27 Useful Adjective Collocations with For

As English learners, you often find yourselves struggling with the correct usage of prepositions. One of the most common prepositions, “for,” is used in a variety of collocations that can be difficult to master.

This reference will explore some of the most useful collocations with “for” to help you improve your English fluency. You will find a list of adjective collocations with “for,” followed by practical examples and exercises. By understanding and practicing these collocations, you will enhance your ability to use prepositions correctly and speak English more naturally.

Adjective Collocations with For

Adjective Collocations with For
Adjective Collocations with For – Created by 7ESL

List of Adjective Collocations with For

  • Eligible for
  • Eager for
  • Late for
  • Mean for
  • Qualified for
  • Thankful for
  • Concerned for
  • Clever for
  • Happy for
  • True for
  • Good for
  • Free for
  • Bad for
  • Difficult for
  • Grateful for
  • Hard for
  • Known for
  • Notorious for
  • Prepared for
  • Ready for
  • Renowned for
  • Responsible for something
  • Serious for
  • Suitable for
  • Thirsty for
  • Famous for
  • Sorry for

Adjective + For Collocations with Examples

Eligible for

  • Meaning: Meeting the requirements or qualifications for something
  • Example: The scholarship is available to students who are eligible for financial aid.

Eager for

  • Meaning: Feeling enthusiastic or eager for something to happen or be done
  • Example: She is eager for the start of the new school year and all the opportunities it brings.

Late for

  • Meaning: Arriving after the expected or scheduled time for something
  • Example: The train was late for its scheduled arrival time by 30 minutes.

Mean for

  • Meaning: Intended or designed for a particular purpose or person
  • Example: The gift was meant for expressing gratitude towards the recipient.

Qualified for

  • Meaning: Having the necessary skills or qualifications for something
  • Example: She is qualified for the job due to her extensive experience in the field.

Thankful for

  • Meaning: Feeling grateful or appreciative for something
  • Example: What are you most thankful for in your life right now?

Concerned for

  • Meaning: Feeling worried or troubled about someone’s well-being or safety
  • Example: He is concerned for the future of the environment and works to protect it.

Clever for

  • Meaning: Having a quick or intelligent mind for something
  • Example: The magician is clever for performing impressive tricks that leave the audience amazed.

Happy for

  • Meaning: Feeling pleased or joyful for someone’s success or good fortune
  • Example: The family is happy for the arrival of a new baby.

True for

  • Meaning: Being accurate or correct for a particular situation or statement
  • Example: The love between the couple is true for the deep affection they have for each other.

Good for

  • Meaning: Being beneficial or advantageous for something or someone
  • Example: Eating fruits and vegetables is good for your health.

Free for

  • Meaning: Not being restricted or limited for something or someone
  • Example: The movie is not free for streaming on any platform.

Bad for

  • Meaning: Being harmful or disadvantageous for something or someone
  • Example: Cheating is bad for your academic and professional integrity.

Difficult for

  • Meaning: Being challenging or hard to do for something or someone
  • Example: Learning a new language can be difficult for some people, but it is a rewarding experience.

Grateful for

  • Meaning: Feeling thankful or appreciative for something
  • Example: He is grateful for the opportunity to pursue his passion and make a career out of it.

Hard for

  • Meaning: Being tough or difficult to do for something or someone
  • Example: Public speaking isn’t hard for everyone, some people enjoy it.

Known for

  • Meaning: Being recognized or famous for a particular quality or achievement
  • Example: The city is known for its beautiful architecture and rich history.

Notorious for

  • Meaning: Being well-known or famous for something negative or bad
  • Example: Why is the town notorious for its high crime rate?

Prepared for

  • Meaning:  Being ready or organized for something that might happen
  • Example: The team is well prepared for the upcoming game.

Ready for

  • Meaning: Being fully prepared or willing to do something
  • Example: She is ready for the meeting with her notes and presentation prepared.

Renowned for

  • Meaning: Being famous or respected for a particular quality or achievement
  • Example: The author was renowned for his groundbreaking novels.

Responsible for something

  • Meaning: Being accountable or in charge of something
  • Example: The driver was responsible for causing the accident due to reckless driving.

Serious for

  • Meaning: Having a grave or solemn attitude for something
  • Example: The student is not serious about his studies.

Suitable for

  • Meaning: Being appropriate or fitting for a particular purpose or person
  • Example: The book is suitable for children aged 8-12.

Thirsty for

  • Meaning: Feeling a strong desire or craving for something, usually a drink
  • Example: The plant is thirsty for water and needs to be watered regularly.

Famous for

  • Meaning: Being well-known or recognized for a particular quality or achievement
  • Example: The musician is famous for their hit songs and sold-out concerts.

Sorry for

  • Meaning: Feeling regretful or apologetic for something that happened or was done.
  • Example: She is sorry for being late to the meeting and causing a delay.

Adjective Collocations with For | Practice and Exercises

Fill in the blank

  1. The exam was ___________ him because he didn’t study enough. Answer:

Answer: Difficult for

  1. She was ___________ the help she received from her friends.

Answer: Grateful for

  1. It’s ___________ her to wake up early in the morning.

Answer: Hard for

  1. The city is ___________ its beautiful architecture and rich history.

Answer: Known for

  1. He’s ___________ his bad behavior and tendency to get into trouble.

Answer: Notorious for

  1. She’s ___________ the interview and has practiced a lot.

Answer: Prepared for

  1. He’s ___________ to start his new job next week.

Answer: Ready for

  1. The chef is ___________ his delicious and innovative cuisine.

Answer: Renowned for

  1. He’s ___________ fixing the problem and finding a solution.

Answer: Responsible for something

  1. The situation is ___________ and requires immediate attention.

Answer: Serious for