Adjective + About: 30 Useful Adjective Collocations with ABOUT

Collocations are a fundamental part of the English language. They are a combination of two or more words that are often used together, and they can help to make your speech and writing more natural and fluent. One common set of collocations is those that involve the word “about”.

List of Adjective Collocations with ABOUT

  • Angry about
  • Annoyed about
  • Anxious about
  • Careful about
  • Careless about
  • Certain about
  • Concerned about
  • Crazy about
  • Curious about
  • Depressed about
  • Enthusiastic about
  • Excited about
  • Furious about
  • Guilty about
  • Happy about
  • Hopeful about
  • Mad about
  • Nervous about
  • Obsessed about
  • Optimistic about
  • Pessimistic about
  • Puzzled about
  • Sensitive about
  • Serious about
  • Sorry about
  • Sure about
  • Sympathetic about
  • Upset about
  • Worried about
  • Wrong about

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Adjective + About Collocations with Meaning and Examples

Angry about

  • Meaning: feeling angry or resentful towards something
  • Example: I am angry about the poor customer service I received at the store.

Annoyed about

  • Meaning: feeling irritated or bothered by something
  • Example: She is annoyed about the train delays that make her late for work.

Anxious about

  • Meaning: feeling worried or nervous about something that might happen
  • Example: He is anxious about the upcoming final exams..

Careful about

  • Meaning: being cautious or attentive to something to avoid harm or mistakes
  • Example: The parent is careful about monitoring their child’s online activity to ensure their safety.

Careless about

  • Meaning: not being attentive or cautious enough, leading to mistakes or harm
  • Example: The driver was careless about the traffic rules and caused an accident.

Certain about

  • Meaning: having a strong belief or conviction about something
  • Example: I am certain about the accuracy of my research findings.

Concerned about

  • Meaning: feeling worried or troubled about something
  • Example: She is concerned about the impact of climate change on the planet.

Crazy about

  • Meaning: having a strong liking or enthusiasm for something or someone
  • Example: The artist was crazy about painting and was always working on a new piece.

Curious about

  • Meaning: feeling interested or eager to know more about something
  • Example: The child is curious about how the human body works and asks a lot of questions.

Depressed about

  • Meaning: feeling sad or hopeless about something
  • Example: She was depressed about losing her job and struggled to find a new one.

Enthusiastic about

  • Meaning: feeling excited or passionate about something
  • Example: 
  • The employee is enthusiastic about the new project and ready to contribute their ideas.

Excited about

  • Meaning: feeling thrilled or eager about something
  • Example: The child is excited about going to the amusement park next weekend.

Furious about

  • Meaning: feeling extremely angry or outraged about something
  • Example: He was furious about the reckless driver who caused an accident and damaged his car.

Guilty about

  • Meaning: feeling remorseful or responsible for something wrong or bad
  • Example: The friend has been guilty about not keeping in touch for a long time.

Happy about

  • Meaning: feeling pleased or satisfied about something
  • Example: The employee is happy about the promotion and the increase in salary.

Hopeful about

  • Meaning: feeling optimistic or confident about something happening or changing for the better
  • Example: The athlete is hopeful about the recovery from the injury and the return to the sport.

Mad about

  • Meaning: feeling angry or upset about something
  • Example: The children are mad about ice cream.

Nervous about

  • Meaning: feeling anxious or worried about something that might happen
  • Example: Is he nervous about the surgery?

Obsessed about

  • Meaning: having an excessive or unhealthy preoccupation or fixation with something
  • Example: She is obsessed about keeping her house clean.

Optimistic about

  • Meaning:  having a positive or hopeful outlook about something
  • Example: The team was optimistic about their chances of winning the championship.

Pessimistic about

  • Meaning: having a negative or doubtful outlook about something
  • Example: She was pessimistic about the future of the economy.

Puzzled about

  • Meaning: feeling confused or uncertain about something
  • Example: The students were puzzled about the meaning of the poem.

Sensitive about

  • Meaning: feeling easily hurt or offended by something
  • Example: She is sensitive about her weight and doesn’t like to talk about it.

Serious about

  • Meaning: having a sincere or committed attitude towards something
  • Example: The company is being serious about reducing its carbon footprint.

Sorry about

  • Meaning: feeling regretful or apologetic about something
  • Example: She is sorry about being late and is on her way.

Sure about

  • Meaning: having a confident or certain belief about something
  • Example: Are you sure about your decision to quit your job?

Sympathetic about

  • Meaning: feeling compassionate or understanding towards someone or something
  • Example: She is sympathetic about the difficulties faced by her friend and offers a listening ear.

Upset about

  • Meaning: feeling distressed or disturbed about something
  • Example: She isn’t upset about the mistake made by her colleague and understands that everyone makes errors.

Worried about

  • Meaning: feeling concerned or anxious about something that might happen
  • Example: She is worried about the safety of her family during the storm and is taking precautions.

Wrong about

  • Meaning: having an incorrect or mistaken belief or assumption about something.
  • Example: He is wrong about the date of the meeting and needs to check his calendar.

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