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When we need to acknowledge a source or attribute information in our writing, “according to” is a phrase we reach for instinctively. We can enhance the readability of our text and keep our writing fresh by incorporating synonyms for “according to.” These alternatives serve the same purpose, which is to credit a source of information, but they do so in different ways that can align more closely with the context of our message.

According to Synonyms

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What Is “According to”?

“According to” is a common English phrase used to convey that something aligns with what someone has said, written, or presented as factual. It’s often used to reference a source of information or to defer to an authority on a subject.

List of Synonyms for According to

  • As stated by
  • As reported by
  • As claimed by
  • As mentioned by
  • As cited by
  • As noted by
  • As per
  • As indicated by
  • As outlined by
  • As expressed by
  • In accordance with
  • Based on
  • In the opinion of
  • Following
  • Conforming to
  • In line with
  • Consistent with
  • On the authority of
  • On the testimony of
  • On the word of
  • In the view of
  • As believed by
  • As described by
  • As detailed by
  • As divulged by
  • As explained by
  • As revealed by
  • As suggested by
  • As recounted by
  • As affirmed by
  • As declared by
  • As presented by
  • As shown by
  • As evidenced by
  • As seen by
  • As observed by
  • As recorded by
  • As documented by
  • As given by
  • As provided by
  • As specified by
  • As set forth by
  • As laid out by
  • As articulated by
  • As pointed out by
  • As alluded to by
  • As referenced by
  • As spoken of by
  • As averred by
  • As avouched by
  • As attested by
  • As certified by
  • As corroborated by
  • As vouched for by
  • As maintained by
  • As contended by
  • As upheld by
  • As argued by
  • As advanced by
  • As proposed by
  • As submitted by
  • As imparted by
  • As conveyed by
  • As narrated by
  • As communicated by
  • As informed by
  • As broadcast by
  • As relayed by
  • As reported in
  • As published in
  • As written in
  • As found in
  • As inscribed in
  • As chronicled in
  • As registered in
  • As enunciated in
  • As dictated by
  • As prescribed by
  • As directed by
  • As commanded by
  • As ordered by
  • Under the guidance of
  • With reference to
  • In relation to
  • In terms of
  • From the perspective of
  • Through the lens of
  • In the context of
  • In the words of
  • Quoting
  • Paraphrasing
  • Echoing
  • Mirroring
  • Following the argument of
  • Adhering to the claims of
  • In agreement with
  • Aligned with
  • Correlating with
  • Matching the description of
  • Coinciding with
  • In concert with
  • In the estimation of
  • According to the findings of
  • As synthesized by
  • As interpreted by
  • As concluded by
  • In the judgment of
  • Per the analysis of
  • As summarized by
  • As encapsulated by
  • As epitomized by
  • As exemplified by
  • In the tradition of
  • In the manner of
  • In the style of
  • In the spirit of
  • In the footsteps of
  • Modeled after
  • Drawing on
  • In the sense of
  • In the fashion of
  • Following the philosophy of
  • Under the premise of
  • Via
  • From the standpoint of
  • From the angle of
  • From the viewpoint of
  • From the position of
  • From the side of
  • From the approach of
  • In the logic of
  • In the rationale of
  • From the reasoning of

Types of Synonyms for According to

Formal Alternatives

  • As stated by
  • In accordance with
  • In conformity with

Informal Alternatives

  • Following
  • Per

Synonyms Reflecting Reporting

  • As reported by
  • As announced by

Synonyms Indicating Agreement

  • In agreement with
  • In line with

Common Synonyms for According to

According to vs. In accordance with

In accordance with” implies compliance with rules or specifications, whereas “according to” often refers to someone’s point of view or a source of information.

  • According to our teacher, we must read the next chapter before the upcoming class.”
  • “The ceremony proceeded in accordance with the established traditions of the school.”

According to vs. Based on

Based on” is used when referring to something that is a foundation or starting point for further reasoning or action, while “according to” suggests a source of information or authority.

  • Based on the latest research, we are revising our hypothesis.”
  • According to the manual, we need to restart the device to complete the update.”

According to vs. Following

Following” can convey a more temporal or sequential relationship, showing that something comes after something else, often as a result or consequence, which is a different nuance than the source attribution given by “according to“.

  • Following our lunch break, we headed out to explore the ancient ruins.”
  • According to the nutritionist, a balanced diet should include a variety of fruits and vegetables.”

According to vs. As reported by

As reported by” emphasizes that the information provided comes from a reporting entity, which could be a person or an organization. It’s similar to “according to” but can imply an intermediary conveying the message.

  • As reported by local news, an eyewitness claimed the vehicle involved in the incident sped away.”
  • According to the CEO, the company will expand into three new markets by the end of the year.”

“According to” Synonym Usage in Formal Writing

In our examination of written communication, we underscore the significance of selecting proper synonyms for phrases such as “according to” in formal writing, particularly within an academic context.

Relevance to Clarity and Precision

We recognize that choosing the right synonyms in formal writing augments clarity and precision. Our language must delineate concepts with the accuracy expected in scholarly work. For example:

  • In lieu of “according to”: Use “as stated by” when referring to a source’s specific claim.
  • Instead of “according to”: Opt for “based on” to indicate the foundation of an assertion.

Each synonym serves a distinct purpose and should align closely with the original intent of the cited information.

Impact on Tone and Style

The tone we convey through our academic writing reflects our scholarly rigor and adherence to the formal style. Therefore, it is imperative to select synonyms that maintain the formality and seriousness of our discourse. For instance:

  • To suggest agreement with a theory or opinion, “in concurrence with” might be appropriate.
  • To illustrate compliance with guidelines, “in accordance with” appropriately conveys adherence to stipulated rules.

Through meticulous selection of language, we foster an authoritative and respectful tone, ensuring our academic contributions are received with the weight they deserve.

Synonyms for According to in Different Contexts

In Academic Writing

When we’re striving for formality in our term papers or scholarly articles, we can use phrases with a certain gravitas.

  • As stated by: Our thesis aligns with the principles as stated by the leading researchers in the field.
  • In accordance with: The results appear in accordance with the theory proposed last year.

In Business Correspondence

In a business setting, it’s about clarity.

  • Pursuant toPursuant to your request, we have updated the contract details.
  • As perAs per the meeting minutes, the next phase of development starts Monday.

In Casual Writing

Our blogs or casual correspondences have room for less formal alternatives.

  • As reported by: It was warmer today, as reported by the local weather station.
  • Based onBased on what I’ve read, that smartphone is a great value for the money.

In Reporting

Journalism needs to convey information credibly and concisely.

  • As perAs per the police commissioner, the area will remain closed until further notice.
  • In line with: The new policy is in line with the government’s commitment to reduce emissions.

Absolute and Near Synonyms of According to

Absolute Synonyms for According to

Synonym Meaning
As stated by Refers to what has been specifically said by a person
As reported by Relates to the account or description given by a source
In accordance with Signifies something that agrees with or is according to a source
Per Indicates something that is as per the statements of a source

Near Synonyms for According to

Synonym Meaning
Based on Indicates something that uses another thing as its foundation
In line with Denotes agreement or consistency with a source
Pursuant to Implies being in conformity with or in response to something
As per Suggests agreement or action according to a source

Synonyms for According to with Examples | Infographic

ACCORDING TO Synonym: List of 15 Synonyms for According to in EnglishPin

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some alternative phrases to ‘according to’ when referencing text?

In referencing text, we can use “based on,” “as per,” or “on the authority of” as alternatives to “according to.” These phrases serve to attribute information or views to a particular source in a similar manner.

Can you suggest a different expression for ‘as stated by’ in formal writing?

We might opt for “as reported by” or “in the words of” when we seek a formal tone to replace “as stated by.” These expressions preserve the original source’s authority and convey respect for the cited material.

What substitutes are available for ‘in accordance with’ that convey the same meaning?

When we aim to convey agreement or compliance with a source, we can use “in agreement with,” “conforming to,” or “in alignment with” instead of “in accordance with.”

How can I rephrase ‘according to this book’ in an academic or literary context?

We can say “as this book illustrates” or “this book suggests” to rephrase “according to this book.” These synonyms maintain the formal tone appropriate for academic or literary contexts.

Could you list synonyms that have a similar meaning to ‘per’ in regards to statements?

In contexts where we might use ‘per,’ alternatives like “as prescribed by” or “in line with” can be employed. These synonyms effectively indicate that a statement or idea is sourced from another authority.

What variations can we use for ‘according to the fact’ to enrich our writing style?

We can enrich our writing by using variations such as “based on the fact” or “in light of the fact” instead of the more common “according to the fact.” These phrases can provide a nuanced approach to presenting factual information.

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