Ad Nauseum: Definition and Examples of the Useful Phrase “Ad Nauseum”

Have you ever heard the term ad nauseum being used during a conversation and thought about the meaning of the saying? We are going to discover what this saying means as well as taking a look at some examples of how it can be used. We will also be looking at the origin of the phrase and where it first appeared.

Ad Nauseum

Ad Nauseum Meaning

The term ad nauseum relates to something which has been done or said so frequently that it becomes sickening.

Origin of this term

We find the origins of the phrase ad nauseum within the Latin language, in which the phrase literally means to sickness.

“Ad Nauseum” Examples

Example Sentences

We are now going to be looking at some examples of sentences in which the term ad nauseum might appear.

The first example is a statement being made by a person who lives alone.

  • I am very tired of eating microwave meals every evening, they are becoming extremely ad nauseum.

The next sentence is one being said by a mother to her child.

Conversation Examples

By looking at some examples of conversations in which the phrase ad nauseum might appear, we will be better able to understand its function.

The first conversation is one taking place between two friends discussing a third friend.

  • Person 1; “Have you noticed how often Nicola talks about her new boyfriend?”
  • Person 2; “Yes, it is becoming very ad nauseum now.”

The second conversation is taking place between some people in a pub.

  • Person 1; “Oh no, here comes David.”
  • Person 2; “He is drunk again, no doubt he will tell the story about his father.”
  • Person 2; “It is so ad nauseum.”

Other Ways to Say the Idiom

We are now going to look at some other ways in which you might refer to the term ad nauseum.

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