Adjective + Of: 40+ Useful Adjective Collocations with OF

As language learners, we all strive to improve our vocabulary and fluency in English. One way to achieve this is by learning collocations, which are words that naturally go together. In this article, we will focus on collocations with “of” and provide you with some useful examples to help you enhance your English skills.

List of Adjective Collocations with OF

  • Accused of
  • Afraid of
  • Ashamed of
  • Aware of
  • Capable of
  • Clever of
  • Certain of
  • Conscious of
  • Fond of
  • Free of
  • Generous of
  • Frightened of
  • Full of
  • Guilty of
  • Hopeful of
  • In charge of
  • In danger of
  • In favor of
  • Innocent of
  • Envious of
  • Jealous of
  • Kind of
  • Made of
  • Nasty of
  • Nervous of
  • Nice of
  • Proud of
  • Rid of
  • Scared of
  • Selfish of
  • Sensible of
  • Sick of
  • Silly of
  • Suspicious of
  • Sure of
  • Stupid of
  • Tired of
  • True of
  • Typical of
  • Unkind of

Useful Adjective Collocations with OF | Images

Collocations with OFPin

Collocations with OFPin

Adjective + Of Collocations with Examples

Accused of

  • Meaning: Being charged or blamed for a crime or wrongdoing.
  • Example: The company was accused of polluting the river.

Afraid of

  • Meaning: Feeling fear or anxiety towards something.
  • Example: The student is afraid of failing the exam.

Ashamed of

  • Meaning: Feeling embarrassed or guilty about something.
  • Example: The parent was ashamed of their child’s behavior.

Aware of

  • Meaning: Having knowledge or understanding about something.
  • Example: The traveler was not aware of the local customs.

Capable of

  • Meaning: Having the ability or potential to do something.
  • Example: The engineer is capable of designing complex structures.

Clever of

  • Meaning: Being intelligent or resourceful in some way.
  • Example: It was clever of the chef to add unique spices to the dish.

Certain of

  • Meaning: Being confident or sure about something.
  • Example: The scientist is certain of their research findings.

Conscious of

  • Meaning: Being aware or mindful of something.
  • Example: The teacher was conscious of the students’ different learning styles.

Fond of

  • Meaning: Having a liking or affection for something or someone.
  • Example: The artist is fond of experimenting with new techniques.

Free of

  • Meaning: Being without or not affected by something.
  • Example: Who is free of any financial burdens?

Generous of

  • Meaning: Being kind or giving towards someone.
  • Example: She is generous of heart and always helps those in need.

Frightened of

  • Meaning: Feeling scared or frightened about something.
  • Example: The soldier was frightened of the enemy’s attack.

Full of

  • Meaning: Being filled or abundant with something.
  • Example: The suitcase was full of souvenirs from the trip.

Guilty of

  • Meaning: Feeling responsible or remorseful for a wrongdoing.
  • Example: The driver is guilty of running a red light.

Hopeful of

  • Meaning: Feeling optimistic or positive about something.
  • Example: The patient is not hopeful of their recovery.

In charge of

  • Meaning: Being responsible or in control of something.
  • Example: Who is in charge of the event’s organization?

In danger of

  • Meaning: Being at risk or in peril of something.
  • Example: The city is in danger of flooding due to heavy rain.

In favor of

  • Meaning: Being supportive or approving of something.
  • Example: The scientist is not in favor of using animals for testing.

Innocent of

  • Meaning: Being free from guilt or blame for something.
  • Example: The child was innocent of breaking the vase.

Envious of

  • Meaning: Feeling jealous or envious towards someone or something.
  • Example: I am envious of my friend’s new car.

Jealous of

  • Meaning: Feeling envious or resentful towards someone or something.
  • Example: Why do people feel jealous of others?

Kind of

  • Meaning: Being somewhat or to some extent a certain way.
  • Example: It is kind of you to offer to help me with my project.

Made of

  • Meaning: Being composed or made from a certain material or substance.
  • Example: The necklace is made of real diamonds.

Nasty of

  • Meaning: Being unpleasant or mean towards someone.
  • Example: Starting to exercise regularly will help me break my nasty habit of being sedentary.

Nervous of

  • Meaning: Feeling anxious or uneasy about something.
  • Example: Is it normal to feel nervous of public speaking?

Nice of

  • Meaning: Being kind or polite towards someone.
  • Example:  It’s nice of you to help your neighbor with their groceries.

Proud of

  • Meaning: Feeling a sense of pride or accomplishment towards something or someone.
  • Example: I have always been proud of my parents for their hard work and dedication.

Rid of

  • Meaning: Being free or relieved of something unwanted.
  • Example: It isn’t nice to try to get rid of someone just because they have a different opinion.

Scared of

  • Meaning: Feeling afraid or frightened of something.
  • Example: She was scared of the roller coaster at first, but ended up enjoying it.

Selfish of

  • Meaning: Being focused or concerned only with oneself.
  • Example: It’s selfish of him to only think about himself and not consider the needs of others.

Sensible of

  • Meaning: Being practical or reasonable in some way.
  • Example: It’s sensible of her to save money for emergencies.

Sick of

  • Meaning:Being tired or fed up with something.
  • Example: She has been sick of the unhealthy food options at work and has started bringing her own meals.

Silly of

  • Meaning: Being foolish or ridiculous in some way.
  • Example: Do you think it’s silly of people to spend so much money on designer clothes?

Suspicious of

  • Meaning: Feeling distrust or doubt towards something or someone.
  • Example: The detective was suspicious of the suspect’s alibi.

Sure of

  • Meaning: Being confident or certain about something.
  • Example: Are you sure of the directions to the restaurant?

Stupid of

  • Meaning: Being foolish or unintelligent in some way.
  • Example: It’s stupid of him to text and drive at the same time.

Tired of

  • Meaning: Being exhausted or weary of something.
  • Example: They are currently tired of the constant traffic on their daily commute.

True of

  • Meaning: Being accurate or representative of something.
  • Example: Is it true of the rumor that the company is going bankrupt?

Typical of

  • Meaning: Being characteristic or representative of a particular type or group.
  • Example: It’s typical of the city to be crowded and bustling with activity.

Unkind of

  • Meaning: Being mean or ungenerous towards someone.
  • Example:  It’s unkind of him to make fun of his coworker’s accent.

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