Adjective + To: 50+ Useful Adjective Collocations with TO

Adjective + To Collocation Examples! Learn common adjective collocations with to with ESL picture and example sentences to improve your English fluency.

Huge list of 100+ useful adjective preposition collocations in English.

Adjective + To Collocation Examples

List of Adjective Collocations with TO

  • Happy to
  • Delighted to
  • Pleased to
  • Concerned to
  • Familiar to
  • Proud to
  • Kind to
  • Rude to
  • Scared to
  • Free to
  • Good to
  • Nasty to
  • Nice to
  • Unkind to
  • Accustomed to
  • Addicted to
  • Allergic to
  • Anxious to
  • Apposed to
  • Attached to
  • Beneficial to
  • Cruel to
  • Curious to
  • Disappointed to
  • Eager to
  • Eligible to
  • Exposed to
  • Faithful to
  • Grateful to
  • Identical to
  • Immune to
  • Indifferent to
  • Inferior to
  • Keen to
  • Late to
  • Limited to
  • Married to
  • Mean to
  • Polite/impolite to
  • Qualified to
  • Related to
  • Relevant to
  • Sad to
  • Sensitive to
  • Similar to
  • Slow to
  • Superior to
  • Sympathetic to
  • Thankful to
  • Unreasonable to
  • Wrong to

Adjective + To Collocations with Examples

Happy to

  • We are happy to announce the engagement of our daughter.

Delighted to

  • I’d be absolutely delighted to come.

Pleased to

  • I was very pleased to be able to help.

Concerned to

  • He was concerned to hear that two of his trusted workers were leaving.

Familiar to

  • The smell is very familiar to everyone who lives near a bakery

Proud to

  • I feel very proud to be a part of the team.

Kind to

  • She has always been very kind to me.

Rude to

  • He’s got no manners – he’s rude to everyone.

Scared to

  • People are scared to use the buses late at night.

Free to

  • You are free to come and go as you please.

Good to

  • It’s good to see you again.

Nasty to

  • Don’t be so nasty to your brother – he’s four years younger than you!

Nice to

  • It’s nice to know you.

Unkind to

  • It would be unkind to go without him.

Accustomed to

  • She had grown accustomed to his long absences.

Addicted to

  • A lot of people nowadays have become addicted to the internet.

Allergic to

  • My dad’s allergic to pop music.

Anxious to

  • I’m anxious to get home to open my presents.

Apposed to

  • She remained bitterly apposed to the idea of moving abroad.

Attached to

  • I’ve never seen two people so attached to each other.

Beneficial to

  • A stay in the country will be beneficial to his health.

Cruel to

  • I can’t stand people who are cruel to animals.

Curious to

  • I was curious to find out what she had said.

Disappointed to

  • He was disappointed to see she wasn’t at the party.

Eager to

  • Everyone in the class seemed eager to learn.

Eligible to

  • When are you eligible to vote in your country?

Exposed to

  • The country became highly exposed to the vagaries of international markets.

Faithful to

  • He remained faithful to the ideals of the party.

Grateful to

  • I am extremely grateful to all the teachers for their help.

Identical to

  • Her dress is almost identical to mine.

Immune to

  • Adults are often immune to German measles.

Indifferent to

  • The government cannot afford to be indifferent to public opinion.

Inferior to

  • Modern music is often considered inferior to that of the past.

Keen to

  • John was very keen to help.

Late to

  • It’s too late to start complaining now.

Limited to

  • Places on the bus are limited to 50 – so book early!

Married to

  • She’s married to John.

Mean to

  • Don’t be so mean to your little brother!

Polite/impolite to

  • He was too polite to point out my mistake.

Qualified to

  • I’m not qualified to give advice on such matters.

Related to

  • How are you related to him? Is he your cousin?

Relevant to

  • Please speak later; your ideas are not relevant to our discussion.

Sad to

  • I was sad to hear that they’d split up.

Sensitive to

  • She is very sensitive to other people’s feelings.

Similar to

  • I bought some new shoes which are very similar to a pair I had before.

Slow to

  • She wasn’t slow to realize what was going on.

Superior to

  • This model is technically superior to its competitors.

Sympathetic to

  • The party is considered to be sympathetic to welfare reform.

Thankful to

  • I was thankful to see they’d all arrived safely.

Unreasonable to

  • It would be unreasonable to expect somebody to come at such short notice.

Wrong to

  • We were wrong to assume that she’d agree.

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