Another Word for “A lot” | List of 55+ Synonyms for “A lot”

What is another word for “a lot”? List of other ways to say “a lot” (of) with examples and ESL picture. Learning these synonyms for “a lot” helps expand your vocabulary words and improve your essay writing in English.

A lot Synonym

“A lot” Definition and Examples

Meaning of A lot: The word “a lot” is a pronoun. The word means a large number or quantity of some objects or people.


  • I wish I had kept a lot of the toys I had as a child because they would be worth money.
  • I have a lot of work to do today and I am running out of time to do it.
  • I have a lot of love in my life between my family and friends.

Other Words for “A lot”

Commonly used synonyms for “A lot”. 

  • A good deal
  • A great deal
  • A large number/amount
  • Ample
  • Heaps
  • A bunch
  • Endless amount
  • Enormous amount
  • Excessive amount
  • Infinite
  • Loads
  • Many
  • Tons (of)
  • Much
  • Millions
  • Myriad
  • Numerous
  • Plenty
  • Scads
  • Slew
  • Surplus
  • Thousands
  • Tons
  • Trillions
  • A stack

Big list of 55+ different words to use instead of “a lot”.

  • A good deal
  • A great deal
  • A great extent
  • A large number
  • A stack
  • A lot of
  • Almost always
  • Alot
  • Alotta
  • Appreciably
  • At every turn
  • Bare
  • By a considerable amount
  • Considerably
  • Enormously
  • Exceedingly
  • Extremely
  • Endless amount
  • Enormous amount
  • Excessive amount
  • Far
  • Frequently
  • Great quantity of
  • Greatly
  • High price
  • Hugely
  • Heaps
  • Immensely
  • Innumerable
  • Large amount
  • Largely
  • Lots of
  • Many
  • Mightily
  • Most
  • Most of the time
  • Much
  • Multitude of
  • Multitudinous
  • Myriad of
  • Myriads
  • Numerous
  • Plenty
  • So bad
  • So much
  • Substantially
  • Supremely
  • That much
  • To a great degree
  • To a great extent
  • Tons of
  • Unreasonable price
  • Varied
  • Various
  • Vastly
  • Very
  • Very many
  • Very much
  • Very often

“A lot” Synonyms with Example Sentences

A good deal

  • Example: It must cost a good deal to live here.

A great deal

  • Example: The tool matters a great deal to him.

A large number/amount

  • Example: There were a large number of candidates for the job.


  • Example: There was ample time to get to the airport.


  • Example: There’s heaps of time before the plane leaves.


  • Example: The area has an abundance of wildlife.

A bunch

  • Example: She sent him a bunch of red roses.

Endless amount

  • Example: Students are discovering the endless amount of information in cyberspace..

Enormous amount

  • Example: The project involved an enormous amount of paperwork.

Excessive amount

  • Example: An excessive amount of groundwater is the major cause of land subsidence.


  • Example: There was an infinite variety of drinks to choose from.


  • Example: He often loads a lot of work onto his staff.


  • Example: She bought many good books.

Tons (of)

  • Example: I’ve got tons of work to do.


  • Example: There is much to be said on both sides.


  • Example: Dinosaurs have been extinct for millions of years.


  • Example: They face a myriad of problems bringing up children.


  • Example: There are numerous people in the square.


  • Example: Try to eat plenty of fresh fruit.


  • Example: Scads of people are in the hall.


  • Example: Tom’s got a float and a slew of balloons!


  • Example: Surplus resources alone do not guarantee growth.


  • Example: The war has left thousands of children as orphans.


  • Example: The brain has trillions of cells.

A stack

  • Example:  A stack of files awaited me on my desk.

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