Adjective + IN: 10+ Useful Adjective Collocations with IN

Last Updated on November 14, 2023

When learning a new language, it’s important to not only know individual words, but also how those words are used together. Collocations are groups of words that are commonly used together and can help you sound more natural when speaking or writing. In this article, we will focus on collocations with the preposition “in”.

List of Adjective Collocations with IN

  • Comfortable in
  • Connected in
  • Disappointed in
  • Experienced in
  • Interested in
  • Polite/impolite in
  • Present in
  • Skilled in
  • Slow in
  • Successful in
  • Talented in

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Adjective + In Collocations with Examples

Comfortable in

  • Meaning: Feeling at ease or comfortable in a particular situation or environment.
  • Example: The cat is comfortable in its cozy bed by the window.

Connected in

  • Meaning: Having a relationship or connection with someone or something in a particular context.
  • Example: I feel connected in nature when I go for a hike.

Disappointed in

  • Meaning: Feeling let down or disappointed by someone or something.
  • Example: They’re disappointed in their own performance during the game.

Experienced in

  • Meaning: Having knowledge or expertise in a particular field or area.
  • Example: What skills or areas do you want to be experienced in?

Interested in

  • Meaning: Having a curiosity or enthusiasm for something.
  • Example: The students are interested in learning about different historical events.

Polite/impolite in

  • Meaning: Being courteous or discourteous in a particular context or situation.
  • Example: I try to be polite in my interactions with others.

Present in

  • Meaning: Being physically or mentally present in a particular place or situation.
  • Example: They’re present in the meeting and taking notes.

Skilled in

  • Meaning: Having developed proficiency or ability in a particular skill or area.
  • Example: The employees are skilled in customer service and can handle any issue.

Slow in

  • Meaning: Moving or reacting at a slower pace than expected in a particular context.
  • Example: She said she wasn’t slow in responding to the message, but it got lost in her inbox.

Successful in

  • Meaning: Achieving success or positive results in a particular field or area.
  • Example: The company is successful in expanding its market share and increasing revenue.

Talented in

  • Meaning: Having natural ability or skill in a particular area or field.
  • Example: I’m talented in playing the guitar and enjoy performing for others.

Practice and Exercises

Fill in the blank

  1. She feels ___________ her new job and enjoys working there. 

Answer: Comfortable in

  1. He’s ___________ with his friends on social media.

Answer: Connected in

  1. She was ___________ her son for not doing well in school.

Answer: Disappointed in

  1. He’s ___________ managing large projects and has worked in the field for many years.

Answer: Experienced in

  1. She’s ___________ learning about different cultures and languages.

Answer: Interested in

  1. He’s always ___________ and never forgets his manners.

Answer: Polite/impolite in

  1. She was ___________ at the meeting and contributed to the discussion.

Answer: Present in

  1. He’s ___________ playing the piano and has won many awards.

Answer: Skilled in

  1. She’s ___________ in completing tasks and often falls behind schedule.

Answer: Slow in

  1. He’s ___________ his new business venture and has seen great success.

Answer: Successful in

  1. She’s ___________ in painting and has sold many of her works.

Answer: Talented in

Adjective Collocation Examples

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