Active vs. Passive Voice Exercises – Active vs. Passive Voice Worksheet

Active and passive voice are essential components of English grammar that can sometimes perplex learners. To aid in mastering and comprehending their application, this article offers several exercises tailored to enhance your proficiency in utilizing both voices effectively.

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Active vs. Passive Voice Worksheet


Active vs Passive Voice Exercises – Active vs Passive Voice Worksheet Pin

Active vs Passive Voice Exercises

Active vs Passive Voice Exercises 1: Change the active sentences into passive sentences.

  1. The chef cooks a delicious meal every day.
  2. The students are completing their assignments.
  3. The gardener planted a new tree in the backyard.
  4. The committee will announce the results tomorrow.
  5. The dog chased the cat around the yard
  6. The mechanic fixes the car.
  7. The artist is painting a beautiful mural.
  8. The teacher assigns homework every day.
  9. The baker bakes fresh bread every morning.
  10. The construction workers are building a new bridge.
  11. The waiter serves customers efficiently.
  12. The programmer writes code for the new software.
  13. The scientists are conducting an important experiment.
  14. The nurse takes care of the patients in the hospital.
  15. The editor reviews articles before publication.
  16. The volunteers plant trees in the park each spring.
  17. The manager oversees the project from start to finish.
  18. The students present their projects at the end of the semester.
  19. The photographer captures stunning landscapes.
  20. The company launches a new product every year.


  1. A delicious meal is cooked by the chef every day.
  2. Their assignments are being completed by the students.
  3. A new tree was planted in the backyard by the gardener.
  4. The results will be announced by the committee tomorrow.
  5. The cat was chased around the yard by the dog.
  6. The car is fixed by the mechanic.
  7. A beautiful mural is being painted by the artist.
  8. Homework is assigned by the teacher every day.
  9. Fresh bread is baked by the baker every morning.
  10. A new bridge is being built by the construction workers.
  11. Customers are served efficiently by the waiter.
  12. The code for the new software is written by the programmer.
  13. An important experiment is being conducted by the scientists.
  14. The patients in the hospital are taken care of by the nurse.
  15. Articles are reviewed by the editor before publication.
  16. Trees are planted in the park by the volunteers each spring.
  17. The project is overseen by the manager from start to finish.
  18. The projects are presented by the students at the end of the semester.
  19. Stunning landscapes are captured by the photographer.
  20. A new product is launched by the company every year.

Active vs Passive Voice Exercises 2: Complete the following sentences with the correct form of the verb, either active or passive

  1. The garden __________ (water) by the gardener every day.
  2. He __________ (finish) his homework by the time we arrived.
  3. The results of the experiment __________ (publish) in the journal next month.
  4. The new restaurant __________ (open) by a famous chef last year.
  5. The entire building __________ (evacuate) as soon as the alarm sounded.
  6. The novel __________ (write) by the author over two years.
  7. The windows __________ (shatter) during the storm last night.
  8. The cake __________ (make) by her for the special occasion.
  9. The speech __________ (deliver) by the president at the conference.
  10. The car __________ (service) before our road trip next week.
  11. The team __________ (lead) to victory by their captain.
  12. The mystery __________ (solve) by the detective by the end of the book.
  13. The new policy __________ (implement) across the company by next quarter.
  14. The song __________ (sing) by the choir at the ceremony.
  15. The documents __________ (prepare) by the committee before the meeting.


1. is watered 2. had finished 3. will be published
4. was opened 5. was evacuated 6. was written
7. were shattered 8. was made 9. was delivered
10. will be serviced 11. was led 12. was solved
13. will be implemented 14. was sung 15. were prepared

Active vs Passive Voice Exercises 3: Identify whether the sentences are in the active or passive voice.

  1. The movie is watched by millions of people.
  2. She was offered a scholarship for her academic performance.
  3. They are planting trees in the park.
  4. The new product will be launched next month.
  5. He fixes cars in his garage.
  6. The book was read by the entire class.
  7. The gardener waters the plants every morning.
  8. The award is given to the most innovative student each year.
  9. The mailman delivers mail to our neighborhood daily.
  10. The entire building was painted over the weekend.
  11. The students are discussing the novel in their book club.
  12. The new policy was implemented by the management yesterday.
  13. The cake is being decorated by the pastry chef right now.
  14. The documents are stored in a secure location.
  15. The children play soccer in the park every Sunday.
  16. The agreement was signed by both parties.
  17. The teacher explains the lesson clearly.
  18. The bridge was constructed by an international engineering firm.
  19. The tourists are taking pictures of the monument.
  20. The speech will be delivered by the guest speaker at the conference.


1. Passive Voice 2. Passive Voice 3. Active Voice
4. Passive Voice 5. Active Voice 6. Passive Voice
7. Active Voice 8. Passive Voice 9. Active Voice
10. Passive Voice 11. Active Voice 12. Passive Voice
13. Passive Voice 14. Passive Voice 15. Active Voice
16. Passive Voice 17. Active Voice 18. Passive Voice
19. Active Voice 20. Passive Voice

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