Adjective Preposition Combinations – the Preposition AT 1

Adjective Preposition Combinations – the Preposition AT

Learn common Adjective Preposition Combinations with the preposition AT in English.

List of useful Adjective and Preposition Collocations: AT

Collocation Examples

Common Adjective Preposition Combinations with AT

Amazed at

  • She was amazed at how calm she felt after the accident.

Angry at

  • He’s angry at his friend for cheating on the test.

Annoyed at

  • She was beginning to get very annoyed at me about my carelessness.

Awful at

  • I’m awful at names.

Bad at

  • Jack is really bad at keeping his promises.

Brilliant at

  • He’s brilliant at football.

Clever at

  • Fiona is very clever at physics.

Delighted at

  • She was delighted at the news of the wedding.

Disappointed at

  • They were bitterly disappointed at the result of the game.

Excellent at

  • They are excellent at planning fun parties.

Excited at

  • I’m really excited at the prospect of working abroad.

Good at

  • She is good at solving problems.

Hopeless at

  • Unfortunately, I’m hopeless at being on time.

Mad at

  • Please don’t be mad at me!

Presented at

  • Most fathers wish to be present at the birth of their child.

Skilled at

  • My mother is very skilled at dressmaking.

Successful at

  • I wasn’t very successful at keeping the news secret.

Surprised at

  • The teacher was surprised at the student’s question.

Terrible at

  • Dustin is terrible at texting.

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Adjective Preposition Combinations – the Preposition AT

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