an archaic form of yours


  • it refers to something which belongs to someone whom the speaker is addressing

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