Adjective + About: 27 Useful Adjective Collocations with FOR

Adjective + For Collocation Examples! Learn common adjective collocations with for with ESL picture and example sentences to improve your English fluency.

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Adjective + For Collocation Examples

List of Adjective Collocations with FOR

  • Eligible for
  • Eager for
  • Late for
  • Mean for
  • Qualified for
  • Thankful for
  • Concerned for
  • Clever for
  • Happy for
  • True for
  • Good for
  • Free for
  • Bad for
  • Difficult for
  • Grateful for
  • Hard for
  • Known for
  • Notorious for
  • Prepared for
  • Ready for
  • Renowned for
  • Responsible for something
  • Serious for
  • Suitable for
  • Thirsty for
  • Famous for
  • Sorry for

Adjective + For Collocations with Examples

Eligible for

  • Only those over 70 are eligible for the special payment.

Eager for

  • She is eager for her parents’ approval.

Late for

  • You’ll be late for your flight if you don’t hurry up.

Mean for

  • The books with large print are meant for partially sighted readers.

Qualified for

  • What makes you think that you are qualified for this job?

Thankful for

  • He wasn’t badly hurt—that’s something to be thankful for.

Concerned for

  • I’m a bit concerned for your health.

Clever for

  • Charlie has a clever idea/plan for getting us out of our present difficulties.

Happy for

  • I’m very happy for you.

True for

  • Alcohol should be consumed in moderation, and this is particularly true for pregnant women.

Good for

  • Have you ever heard that confession is good for the soul?

Free for

  • If Sarah is free for lunch I’ll take her out.

Bad for

  • He’s had another heart attack; things are looking bad for him, I’m afraid.

Difficult for

  • It is difficult for me to hear you.

Grateful for

  • She is so grateful for your help.

Hard for

  • It is hard for us to understand you.

Known for

  • She is known for her dirty tricks.

Notorious for

  • The country is notorious for its appalling prison conditions.

Prepared for

  • I was not prepared for all the problems it caused.

Ready for

  • The army are said to be ready for action.

Renowned for

  • She is renowned for her patience.

Responsible for something

  • You’ll have to speak to John, he’s responsible for customer complaints.

Serious for

  • Be serious for a moment; this is important.

Suitable for

  • This programme is not suitable for children.

Thirsty for

  • Are you thirsty for a soda? I am!

Famous for

  • She’s famous for her watercolor paintings.

Sorry for

  • I’m sorry for arriving so late to dinner.

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