35 Common Adjective and Preposition Combinations – WITH

Learn Adjective and Preposition Combinations – WITH.

List of 35 adjective collocations with the preposition With in English.

Acquainted with

  • Are you acquainted with your classmate?

Angry with

  • I’m really angry with John for his total lack of responsibility.

Annoyed with

  • He’s annoyed with Tim because he told his secret.

Associated with

  • The cancer risks associated with smoking have been well documented.

Blessed with

  • You are blessed with many talents.

Bored with

  • You get bored with doing the same thing every day.

Busy with

  • The kids are busy with their homework.

Careless with

  • Don’t be careless with your ATM card.

Clever with

  • My mother is very clever with her hands.

Comfortable with

  • I’m not comfortable with the idea of leaving her on her own.

Concerned with

  • Her job is something concerned with computers.

Connected with

  • The fall in retail sales is directly connected with the decline in employment.

Content with

  • Not content with stealing my boyfriend, she has turned all my friends against me.

Coordinated with

  • Our program is coordinated with yours.

Crowded with

  • The airport is crowded with stranded travelers.

Delighted with

  • I was delighted with my presents.

Common Adjective and Preposition Combinations – WITH

35 Common Adjective and Preposition Combinations - WITH

Familiar with

  • Are you familiar with the computer software they use?

Disgusted with

  • I am disgusted with this dirty place.

Fed up with

  • He’s fed up with his job. He wants to quit.

Free with

  • He’s too free with his opinions.

Friendly/unfriendly with

  • We soon became friendly with the couple next door.

Furious with

  • He was furious with himself for letting things get so out of control.

Furnished with

  • The room was furnished with carpets and chairs.

Generous with

  • You should be generous with your time.

Gentle with

  • She was very gentle with the children.

Happy with

  • Are you happy with that arrangement?

Impressed with

  • She was suitably impressed with the painting.

Cluttered with

  • The floor was cluttered with my situation.

Lucky with

  • We were very lucky with the weather for our village barbecue.

Patient with

  • Be patient with her – she’s very young.

Careful with

  • Be careful with the glasses.

Pleased with

  • I was pleased with the present you gave me.

Popular with

  • That song was popular with people from my father’s generation.

Satisfied with

  • She’s never satisfied with what she’s got.

Wrong with

  • There’s something wrong with the printer.

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