Adjectives & Prepositions: 30+ Common Collocations with ABOUT

Learn frequently used Collocations with ABOUT in English.

Collocation Examples

Common Adjective Collocations with the Preposition ABOUT

Angry about

  • I’m really angry about our losses on the stock market!

Annoyed about

  • I was a little annoyed about the whole thing.

Anxious about

  • The drought has made farmers anxious about the harvest.

Careful about

  • He’s in a really foul temper so be careful about what you say to him.

Careless about

  • He could be very careless about his future.

Certain about

  • He was quite certain about his attacker’s identity.

Concerned about

  • I’m a bit concerned about your health.

Crazy about

  • I’m not crazy about Chinese food.

Curious about

  • They were very curious about the people who lived upstairs.

Depressed about

  • She felt very depressed about the future.

Enthusiastic about

  • You don’t sound very enthusiastic about the idea.

Excited about

  • He’s excited about his birthday party next week.

Furious about

  • The boss was furious about the past quarter’s losses.

Guilty about

  • I felt guilty about not visiting my parents more often.

Happy about

  • If there’s anything you’re not happy about, come and ask.

Hopeful about

  • He is not very hopeful about the outcome of the interview.

Mad about

  • Are you mad about your bad grade?

Nervous about

  • Consumers are very nervous about the future.

Obsessed about

  • I think you should try to stop obsessing about food.

Optimistic about

  • She’s not very optimistic about the outcome of the talks.

Pessimistic about

  • The doctors are pessimistic about his chances of recovery.

Puzzled about

  • Management are still puzzling about how the accident could have happened.

Sensitive about

  • He’s very sensitive about his weight.

Serious about

  • Is she serious about wanting to sell the house?

Sorry about

  • I’m very sorry about losing your book.

Sure about

  • Are you sure about that?

Sympathetic about

  • He suffers from back trouble too, so he was very sympathetic about my problem.

Terrible about

  • Anyway, what’s so terrible about a woman wearing pants?

Upset about

  • I’m upset about the increasing amount of violence in this world.

Worried about

  • He’s not worried about his upcoming examinations.

Wrong about

  • You were wrong about Tom; he’s not married after all.

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Adjectives & Prepositions: 30+ Common Collocations with ABOUT

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