Adjective + By: 10 Useful Adjective Collocations with BY

Last Updated on December 8, 2023

Collocations are an essential part of the English language and are often used by native speakers to convey their ideas more effectively. Among the many collocations that exist in English, the ones that include the preposition “by” are particularly useful. In this article, we will explore some of the most common collocations with “by” and provide examples of how they are used in everyday conversation.

List of Adjective Collocations with BY

  • Amazed by
  • Delighted by
  • Disturbed by
  • Excited by
  • Fascinated by
  • Impressed by
  • Inspired by
  • Selfish by
  • Shocked by
  • Surprised by

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Adjective + By Collocations with Examples

Amazed by

  • Meaning: Feeling astonishment or wonder towards something.
  • Example: I am amazed by the beauty of the sunset every evening.

Delighted by

  • Meaning: Feeling extreme pleasure or satisfaction towards something.
  • Example: She was delighted by the news that she got the job she applied for.

Disturbed by

  • Meaning: Feeling uneasy or unsettled by something.
  • Example: They’re disturbed by the behavior of their neighbor.

Excited by

  • Meaning: Feeling enthusiasm or anticipation towards something.
  • Example: She said she wasn’t excited by the party, but she still attended.

Fascinated by

  • Meaning: Feeling captivated or intrigued by something.
  • Example: The tourists were fascinated by the history of the castle.

Impressed by

  • Meaning: Feeling admiration or respect towards something.
  • Example: The customers are impressed by the excellent service at the hotel.

Inspired by

  • Meaning: Feeling motivated or influenced by something.
  • Example: The students are inspired by the teacher’s passion for the subject.

Selfish by

  • Meaning: Being focused or concerned only with oneself.
  • Example: They feel it’s selfish by habit to never consider other people’s feelings.

Shocked by

  • Meaning: Feeling surprise or disbelief towards something.
  • Example: He was shocked by the sudden death of his pet.

Surprised by

  • Meaning: Feeling unexpected or astonished by something.
  • Example: I’m not surprised by the fact that she won the award, she’s very talented.

Practice and Exercises

Fill in the blank

  1. She was ___________ the beautiful scenery on her hike.

Answer: Amazed by

  1. He was ___________ the gift he received from his girlfriend.

Answer: Delighted by

  1. She was ___________ the loud noises coming from the construction site.

Answer: Disturbed by

  1. He was ___________ the idea of traveling to a new country.

Answer: Excited by

  1. She was ___________ the history of the ancient ruins.

Answer: Fascinated by

  1. He was ___________ the quality of service at the restaurant.

Answer: Impressed by

  1. She was ___________ to write a novel after reading her favorite author’s book.

Answer: Inspired by

  1. He was ___________ for not sharing his food with his friends.

Answer: Selfish by

  1. She was ___________ the news of her friend’s sudden death.

Answer: Shocked by

  1. He was ___________ the surprise party his friends threw for him.

Answer: Surprised by

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