Adjectives That Start with I (I Adjectives in English)

A comprehensive list of adjectives that start with I with meanings and examples! Adjectives are words that modify nouns or pronouns. They give you additional information about the noun or pronoun, often by highlighting the quality or extent of something. They also help specify the item from something else.

Adjectives that Start with I

Several prefixes allow for a wide variety of adjectives that begin with I. The first is “im,” which usually gives the word the opposite meaning. The second is “in,” which means “or, not, on, or in”.

Adjectives that Start with I
Adjectives that Start with I – Created by 7ESL

Descriptive Adjectives that Start with I

Below are 70 descriptive adjectives that start with I.

Adjective Examples
Icelandic The Icelandic language is known for its unique grammar.
Iconic The Eiffel Tower is an iconic symbol of Paris.
Icy The roads were too icy to drive on during the winter storm.
Ideal An ideal vacation for me would be relaxing on a tropical beach.
Idealized The idealized version of the American Dream is hard to achieve.
Identifiable The suspect was identifiable through security camera footage.
Identified The victim was identified by his dental records.
Ideological The ideological differences between the two political parties.
Idiotic He made an idiotic decision to quit his job without a plan.
Idle She spent the weekend being idle and watching TV.
Idyllic The small town had an idyllic setting with rolling hills.
Iffy The weather forecast for tomorrow is iffy, so we should bring an umbrella just in case.
Ignited The match ignited the pile of leaves in the backyard.
Ignorant The ignorant person refused to listen to the expert’s advice, believing they knew better.
Ignored He felt ignored and unappreciated by his colleagues.
Ill She felt ill and had to stay home from work.
Illegal The possession of illegal drugs is a serious crime.
Illegible The doctor’s handwriting was almost illegible.
Illegitimate The businessman was accused of running an illegitimate business that was involved in illegal activities.
Illicit The company was involved in illicit activities.
Illuminated The Christmas tree was beautifully illuminated.
Illusionary The politician’s promises proved to be illusionary.
Illusive The company’s marketing campaign was illusive and untrue.
Illusory The mirage in the desert was an illusory image.
Illustrative The chart was illustrative of the company’s growth.
Imaginable It is imaginable that humans will live on Mars one day.
Imaginary The unicorn was an imaginary creature.
Imaginative The writer had an imaginative approach to storytelling.
Imbalanced The weight of the bag made it imbalanced on one side.
Immovable The boulder was immovable, no matter how hard we tried.
Immune After recovering from COVID-19, she was immune to the virus.
Immunized The child was immunized against measles at the clinic.
Immutable The laws of physics are immutable.
Impaired The car’s impaired engine made it difficult to drive.
Impatient She was impatient to see the results of her hard work.
Impelled She felt impelled to speak up against the injustice she witnessed.
Impending The impending storm forced them to cancel their plans.
Imperceptible The difference in the two colors was imperceptible to the human eye.
Imperfect The artist’s imperfect brushstrokes gave the painting character.
Impervious The raincoat was impervious to water, keeping her dry.
Impish The impish child couldn’t stop giggling during class.
Implanted The pacemaker was implanted in his chest to regulate his heart.
Imploring The dog’s imploring eyes made her give him a treat.
Imposed The new rule was imposed on the company by the CEO.
Impressed The singer’s performance impressed the judges.
Impressible Children are impressible and can be easily influenced.
Imprisoned The imprisoned man was finally released after serving 10 years in jail for a crime he didn’t commit.
Impromptu The impromptu speech was surprisingly effective.
Improvable The team’s performance was improvable with more practice.
Improvised The actor’s improvised lines made the scene even funnier.
Impure The water was impure and unsafe to drink.
Inactive The volcano is currently inactive.
Inborn Her inborn talent for music was evident at a young age.
Inclined She is inclined to be a bit of a perfectionist.
Inconsequential The mistake was inconsequential and easily fixed.
Inconspicuous The spy tried to remain inconspicuous.
Incursive The incursive army was defeated by the defenders.
Indebted He felt indebted to his mentor for the guidance.
Indelible The memory of his first kiss was indelible.
Indelicate Her indelicate comments made everyone uncomfortable.
Indonesian Indonesian food is famous for its spicy flavors.
Industrialized China is a highly industrialized country.
Ineligible He was ineligible for the competition due to his age.
Inert The rock was inert and unmoving.
Infected The patient was infected with a rare virus.
Inferior The inferior team lost the game.
Infirm The elderly woman was infirm and needed assistance.
Infrequent The company holds infrequent meetings.
Initial The initial plan was to launch the product in May.
Inky The squid released an inky cloud to escape.
Inlaid The table had a beautiful inlaid pattern.
Inland The town was situated in the inland region of the state.

Positive Adjectives that Start with I

Below are 60 adjectives that start with I that indicate something positive.

Adjective Examples
Ideal An ideal vacation spot would be a beach with crystal-clear water.
Idealistic His idealistic views on love left him heartbroken.
Identifiable The suspect was identifiable by his distinctive tattoos.
Illuminating The professor’s lecture on philosophy was illuminating.
Imaginable A world without poverty is imaginable.
Imaginative The children’s book was imaginative and colorful.
Immaculate The hotel room was immaculate, not a speck of dust in sight.
Immense The football stadium had an immense seating capacity.
Immortal Greek gods were believed to be immortal.
Impassioned The speaker delivered an impassioned speech on climate change.
Impeccable Her fashion sense was impeccable, always dressed to impress.
Imperial The palace had an imperial aura, with its grandeur and opulence.
Important A good education is important for success.
Imposing The imposing building dominated the skyline.
Impressive The fireworks display was impressive and awe-inspiring.
Improvable The team’s performance was improvable with better training.
Improved The new and improved version of the app was faster and user-friendly.
Inarguable The evidence was inarguable and the verdict was clear.
Incandescent The incandescent light bulb was invented by Thomas Edison.
Inclusive The conference aimed to be inclusive of all perspectives.
Incorruptible The judge was known for being incorruptible and impartial.
Increasing The increasing demand for electric cars led to new innovations.
Incredulous He was incredulous when he heard the news of his promotion.
Independent The teenager wanted to be independent and move out of his parents’ house.
Indestructible The superhero’s suit was indestructible and bulletproof.
Indispensable Water is an indispensable resource for life.
Individual His individual style of music was a blend of different genres.
Indivisible The bond between the two friends was indivisible.
Indomitable The athlete’s indomitable spirit inspired his team.
Indulgent The teacher was indulgent towards her students’ needs.
Industrious The farmer was known for his industrious nature.
Inexhaustible The artist’s creativity seemed inexhaustible.
Inexpensive The restaurant served delicious food at an inexpensive price.
Infallible The expert’s advice was considered infallible.
Infinite The universe is infinite in its vastness.
Influent The CEO’s decision was influent in the company’s growth.
Influential The politician was influential in shaping policies.
Informal The party had an informal dress code.
Informed An informed decision requires thorough research and analysis of all available information.
Innocent The child’s innocent smile warmed everyone’s heart.
Innocuous The joke was innocuous and made everyone laugh.
Inquiring The detective had an inquiring mind.
Inquisitive The little girl was inquisitive about her neighbor’s cat.
Inseparable The twins were inseparable since childhood.
Insightful The author’s insightful book provided new perspectives.
Inspirational The coach’s inspirational speech lifted the team’s spirits.
Inspired The musician’s inspired performance left the audience in awe.
Instant The coffee machine brewed instant coffee.
Instinctive The mother’s instinctive response protected her child.
Instinctual The animal’s instinctual behavior was fascinating.
Instructive The manual was instructive in assembling the furniture.
Instrumental The new employee was instrumental in boosting sales.
Intact The antique vase was intact after the earthquake.
Integral The team player was an integral part of the team.
Integrated The company’s integrated system streamlined operations.
Intellectual The professor’s intellectual discussions were stimulating.
Intelligent He is an intelligent student.
Intended Her words were intended to comfort the patient.
Interchangeable These parts are interchangeable with each other.
Interested The audience was interested in the presentation.
Interesting The book was very interesting to read.
Intimate They shared an intimate moment together.
Intrepid The intrepid explorer conquered the mountain.
Intriguing The intriguing story left me wanting more.
Intrinsic She had an intrinsic talent for music.
Intuitive She had an intuitive feeling about the situation.
Invaluable The advice he gave me was invaluable.
Inventive She was an inventive artist.
Invincible The army seemed invincible in battle.
Inviting The aroma of the food was inviting.
Involved He was deeply involved in the project.
Irresistible The cake looked irresistible.

Negative Adjectives that Start with I

Below are 60 adjective words that start I that indicate something negative.

Adjective Definition
Icy Cold and unemotional; lacking warmth or friendliness
Idiotic Extremely stupid or foolish
Ignorant Lacking knowledge or awareness; uninformed
Ignored Disregarded or overlooked; not given attention or consideration
Ill Unwell; suffering from an illness or disease
Illegal Prohibited by law; against the law
Illegible Not able to be read or deciphered; unclear or indecipherable
Illegitimate Not authorized by law; not legitimate or lawful
Ill-fated Doomed to failure or misfortune; unlucky or unfortunate
Illicit Forbidden by law, rules, or custom; unlawful or improper
Illogical Lacking sense or reason; irrational or unreasonable
Immature Not fully developed or grown; not yet fully matured
Immeasurable Impossible to measure or quantify; limitless or boundless
Immodest Lacking humility or decency; boastful or indecent
Immoral Contrary to accepted moral principles; sinful or unethical
Immovable Unable to be moved or changed; unyielding or inflexible
Impassable Not able to be passed through or crossed; blocked or obstructed
Impatient Lacking patience; easily irritated or annoyed
Impenetrable Not able to be penetrated or pierced; impenetrable or indestructible
Imperfect Not perfect or complete; flawed or defective
Imperialistic Characterized by a policy of extending a country’s power and influence through colonization, use of military force, or other means
Impersonal Lacking warmth or emotional involvement; detached or impersonal
Impetuous Acting or done quickly without thought or care; impulsive or rash
Impious Lacking respect or reverence for a god or religion; irreverent or sacrilegious
Implausible Not believable or credible; unlikely or improbable
Implosive Tending to collapse inward; explosive or sudden
Impolite Lacking good manners or courtesy; rude or impolite
Imposing Impressive in appearance or manner; grand or impressive
Impossible Not possible or able to be done; unrealistic or unachievable
Impoverished Extremely poor; lacking basic necessities or resources
Impractical Not useful or effective in practice; unrealistic or unworkable
Imprecise Not accurate or exact; vague or imprecise
Improbable Not likely to happen or be true; doubtful or unlikely
Improper Not appropriate or suitable; indecent or improper
Imprudent Not showing care for the consequences of an action; rash or unwise
Impure Not clean or pure; contaminated or tainted
Inaccessible Not able to be reached or obtained; out of reach or inaccessible
Inaccurate Not accurate or correct; incorrect or flawed
Inactive Not active or in use; idle or inactive
Inadequate Not sufficient or good enough; insufficient or inadequate
Inadmissible Not acceptable or allowed; not admissible or acceptable
Inadvisable Not advisable or recommended; unwise or ill-advised
Inane Silly or pointless; lacking significance or substance
Inapplicable Not applicable or relevant; irrelevant or inapplicable
Inappropriate Not suitable or appropriate; improper or unacceptable
Inapt Not suitable or appropriate; unsuitable or inappropriate
Inarticulate Unable to express oneself clearly or effectively
Inattentive Not paying attention or being negligent
Incoherent Not logically connected or unclear
Incompetent Lacking the necessary skill or ability
Ineffective Not producing the desired results or outcomes
Infamous Having a bad reputation or being notorious
Insane Mentally ill or irrational
Insecure Lacking confidence or uncertain
Insidious Gradual and harmful in a subtle way
Insignificant Not important or not worthy of attention
Insulting Offensive or disrespectful in language or tone
Irrational Not based on reason or logic
Irresponsible Not taking responsibility or being unreliable
Irritating Causing annoyance or frustration

Personality Adjectives that Start with I

Below are 75 adjectives that start with I that describe a personality.


Adjective Definition
Idealistic Having high and noble standards or beliefs
Idiosyncratic Peculiar or unique in behavior or mannerisms
Illogical Lacking sound reasoning or rationality
Imaginative Creative and inventive in thought or ideas
Imbecilic Behaving like an imbecile, extremely foolish or stupid
Immature Not fully developed or lacking emotional maturity
Immodest Lacking humility or shame about one’s behavior or body
Impartial Fair and unbiased in judgment or treatment
Impassioned Filled with intense feeling or emotion
Impassive Showing no emotion or feeling
Impatient Unable to wait or tolerate delay
Impersonal Lacking personal warmth or intimacy
Impertinent Disrespectful or rude in behavior or speech
Impetuous Acting without thinking or planning
Impious Lacking reverence or respect for religion or God
Imploring Begging or pleading urgently
Impolite Not polite or courteous in behavior or speech
Imposing Having a powerful or impressive appearance
Impractical Not feasible or realistic in practice
Impulsive Acting suddenly without thinking or planning
Inattentive Not paying attention or being distracted
Incensed Extremely angry or furious
Incestuous Involving sexual relations between close relatives
Inclined Having a tendency or preference
Incoherent Lacking clarity or logical connection
Incorrigible Not able to be corrected or reformed
Indecent Offending against accepted standards of morality or taste
Indecisive Unable to make decisions or take action confidently
Independent Not influenced or controlled by others
Indiscreet Lacking discretion or good judgment in speech or behavior
Indiscriminate Not based on careful consideration or differentiation
Indiscriminating Treating all things or people alike without discrimination
Individualistic Valuing independence and self-reliance over group loyalty or conformity
Indulgent Overly permissive or tolerant of others’ behavior
Ineffable Too great or extreme to be expressed in words
Ineffectual Lacking the power or ability to produce the desired effect
Inexact Not precise or accurate in measurement or description
Inexhaustible Unable to be used up or tired out
Infantile Childish or immature in behavior or attitude
Infatuated Extremely or foolishly in love or obsessed with someone
Inflexible Refusing to change or be persuaded
Infuriating Causing anger or outrage
Ingenious Clever and inventive in design or execution
Inhumane Lacking compassion or kindness towards others
Innovative Introducing new ideas or methods
Inquisitive Curious and inquiring
Inquisitorial Inclined to question or investigate closely
Insane Mentally ill; exhibiting extreme irrational behavior
Insatiable Impossible to satisfy; always wanting more
Inscrutable Difficult to understand or interpret; mysterious
Insecure Lacking confidence or assurance; uncertain about oneself
Insensitive Lacking empathy or understanding; not responsive to others’ feelings
Insidious Gradually harmful or destructive; working in a subtle or unnoticed way
Insincere Not genuine or truthful; lacking sincerity
Insipid Lacking flavor or interest; dull or boring
Insistent Demanding attention or action; persistent
Inspirational Motivating or uplifting; providing inspiration
Inspired Filled with creativity or enthusiasm; motivated by a higher purpose
Insulting Offensive or disrespectful; causing hurt feelings
Insurrectional Relating to rebellion or uprising against authority
Intelligent Having a high level of mental ability; smart
Intense Strong or extreme in degree; passionate
Interesting Engaging or fascinating; holding one’s attention
Intolerant Not accepting of other beliefs, opinions, or lifestyles; narrow-minded
Intriguing Arousing curiosity or interest; mysterious or fascinating
Introspective Looking inward; examining one’s own thoughts and feelings
Introverted Having a personality characterized by introversion
Irate Very angry; furious
Irrational Not based on reason or logic; illogical
Irresponsible Not reliable or trustworthy; lacking accountability
Irreverent Disrespectful or mocking of something considered sacred or important
Irritable Easily annoyed or angered; prone to irritability

Adjectives that Start with I to Describe a Person (Not Personality)

Below are 100 adjectives that describe a person that start with I.

Adjective Meaning
Idealistic Having or pursuing high or noble ideals, often without regard for practical considerations.
Idealized Represented or characterized in an idealized or unrealistic way.
Identical Being the same in every way; exactly alike.
Identifiable Capable of being recognized or identified as a particular person or thing.
Identified Recognized or distinguished as a specific person or thing.
Ideographic Relating to or using ideograms, symbols or signs that represent ideas or concepts.
Ideologic Relating to a particular ideology or set of beliefs.
Ideological Relating to or based on an ideology or set of beliefs.
Idiomatic Relating to or using idioms, phrases that are peculiar to a particular language or dialect.
Idiotic Showing complete lack of thought or common sense; foolish or senseless.
Idle Not working or active; unemployed or unoccupied.
Idolized Regarded with great admiration, love, or devotion.
Idyllic Extremely happy, peaceful, or picturesque.
Ill Not in good health; sick or unwell.
Illegal Contrary to or forbidden by law, especially criminal law.
Illegitimate Born of parents not married to each other; not authorized by law.
Illicit Not legally permitted or authorized; unlawful or illegal.
Illiterate Unable to read or write.
Illuminated Lit up or brightened with light.
Illusive Based on illusion; not real or true.
Illustrious Well-known, respected, and admired for past achievements or contributions.
Imaginable Able to be imagined or conceived in the mind.
Imaginary Existing only in the imagination; not real.
Imbecile Extremely foolish or stupid.
Immaculate Perfectly clean, neat, or tidy; free from flaws or mistakes.
Imposing Grand or impressive in appearance or style, especially because of size or scale.
Impoverished Very poor; lacking the basic necessities of life.
Impractical Not suitable for practical use or likely to be effective; unworkable.
Impregnable Unable to be captured or entered by force; invincible.
Impressed Having made a positive or favorable impact on someone.
Impressionable Easily influenced or affected by others, especially in terms of beliefs or attitudes.
Impressionist Relating to or characteristic of the style of art known as impressionism, which seeks to capture the feeling or experience of a moment rather than a realistic representation.
Impressive Evoking admiration or respect; imposing or striking.
Imprisoned Held captive or confined in prison.
Improbable Not likely to be true or to happen; unlikely or doubtful.
Impromptu Done or said on the spur of the moment, without preparation or rehearsal.
Improper Not in accordance with accepted or customary practice or standards; inappropriate or unsuitable.
Improved Made or become better in quality, condition, or performance.
Improving Becoming better or making progress; showing improvement.
Improvised Made or done using whatever is available or at hand; makeshift or impromptu.
Imprudent Lacking discretion, wisdom, or good judgment; unwise or rash.
Impudent Disrespectful or rude, especially in a way that is bold or presumptuous.
Impugnable Open to challenge or doubt; questionable or suspect.
Inactive Not active or in motion; dormant or idle.
Inadequate Not sufficient or good enough; insufficient or unsatisfactory.
Inadmissible Not able to be accepted as valid or true; not admissible.
Inadvertent Not resulting from or achieved through deliberate planning or action; accidental or unintentional.
Inadvisable Not recommended or wise
Inane Silly or pointless
Inappropriate Not suitable or fitting
Inarticulate Not able to express oneself clearly or fluently
Inaudible Unable to be heard
Inbound Heading towards a particular destination or place
Inbred Resulting from or due to inbreeding
Indefeasible Cannot be undone or revoked
Indefinable Unable to be defined or described
Indefinite Unclear or vague
Indelicate Lacking in tact or sensitivity
Indentured Bound by a contract or agreement
Independent Not dependent on others
Indescribable Impossible to describe or express in words
Indestructible Unable to be destroyed or broken
Indeterminate Uncertain or undecided
Indian Relating to India or its people/culture
Indicative Suggestive or indicating
Indicatory Showing or indicating
Indigenous Native or originating from a particular place
Indigent Lacking money or resources
Indirect Not direct or straightforward
Indiscriminate Random or haphazard
Indiscriminating Not discriminating or selective
Indisposed Not willing or inclined to do something
Indisputable Undeniable or unquestionable
Indistinct Not clear or sharply defined
Individual Relating to a single person or thing
Individualized Customized or tailored to an individual
Induced Brought about or caused by external factors
Indulgent Lenient or permissive
Inebriated Drunk or intoxicated
Infuriating Causing anger or annoyance
Ingrained Deeply rooted or established
Ingratiating Intended to gain favor or approval
Ingratiatory Flattering or intended to please
Ingrown Growing or turned inward
Inharmonious Not in agreement or harmony
Inherent Intrinsic or essential to something
Inheritable Capable of being passed down through generations
Inherited Received from a predecessor or ancestor
Inheriting Receiving something as an inheritance
Inhibited Restrained or held back
Initial First or beginning
Injured Physically harmed or wounded
Injurious Harmful or damaging
Innocent Not guilty or without fault
Innovative Original or inventive
Inoffensive Harmless or not likely to cause offense
Inoperable Unable to function or operate
Inquiring Curious or seeking information
Intent Fully focused and committed to a specific purpose or goal

I Adjectives | Image

Common I Adjectives
I Adjectives – Created by 7ESL

List of 1000+ Adjectives that Start with I

Adjectives that Start with Ia, Ic

  • Iambic
  • Iatrogenic
  • Ice-cold
  • Ice-free
  • Icelandic
  • Icky
  • Iconic
  • Iconoclastic
  • Iconographic
  • Iconological
  • Ictal
  • Icteric
  • Icy
  • Icy-cold

Adjectives that Start with Ia, Id

  • Ideal
  • Idealistic
  • Idealized
  • Idealogical
  • Ideal-typical
  • Ideational
  • Ident
  • Identical
  • Identifiable
  • Identificatory
  • Identified
  • Ideographic
  • Ideologic
  • Ideological
  • Idiolectal
  • Idiomatic
  • Idiopathic
  • Idiosyncratic
  • Idiotic
  • Idiot-proof
  • Idle
  • Idolatrous
  • Idolized
  • Idyllic

Adjectives that Start with If, Ig

  • Iffy
  • Igneous
  • Ignited
  • Ignoble
  • Ignominious
  • Ignorable
  • Ignorant
  • Ignored

Adjectives that Start with Il

  • Ileal
  • Ileoanal
  • Ileocaecal
  • Ileocecal
  • Ileocolic
  • Ileocolonic
  • Ileorectal
  • Ileovesical
  • Iliac
  • Ilk
  • Ill
  • Ill-advised
  • Ill-assorted
  • Ill-behaved
  • Ill-bred
  • Ill-conceived
  • Ill-conditioned
  • Ill-considered
  • Ill-constructed
  • Ill-defined
  • Ill-directed
  • Ill-disguised
  • Ill-disposed
  • Illegal
  • Illegible
  • Illegitimate
  • Ill-equipped
  • Ill-fated
  • Ill-favoured
  • Ill-fitting
  • Ill-formed
  • Ill-gotten
  • Ill-humored
  • Illiberal
  • Illicit
  • Illimitable
  • Ill-informed
  • Ill-intentioned
  • Illiquid
  • Illiterate
  • Ill-judged
  • Ill-looking
  • Ill-mannered
  • Ill-matched
  • Ill-natured
  • Illocutionary
  • Illogic
  • Illogical
  • Ill-omened
  • Ill-prepared
  • Ill-starred
  • Ill-suited
  • Ill-tempered
  • Ill-thought-out
  • Ill-timed
  • Illuminated
  • Illuminating
  • Illuminative
  • Illusionary
  • Illusionistic
  • Illusive
  • Illusory
  • Illustrational
  • Illustrative
  • Illustrious

Adjectives that Start with Im

  • Imageable
  • Imaginable
  • Imaginal
  • Imaginary
  • Imaginative
  • Imagistic
  • Imbalanced
  • Imbecile
  • Imbecilic
  • Imbricate
  • Imitable
  • Imitative
  • Immaculate
  • Immanent
  • Immaterial
  • Immature
  • Immeasurable
  • Immediate
  • Immemorial
  • Immense
  • Immersive
  • Immigrant
  • Imminent
  • Immiscible
  • Immiserated
  • Immobile
  • Immoderate
  • Immodest
  • Immoral
  • Immortal
  • Immotile
  • Immovable
  • Immoveable
  • Immune
  • Immunized
  • Immunogenic
  • Immunologic
  • Immunological
  • Immutable
  • Impacted
  • Impactive
  • Impaired
  • Impalpable
  • Impartial
  • Impartible
  • Impassable
  • Impassible
  • Impassioned
  • Impassive
  • Impatient
  • Impeachable
  • Impeccable
  • Impecunious
  • Impeded
  • Impelled
  • Impending
  • Impenetrable
  • Impenitent
  • Imperatival
  • Imperative
  • Imperceptible
  • Imperceptive
  • Imperfect
  • Imperfective
  • Imperial
  • Imperialist
  • Imperialistic
  • Imperious
  • Imperishable
  • Impermanent
  • Impermeable
  • Impermissible
  • Impersonal
  • Impertinent
  • Imperturbable
  • Impervious
  • Impetuous
  • Impious
  • Impish
  • Implacable
  • Implantable
  • Implanted
  • Implausible
  • Implementable
  • Implemental
  • Implicational
  • Implicative
  • Implicatory
  • Implicit
  • Imploring
  • Implosive
  • Impolite
  • Impolitic
  • Imponderable
  • Imponderous
  • Importable
  • Important
  • Imported
  • Importunate
  • Imposable
  • Imposed
  • Imposing
  • Impossible
  • Impotent
  • Impoverished
  • Impracticable
  • Impractical
  • Imprecise
  • Impregnable
  • Imprescriptible
  • Impressed
  • Impressible
  • Impressionable
  • Impressionist
  • Impressionistic
  • Impressive
  • Imprintable
  • Imprisonable
  • Imprisoned
  • Improbable
  • Impromptu
  • Improper
  • Improvable
  • Improved
  • Improvident
  • Improving
  • Improvised
  • Imprudent
  • Impudent
  • Impugnable
  • Impulsive
  • Impure

Adjectives that Start with In

  • Inaccessible
  • Inaccurate
  • Inactive
  • Inadequate
  • Inadmissible
  • Inadvertent
  • Inadvisable
  • Inalienable
  • Inalterable
  • Inane
  • Inanimate
  • Inapparent
  • Inapplicable
  • Inappreciable
  • Inappropriate
  • Inapt
  • Inarguable
  • Inarticulate
  • Inarticulated
  • Inartistic
  • Inattentive
  • Inaudible
  • Inaugural
  • Inauspicious
  • Inauthentic
  • Inbetween
  • Inboard
  • Inborn
  • Inbound
  • Inbred
  • Inbuilt
  • In-built
  • Incalculable
  • Incandescent
  • Incantatory
  • Incapable
  • Incarnate
  • Incarnational
  • Incautious
  • Incendiary
  • Incensed
  • Incessant
  • Incestuous
  • Inchoate
  • Inchoative
  • Inch-perfect
  • Incidental
  • Incipient
  • Incisive
  • Inclinable
  • Inclined
  • Inclusionary
  • Inclusive
  • Incognito
  • Incoherent
  • Incoming
  • Incommodious
  • Incommunicable
  • Incomparable
  • Incompatible
  • Incompetent
  • Incomplete
  • Incomprehensible
  • Incompressible
  • Inconceivable
  • Inconclusive
  • Incongruent
  • Incongruous
  • Inconsecutive
  • Inconsequent
  • Inconsequential
  • Inconsiderable
  • Inconsiderate
  • Inconsistent
  • Inconsolable
  • Inconspicuous
  • Inconstant
  • Incontestable
  • Incontinent
  • Incontrovertible
  • Inconvenient
  • Inconvertible
  • Incorporative
  • Incorporeal
  • Incorrect
  • Incorrigible
  • Incorruptible
  • Increasing
  • Incredible
  • Incredulous
  • Incremental
  • Incriminatory
  • Incubatory
  • Incumbent
  • Incurable
  • Incurious
  • Incursive
  • Indebted
  • Indecent
  • Indecipherable
  • Indecisive
  • Indecorous
  • Indefatigable
  • Indefeasible
  • Indefensible
  • Indefinable
  • Indefinite
  • Indelible
  • Indelicate
  • Indentured
  • Independent
  • Indepth
  • In-depth
  • Indescribable
  • Indestructible
  • Indeterminable
  • Indeterminant
  • Indeterminate
  • Indeterministic
  • Indexical
  • Indian
  • Indicative
  • Indicatory
  • Indictable
  • Indifferent
  • Indigenous
  • Indigent
  • Indigestible
  • Indignant
  • Indigo
  • Indirect
  • Indiscernible
  • Indisciplined
  • Indiscreet
  • Indiscriminate
  • Indiscriminating
  • Indispensable
  • Indispensible
  • Indisposed
  • Indisputable
  • Indissociable
  • Indissoluble
  • Indistinct
  • Indistinguishable
  • Individual
  • Individualist
  • Individualistic
  • Individualized
  • Individuative
  • Indivisible
  • Indoctrinatory
  • Indolent
  • Indomitable
  • Indonesian
  • Indoor
  • Indrawn
  • Indubitable
  • Induced
  • Inducible
  • Inductive
  • Indulgent
  • Indurate
  • Industrial
  • Industrialized
  • Industrious
  • Indy
  • Inebriated
  • Inedible
  • Ineducable
  • Ineffable
  • Ineffective
  • Ineffectual
  • Inefficient
  • Inegalitarian
  • Inelastic
  • Inelegant
  • Ineligible
  • Ineloquent
  • Ineluctable
  • Inept
  • Inequitable
  • Ineradicable
  • Inerrant
  • Inert
  • Inertial
  • Inescapable
  • Inessential
  • Inestimable
  • Inevitable
  • Inexact
  • Inexcludable
  • Inexcusable
  • Inexhausted
  • Inexhaustible
  • Inexhaustive
  • Inexistent
  • Inexorable
  • Inexpedient
  • Inexpensive
  • Inexperienced
  • Inexpert
  • Inexplicable
  • Inexpressible
  • Inexpressive
  • Inextinguishable
  • Inextricable
  • Infallible
  • Infamous
  • Infantile
  • Infarcted
  • Infatuated
  • Infaunal
  • Infeasible
  • Infected
  • Infectious
  • Infective
  • Infecund
  • Infelicitous
  • Inferable
  • Inferential
  • Inferior
  • Infernal
  • Inferotemporal
  • Inferrable
  • Infertile
  • Infiltrative
  • Infinitary
  • Infinite
  • Infinitesimal
  • Infinitival
  • Infirm
  • Inflamed
  • Inflammable
  • Inflammatory
  • Inflatable
  • Inflated
  • Inflationary
  • Inflectional
  • Inflectionless
  • Inflexible
  • Inflexional
  • In-flight
  • Inflowing
  • Influenceable
  • Influent
  • Influential
  • Informal
  • Informational
  • Informative
  • Informed
  • Infrahepatic
  • Infrangible
  • Infrared
  • Infra-red
  • Infrarenal
  • Infrasonic
  • Infraspecific
  • Infrastructural
  • Infrequent
  • Infuriated
  • Infuriating
  • Infy
  • Ingenious
  • Ingenuous
  • Inglorious
  • Ingoing
  • Ingrain
  • Ingrained
  • Ingrate
  • Ingratiating
  • Ingratiatory
  • In-group
  • Ingrowing
  • Ingrown
  • Inguinal
  • Inhabitable
  • Inhalant
  • Inharmonious
  • Inherent
  • Inheritable
  • Inherited
  • Inheriting
  • Inhibitable
  • Inhibited
  • Inhibitive
  • Inhibitory
  • Inhospitable
  • In-hospital
  • Inhouse
  • In-house
  • Inhuman
  • Inhumane
  • Inimical
  • Inimitable
  • Iniquitous
  • Initial
  • Initiatory
  • Injectable
  • Injectible
  • Injudicious
  • Injunctive
  • Injured
  • Injurious
  • In-kind
  • Inky
  • Inlaid
  • Inland
  • In-line
  • Inmost
  • Innate
  • Inner
  • Inner-city
  • Inner-directed
  • Innermost
  • Innocent
  • Innocuous
  • Innominate
  • Innovative
  • Innovatory
  • Innumerable
  • Innumerate
  • Innumerous
  • Inoffensive
  • Inoperable
  • Inoperative
  • Inopportune
  • Inordinate
  • Inorganic
  • Inotropic
  • Inquiring
  • Inquisitional
  • Inquisitive
  • Inquisitorial
  • Inquorate
  • Inrushing
  • Insalubrious
  • Insane
  • Insanitary
  • Insatiable
  • Inscrutable
  • Insecticidal
  • Insectile
  • Insectivorous
  • Insecure
  • Insensate
  • Insensible
  • Insensitive
  • Inseparable
  • Insertional
  • Insertive
  • In-service
  • Inshore
  • Inside
  • Insidious
  • Insightful
  • Insignificant
  • Insincere
  • Insipid
  • Insistent
  • In-situ
  • Insolent
  • Insoluble
  • Insolvent
  • Insomniac
  • Insouciant
  • Inspectorial
  • Inspiral
  • Inspirational
  • Inspiratory
  • Inspired
  • Inspiring
  • Instable
  • Installable
  • Instant
  • Instantaneous
  • Instinctive
  • Instinctual
  • Institutional
  • Instructional
  • Instructive
  • Instrumental
  • Insubordinate
  • Insubstantial
  • Insufferable
  • Insufficient
  • Insufflated
  • Insular
  • Insulative
  • Insulting
  • Insuperable
  • Insupportable
  • Insurable
  • Insurgent
  • Insurmountable
  • Insurrectional
  • Insurrectionary
  • Insusceptible
  • Inswinging
  • Intact
  • Intangible
  • Integrable
  • Integral
  • Integrated
  • Integrational
  • Integrative
  • Integratory
  • Integumentary
  • Intellectual
  • Intelligent
  • Intelligible
  • Intemperate
  • Intenable
  • Intendant
  • Intended
  • Intense
  • Intensional
  • Intensive
  • Intensive-care
  • Intent
  • Intentional
  • Intentioned
  • Interactional
  • Interactive
  • Inter-agency
  • Interannual
  • Interatomic
  • Interbank
  • Interbedded
  • Intercalary
  • Intercapillary
  • Intercellular
  • Intercessory
  • Interchangable
  • Interchangeable
  • Intercolonial
  • Intercommunal
  • Interconnectable
  • Intercontinental
  • Interconvertible
  • Intercostal
  • Intercounty
  • Intercranial
  • Intercrater
  • Intercrural
  • Intercultural
  • Intercurrent
  • Intercurricular
  • Interdigital
  • Interdivisional
  • Interested
  • Interest-free
  • Interesting
  • Interethnic
  • Interfacial
  • Interfaculty
  • Intergalactic
  • Intergenic
  • Interglacial
  • Intergranular
  • Intergroup
  • Interictal
  • Interim
  • Interior
  • Interlaboratory
  • Interlamellar
  • Interlibrary
  • Interlinear
  • Interlingual
  • Interlinguistic
  • Interlobular
  • Interlocutory
  • Intermediate
  • Intermenstrual
  • Interminable
  • Interministerial
  • Intermitotic
  • Intermittent
  • Intermodal
  • Intermodular
  • Intermolecular
  • Intermuscular
  • Internal
  • Internalist
  • International
  • Internationalist
  • Internecine
  • Interneuronal
  • Internodal
  • Internuclear
  • Interoceanic
  • Interocular
  • Interoperable
  • Interopercular
  • Interorbital
  • Interparty
  • Interpatient
  • Interpersonal
  • Interplanetary
  • Interpretable
  • Interpretational
  • Interpretative
  • Interpretive
  • Interprofessional
  • Interprovincial
  • Interracial
  • Inter-racial
  • Interradial
  • Interregional
  • Interreligious
  • Interrogational
  • Interrogative
  • Interrogatory
  • Interruptable
  • Interruptible
  • Intersectoral
  • Intersegmental
  • Intersentential
  • Intersexual
  • Intersocietal
  • Interspecific
  • Interstate
  • Interstellar
  • Interstitial
  • Intertemporal
  • Intertest
  • Intertextual
  • Intertidal
  • Intertribal
  • Intertropical
  • Interuterine
  • Intervallic
  • Interventional
  • Interventive
  • Intervertebral
  • Intervocalic
  • Inter-war
  • Intestate
  • Intestinal
  • Intimal
  • Intimate
  • Intimidating
  • Intimidatory
  • Intolerable
  • Intolerant
  • Intonational
  • Intoxicant
  • Intraarterial
  • Intrabacterial
  • Intracardiac
  • Intracellular
  • Intracerebral
  • Intracolonic
  • Intracranial
  • Intractable
  • Intracystic
  • Intradermal
  • Intragastric
  • Intrageneric
  • Intragenic
  • Intragenomic
  • Intragranular
  • Intrahepatic
  • Intraileal
  • Intrajejunal
  • Intralobular
  • Intraluminal
  • Intramolecular
  • Intramucosal
  • Intramural
  • Intramuscular
  • Intranational
  • Intransitive
  • Intranuclear
  • Intraocular
  • Intraosseous
  • Intraparty
  • Intrapatient
  • Intrapersonal
  • Intrapsychic
  • Intrarectal
  • Intraregional
  • Intraspecific
  • Intrathecal
  • Intrauterine
  • Intra-uterine
  • Intravascular
  • Intravenous
  • Intrepid
  • Intricate
  • Intrigued
  • Intriguing
  • Intrinsic
  • Introductory
  • Intronic
  • Intronless
  • Introspectible
  • Introspective
  • Introvert
  • Introverted
  • Intrusive
  • Intuitive
  • Intumescent
  • Inturned
  • Inutile
  • Invalid
  • Invaluable
  • Invariable
  • Invariant
  • Invasive
  • Inventive
  • Inventorial
  • Inverse
  • Inversive
  • Invertebrate
  • Invertible
  • Investible
  • Investigational
  • Investigative
  • Investigatory
  • Inveterate
  • Inviable
  • Invidious
  • Invigorating
  • Invincible
  • Inviolable
  • Inviolate
  • Inviscid
  • Invisible
  • Invitational
  • Invited
  • Inviting
  • In-vitro
  • Involatile
  • Involuntary
  • Involute
  • Involuted
  • Involved
  • Invulnerable
  • Inward
  • In-your-face

Adjectives that Start with Io, Ip

  • Iodinated
  • Ionic
  • Ionomeric
  • Ionospheric
  • Ionotropic
  • Ipsative
  • Ipsilateral

Adjectives that Start with Ir

  • Irascible
  • Irate
  • Irian
  • Iridescent
  • Irised
  • Irish
  • Irksome
  • Iron-fisted
  • Ironic
  • Ironical
  • Irous
  • Irrational
  • Irrebuttable
  • Irreconcilable
  • Irrecoverable
  • Irredeemable
  • Irreducible
  • Irrefragable
  • Irrefutable
  • Irregardless
  • Irregular
  • Irrelative
  • Irrelevant
  • Irreligious
  • Irremediable
  • Irremovable
  • Irreparable
  • Irreplaceable
  • Irrepressible
  • Irreproachable
  • Irresectable
  • Irresistible
  • Irresoluble
  • Irresolute
  • Irresolvable
  • Irrespective
  • Irresponsible
  • Irresponsive
  • Irretrievable
  • Irretrievably
  • Irreverent
  • Irreversible
  • Irrevocable
  • Irrigable
  • Irrigational
  • Irriguous
  • Irritable
  • Irritated
  • Irritating
  • Irritative
  • Irrotational
  • Irruptive

Adjectives that Start with Is

  • Ischaemic
  • Ischemic
  • Ischial
  • Isobaric
  • Isobutyric
  • Isocaloric
  • Isochronous
  • Isocratic
  • Isocyanic
  • Isoelastic
  • Isoelectric
  • Isoelectronic
  • Isogenic
  • Isogonal
  • Isolable
  • Isolatable
  • Isolated
  • Isometric
  • Isomorphic
  • Iso-osmotic
  • Isoperistaltic
  • Isophthalic
  • Isorhythmic
  • Isosbestic
  • Isostatic
  • Isotactic
  • Isotonic
  • Isotopic
  • Isotropic
  • Isovaleric
  • Issuable
  • Issueless
  • Isthmian

Adjectives that Start with It, Iv

  • Ital
  • Italian
  • Italic
  • Itchy
  • Iterable
  • Iterative
  • Ith
  • Ithyphallic
  • Itinerant
  • Itsy-bitsy
  • Itty-bitty
  • Ivery
  • Ivied
  • Ivy-leaved
Examples of Adjectives that Start with I
Examples of Adjectives that Start with I – Created by 7ESL

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