50+ Common Adjective Noun Combinations in English (A-C)

Learn 50+ Common Adjective Noun Combinations in English (from letter A to C).

List of Useful Adjective Noun Collocations in English.

Collocation Examples

Common Adjective Noun Combinations (A-C)

Absolute agony

  • It’s not very nice when you see a grown man cry and he was in absolute agony.

Absolute despair

  • I can’t remember the last time I travelled to a game in such trepidation, absolute despair.

Active ingredient

  • The only active ingredient in this medicine is aspirin.

Alphabetical order

  • The names are listed in alphabetical order.

Alternative energy

  • She is in favor of exploring alternative energy sources in the state.

Alternative medicine

  • Alternative medicine has been gaining credence in recent years.

Artificial limb

  • If you are missing an arm or leg, an artificial limb can sometimes replace it.

Back pay

  • The workers are demanding their back pay.

Back road

  • Kadi tried a back road, but his mother died on the way.

Back street

  • Cruising the back streets, we found the kind of place we like.

Back taxes

  • Yet he owes over $ 32, 000 in back taxes.

Bad breath

  • Smoking gives you bad breath.

Bad habit

  • Biting your nails is a bad habit.

Bad loser

  • You’re just a bad loser Phil, that’s your problem.

Bad mood

  • The news had put him in a bad mood.

Bad temper

  • Kelly ruled by his bad temper.

Balanced diet

  • It is important to have a balanced diet.

Bare essentials

  • We only had the bare essentials.

Basic right

  • The law recognises a man’s basic right to defend his home and his property.

Best friend

  • Fiona was my best friend.

Big brother | big sister

  • Jake was my big brother and I admired him.

Big deal

  • This audition is a big deal for Joey.

Big decision

  • Marriage is a big decision.

Big disappointment

  • For us it is a big disappointment.

Big dreamer

  • Do you know I’m a big dreamer.

Big drinker

  • He was a big personality, a big drinker, a womanizer, and a wild man,” Ford said.

Big eater

  • She wrote in her diary that he was not a big eater and that “down there, his vitals were missing.

Big improvement

  • The nonprofit shelters often seem like a big improvement.

Big mistake

  • They made a big mistake.

Big money

  • John won big money in Vegas last year.

Big surprise

  • His dying was not any big surprise.

Big talker

  • It isn’t easy for me; I’m a big talker.

Blind faith

  • He believes that our blind faith in technology is misplaced.

Blind loyalty

  • Sarah was criticized for her blind loyalty to her husband.

Blind obedience

  • With blind obedience, I allowed my father to organize my life.

Blond hair

  • She’s got a blond hair.

Brief chat

  • My manager said he wanted to have a brief chat with me.

Bright color

  • We used a lot of neon and bold bright colors.

Bright future

  • Abani is a first novelist with a very bright future.

Broken home

  • She is the product of a broken home.

Casual clothes

  • Students were able to wear casual clothes.

Casual relationship

  • I just want a casual relationship with him.

Certain amount

  • You have a certain amount of freedom to explore new techniques.

Chilly day / night / wind chilly weather

  • It’s a chilly day.

Rapturous reception

  • He was given a rapturous reception.

Clear message

  • The clear message coming from the government is that they are getting tough on crime.

Clear understanding

  • Success depends on a clear understanding of the problem.

Clean energy

  • Iceland possesses sufficient quantities of clean energy sources that it does not need to rely on fossil fuels.

Common knowledge

  • Their affair is common knowledge.

Common language

  • Most of the countries of South America share a common language: Spanish.

Complete agreement

  • We were in complete agreement.

Complete idiot

  • I felt a complete idiot.

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Adjective Noun Combinations

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Adjective Noun Combinations

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