575 Adjectives that Start with P (P Adjectives in English)

In this article, we introduce a huge list of adjectives that start with P with meanings and examples. You will find descriptive P adjectives and positive P adjectives… which can be used to describe everything in English!

Adjectives that Start with P

What Are Adjectives that Start with P?

Some examples of P adjectives include: peaceful, powerful, playful, precious, pretty, proud, patient, passionate, persistent, polite, positive, and practical. These adjectives can be used to describe a variety of nouns, from people and places to things and ideas.

The prefix “pre” generally means “before.” You can add it to many words to make them adjectives. A few examples are:

  • Precautionary
  • Preconceived
  • Preeminent

Descriptive Adjectives that Start with P

Below are 100 descriptive adjectives that start with P.

Adjective Example
Painful She had a painful headache.
Pale His face turned pale when he heard the news.
Parallel The railroad tracks were parallel to the road.
Paranormal She claimed to have a paranormal experience in the haunted house.
Parched Her throat was parched after hiking in the desert.
Parsimonious He was known for his parsimonious ways.
Passive She had a passive attitude towards life.
Pastel She painted the room in pastel shades of blue and green.
Peaceful The lake was peaceful at dawn.
Pendulous The pendulous branches of the willow tree swayed in the breeze.
Perfect She baked the perfect cake for the party.
Permissive He had a permissive parenting style.
Perpetual The perpetual rain made the streets flood.
Perplexing The instructions were perplexing, so he asked for help.
Persistent She was persistent in her efforts to find a job.
Personable She was a personable hostess who made everyone feel welcome.
Personal His diary contained personal reflections and thoughts.
Pesky The pesky mosquitoes kept biting her.
Petrified He was petrified when he saw the ghost.
Petulant She had a petulant attitude when she didn’t get her way.
Phobic He was phobic about flying in airplanes.
Photogenic She was photogenic and always looked good in pictures.
Physical He enjoyed physical activities like hiking and biking.
Pickled She ate pickled cucumbers with her sandwich.
Pink She wore a pink dress to the party.
Plastic The plastic cup was easy to clean and reusable.
Plausible His explanation seemed plausible, but she wasn’t sure.
Playful The puppies were playful and energetic.
Pleasant The weather was pleasant and mild.
Pleased He was pleased with the results of his work.
Pleasing The view from the mountain was pleasing to the eye.
Plodding The plodding pace of the movie made it boring.
Plush The hotel room had plush bedding and pillows.
Poetic Her writing style was poetic and lyrical.
Poignant The movie’s ending was poignant and made her cry.
Pointless The argument was pointless and went nowhere.
Poised She was poised and confident during her job interview.
Polite He always had a polite manner when talking to others.
Political She had a strong interest in political issues.
Pompous His speech was full of pompous phrases and grand gestures.
Poor The poor family struggled to make ends meet.
Popular The singer was very popular among teenagers.
Portly The portly gentleman had a jolly demeanor.
Portuguese She spoke Portuguese fluently.
Positive She had a positive attitude and always looked on the bright side.
Possible It is possible to learn a new language at any age.
Potent The medicine was potent and relieved her pain quickly.
Powerful The president was a powerful leader who made important decisions.
Powerless The people felt powerless to stop the destruction caused by the hurricane.
Practical She had a practical approach to solving problems.
Precise The recipe required precise measurements of ingredients.
Precocious The precocious child was already reading at age four.
Predictable The movie’s plot was predictable and lacked surprises.
Preeminent The preeminent scientist was awarded the Nobel Prize.
Preferable He thought the blue shirt was preferable to the green one.
Pregnant She was pregnant with her first child.
Premium The premium chocolate was worth the extra cost.
Preoccupied She was preoccupied with her work and didn’t hear
Present The present situation called for immediate action.
Presumptuous It was presumptuous of him to assume he would be invited to the party.
Pretentious His pretentious behavior was off-putting.
Pretty She looked pretty in her new dress.
Priceless The antique vase was priceless and couldn’t be replaced.
Pricy The hotel room was pricy, but it had a great view.
Pristine The lake was so pristine, you could see the fish swimming in the water.
Private He kept his private life separate from his work life.
Probable It was probable that the game would be canceled due to bad weather.
Productive The factory had a productive day and met its production goals.
Proficient She was proficient in several programming languages.
Profuse The profuse amount of flowers in the garden was breathtaking.
Progressive The company had a progressive policy on employee benefits.
Prominent The prominent politician gave a speech on national television.
Promiscuous He had a promiscuous lifestyle that concerned his friends.
Proper She followed proper etiquette during the dinner party.
Prophetic The prophet’s prophetic visions were often frightening.
Prosperous The prosperous businessman had several successful ventures.
Proud She was proud of her son’s academic achievements.
Proverbial His laziness was proverbial among his coworkers.
Provocative The provocative movie scene caused controversy.
Prudent It was prudent to save some money for emergencies.
Prudish She was prudish and avoided discussing sensitive topics.
Psychedelic The band’s music was accompanied by psychedelic visuals.
Psychic She claimed to have psychic abilities and could communicate with spirits.
Psychotic His erratic behavior was a sign of psychotic tendencies.
Public The public park was a great place to relax and enjoy nature.
Puffy The puffy clouds were moving slowly across the sky.
Pumped He was pumped about the upcoming game.
Punchy The punchy headline caught the reader’s attention.
Punctual She was always punctual for her appointments.
Pungent The pungent smell of onions made her eyes water.
Puny The puny kitten struggled to climb onto the couch.
Pure The water in the mountain stream was pure and clean.
Purple She looked stunning in her purple dress.
Purring The kitten was purring loudly as she petted him.
Pushy She found his pushy behavior off-putting.
Putrid The putrid smell of the garbage made her feel sick.
Puzzled She was puzzled by the strange noise coming from the engine.
Puzzling The disappearance of the plane was a puzzling mystery.

Positive Adjectives that Start with P

Below are 100 adjectives that start with P that indicate something positive.

Adjective Example
Palatial The hotel had a palatial lobby with high ceilings and chandeliers.
Palpable The tension in the air was palpable as the two competitors faced off.
Paramount Safety is paramount when operating heavy machinery.
Parental The parental instinct to protect their children is strong.
Participative The company culture is very participative, with employees encouraged to give feedback.
Particular He had a particular way of folding his clothes that he refused to change.
Partisan The journalist was accused of being partisan in his reporting.
Passionate The actor gave a passionate performance that moved the audience to tears.
Paternal His grandfather had a kind and paternal demeanor.
Patient The doctor was known for being patient and understanding with his patients.
Peaceable The community was known for its peaceable approach to problem-solving.
Peaceful She enjoyed taking long walks in the peaceful countryside.
Peachy Everything was going just peachy until the storm hit.
Penetrating The penetrating cold made it difficult to go outside.
Peppy The cheerleader’s peppy attitude lifted the team’s spirits.
Perceptive The artist had a perceptive eye for color and composition.
Perfect The meal was cooked to a perfect temperature and seasoned just right.
Perky The puppy had a perky wag to its tail.
Permanent The marker left a permanent mark on the whiteboard.
Permissive The permissive parenting style allowed the children to explore and learn on their own.
Perseverant The athlete’s perseverant spirit helped her overcome a difficult injury.
Persevering The hiker was persevering through the difficult terrain.
Persistent The persistent rain ruined the outdoor party.
Personable The new employee was very personable and quickly made friends with everyone.
Perspective The author’s perspective on the issue was well-researched and nuanced.
Persuasive The lawyer’s persuasive arguments swayed the jury in her client’s favor.
Pertinent The teacher’s feedback was always pertinent to the student’s work.
Pet Her pet project was the development of a new sustainable energy source.
Petite The ballerina had a petite frame but incredible strength.
Phenomenal The athlete’s performance in the competition was phenomenal.
Philanthropic The billionaire’s philanthropic donations to various causes helped many people in need.
Philosophical The philosopher’s ideas were often thought-provoking and philosophical in nature.
Picked The chef only used the freshest and picked ingredients for her dishes.
Picturesque The small village was picturesque with its colorful buildings and cobblestone streets.
Pilot The pilot study showed promising results for the new drug.
Pioneering The company was known for its pioneering approach to technology.
Pious The monk lived a pious life dedicated to his faith.
Piquant The dish had a piquant sauce that added a nice kick of heat.
Pivotal The CEO’s decision was pivotal to the company’s success.
Placid The lake was placid and still on a quiet morning.
Plausible The witness’s testimony seemed plausible to the jury.
Playful The kitten was playful, chasing after a ball of yarn.
Pleasant The weather was pleasant and sunny, perfect for a picnic.
Pleased She was pleased with her performance on the exam.
Pleasing The painting was pleasing to the eye with its bright colors and intricate details.
Pleasurable The massage was pleasurable and relaxing, easing the tension in her muscles.
Plenteous The garden produced a plenteous harvest of vegetables and fruits.
Plentiful The forest was plentiful with wild berries and mushrooms.
Plenty There was plenty of food left over from the party.
Pliable The pliable material was ideal for making sculptures.
Plucky The plucky firefighter rushed into the burning building to save the trapped residents.
Plus The job had a plus side of generous benefits and flexible hours.
Plush The hotel room was plush with a king-size bed and fluffy pillows.
Poetic The poet’s writing was beautiful and poetic.
Poignant The movie’s poignant ending left the audience in tears.
Poised The speaker was poised and confident in front of the large audience.
Polished The table was polished to a high shine, reflecting the light.
Polite The polite waiter always greeted his customers with a smile.
Popular The popular singer had a huge fan base all over the world.
Positive Her positive attitude helped her overcome the challenges she faced.
Possible It is possible to finish the project before the deadline if we work efficiently.
Potent The potent drug was able to alleviate the patient’s pain quickly.
Potential The young athlete had the potential to become a champion.
Powerful The powerful wind knocked down trees and power lines.
Practical The practical solution to the problem was to increase efficiency and reduce waste.
Practiced The practiced musician was able to play the piece flawlessly.
Pragmatic The politician’s pragmatic approach to policy-making was well-received by the public.
Praiseworthy The teacher’s dedication to her students was praiseworthy.
Precious The family heirloom was a precious treasure passed down from generations.
Precise The engineer’s precise measurements ensured the building was constructed properly.
Predominant The predominant factor in the company’s success was its innovative products.
Preeminent The preeminent scholar in the field was awarded a prestigious prize for her contributions.
Preferable The hotel room with a view was preferable to the one facing the parking lot.
Preferred Her preferred method of learning was through hands-on experience.
Premier The premier league team was the best in the country.
Premium The premium brand of coffee was more expensive but worth the extra cost.
Prepared The team was well-prepared for the competition with months of training and practice.
Present The present situation required immediate action.
Prevailing The prevailing trend in fashion was to wear oversized clothes.
Primal The primal instincts of survival were evident in the animal’s behavior.
Prime The prime cut of beef was tender and flavorful.
Primed The athlete was primed and ready for the race.
Principled The principled lawyer refused to represent a client she knew was guilty.
Pristine The pristine wilderness was breathtakingly beautiful.
Privileged The privileged students had access to better resources and opportunities.
Proactive The proactive approach to customer service was to address potential issues before they arose.
Productive The productive team was able to complete the project ahead of schedule.
Profuse The profuse bloom of flowers was a stunning display of nature’s beauty.
Prolific The prolific author published three books in the past year alone.
Prominent The prominent scientist received numerous awards for her groundbreaking research.
Promising The promising young musician had a bright future ahead of her.
Prompt The prompt response to the emergency situation saved lives.
Proud The proud parents watched their child graduate from college.
Provocative The provocative art exhibit sparked a heated debate on freedom of expression.
Prudent The prudent investor diversified her portfolio to minimize risk.
Punctilious The punctilious editor caught every grammatical error in the manuscript.
Punctual The punctual employee always arrived at work on time.
Pure The pure water from the mountain stream was refreshing to drink.
Purposeful The purposeful athlete trained tirelessly to win the championship.

Negative Adjectives that Start with P

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Below are 56 adjective words that start P that indicate something negative.

Adjective Definition
Padded unnecessarily lengthened or embellished
Painful causing physical or emotional pain
Painstaking requiring great care and effort, tedious
Pale lacking color or vitality, feeble
Pallid lacking color, weak or feeble
Palpable capable of being touched or felt, noticeable
Paltry ridiculously small or worthless, insignificant
Pampered treated with excessive care or attention, spoiled
Panicky feeling or showing sudden, unreasonable fear
Paranoid excessively suspicious and distrustful
Paranormal beyond scientific explanation, supernatural
Parasitic relying on others for survival or support, exploitative
Parched extremely dry or thirsty
Parsimonious excessively frugal or stingy
Partial biased or prejudiced
Particular overly concerned with details, fussy
Passive lacking in energy or initiative, submissive
Past no longer current or relevant, outdated
Patchy uneven or inconsistent
Pathetic arousing pity or sadness, inadequate
Pathological involving or caused by a physical or mental disease
Patronizing displaying a condescending attitude
Peculiar strange or unusual
Pedantic excessively concerned with minor details or rules
Pedestrian lacking in imagination or creativity, dull
Peeved annoyed or irritated
Peevish easily annoyed or irritable
Penniless having no money, impoverished
Perilous full of danger or risk
Perishable likely to decay or spoil quickly
Perjurious guilty of perjury, lying under oath
Pernicious harmful or destructive
Perplexed confused or puzzled
Perplexing difficult to understand or explain
Persnickety excessively concerned with minor details, fussy
Perturbed anxious or unsettled
Perturbing causing anxiety or unease
Perverse showing a deliberate and obstinate desire to behave in an unreasonable or unacceptable way
Perverted having or showing sexual desires or behaviors that are considered abnormal or unacceptable
Pesky annoying or irritating
Pessimistic tending to see the worst aspect of things, negative
Petulant childishly sulky or bad-tempered
Piddling trivial or insignificant
Piggish greedy or selfish
Pigheaded stubborn or obstinate
Pleasureless lacking in pleasure or enjoyment
Plunderous involving plunder or theft
Poisonous containing or producing poison, harmful
Portly having a stout body, overweight
Predatory preying on others, exploitative
Preoccupied absorbed in thought, distracted
Prying excessively interested in someone else’s private affairs
Pudgy short and plump, chubby
Pungent having a strong or sharp taste or smell
Punky inferior in quality or condition, shoddy

Personality Adjectives that Start with P

Below are 50 adjectives that start with P that describe a personality.

Adjective Definition
Panicked Feeling or showing sudden, intense fear or anxiety
Panicky Extremely anxious and fearful
Particular Paying close attention to detail; fussy
Partisan Strongly supporting a particular cause or group
Passionate Showing intense emotion or enthusiasm
Passive Not active or not participating actively
Patient Capable of enduring delay or provocation without becoming annoyed or upset
Patronizing Displaying condescension towards others
Peaceable Inclined to avoid conflict and promote peace
Peaceful Calm, free from disturbance
Peckish Slightly hungry
Peeved Annoyed or irritated
Peevish Easily irritated or annoyed
Pensive Deeply thoughtful, often with a hint of sadness
Perky Cheerful and lively
Perplexed Puzzled or confused
Perplexing Confusing or difficult to understand
Persevering Persistent in pursuing goals or objectives
Persistent Continuing firmly or obstinately in a course of action in spite of difficulty or opposition
Personable Having a pleasant manner; easy to approach and talk to
Perturbed Anxious or unsettled
Perturbing Causing worry or disturbance
Perverse Contrary or difficult to deal with; stubborn
Pessimistic Tending to see the worst aspect of things or believe that the worst will happen
Petulant Childishly sulky or bad-tempered
Philosophical Relating to the study of fundamental questions about existence, values, mind, language, and reason
Picky Excessively careful or fussy about selecting or rejecting things
Pious Devoutly religious or moralistic
Pissed Very angry
Pithy Concise and forcefully expressive
Playful Fond of games, jokes, or teasing
Pleasant Giving a sense of happy satisfaction or enjoyment
Pleased Feeling or showing pleasure or contentment
Pleasing Tending to give pleasure or satisfaction
Plucky Brave and spirited
Poetic Having a quality of beauty or emotional intensity associated with poetry
Poignant Evoking a keen sense of sadness or regret
Polished Smooth and shiny, showing great skill or elegance
Pompous Self-important and grandiose
Positive Confident in opinion or assertion
Possessive Demanding someone’s total attention and love
Potent Having great power, influence, or effect
Principled Having strong moral principles and values
Protective Having a desire to protect or defend someone or something
Proud Feeling deep pleasure or satisfaction as a result of one’s own achievements, qualities, or possessions
Prying Excessively curious about other people’s affairs
Purposeful Having a clear aim or intention
Puzzled Confused or uncertain
Puzzling Difficult to understand or explain

Adjectives that Start with P to Describe a Person (not Personality)

Below are 50 adjectives that start with P that describe a person.

Adjective Meaning
Painted Decorated with paint; portrayed in a painting
Pakistani From or relating to Pakistan or its people
Paramount Of supreme importance; superior
Pasty Pale, unhealthy-looking
Paternal Of or like a father; fatherly
Patient Able to accept or tolerate delays or problems
Paunchy Having a large belly; overweight
Peaked Pale and drawn, as from sickness or exhaustion
Peculiar Unusual, strange, or odd
Peerless Unequaled, unmatched, or incomparable
Perfect Flawless, without imperfections
Perpetual Never-ending, constant
Persian From or relating to Persia (Iran) or its people
Personalized Made for or tailored to a specific person or group
Peruvian From or relating to Peru or its people
Pet Treated with special favor or affection
Petite Small and dainty in build; delicate
Phenomenal Remarkable, extraordinary, exceptional
Philanthropic Involved in or supporting humanitarian causes
Philippine From or relating to the Philippines or its people
Photogenic Attractive in photographs
Pierced Having a hole made through a body part
Pimpled Having pimples or small inflamed spots on the skin
Pimply Having many pimples or small inflamed spots
Pivotal Of crucial importance; central
Plain Simple, ordinary, or lacking adornment
Pliable Easily bent or flexible; adaptable
Plump Having a full, rounded shape; chubby
Polished Smooth and shiny from being rubbed or buffed
Polite Showing good manners or etiquette
Political Relating to government or the governing of a country
Polynesian From or relating to Polynesia or its people
Poor Lacking sufficient money or resources
Poorly In a poor or unsatisfactory manner
Popular Liked or admired by many people; well-known
Portuguese From or relating to Portugal or its people
Potbellied Having a large, protruding belly
Powerful Possessing great strength or influence
Practiced Skilled or experienced in a particular activity
Precise Exact and accurate; definite
Prepared Ready and willing to do something
Present Currently existing or happening; in attendance
Pretty Attractive in a delicate or graceful way
Prim Excessively proper or formal in manner
Pristine In original, unspoiled condition
Proficient Skilled or competent in a particular activity
Prominent Widely known or important; standing out
Proper Suitable or appropriate; correct
Punctual On time, prompt, or reliable
Punctured Pierced or perforated by a pointed object

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Full List of Adjectives that Start with P

Adjectives that Start with Pa

  • Pacific
  • Pacifist
  • Padded
  • Pagan
  • Painful
  • Painkilling
  • Painless
  • Painstaking
  • Painted
  • Palatable
  • Palatal
  • Palatial
  • Palatine
  • Pale
  • Palindromic
  • Palladian
  • Palliative
  • Pallid
  • Palpable
  • Paltry
  • Paly
  • Pampered
  • Panchromatic
  • Pandemic
  • Panicked
  • Panicky
  • Panoramic
  • Pantheistic
  • Pantomimic
  • Papal
  • Paperless
  • Papery
  • Papillary
  • Papist
  • Pappy
  • Papuan
  • Parabolic
  • Paracrine
  • Parallel
  • Paralogous
  • Paralympic
  • Paralytic
  • Paramedical
  • Parametric
  • Paramilitary
  • Paramount
  • Paranoiac
  • Paranoid
  • Paraphyletic
  • Paraplegic
  • Parasitic
  • Parasitical
  • Parathyroid
  • Parched
  • Pardonable
  • Paregoric
  • Parenchymal
  • Parental
  • Parenteral
  • Parenthetic
  • Parietal
  • Parking
  • Parlous
  • Parochial
  • Parotid
  • Parricidal
  • Parrot-like
  • Partial
  • Partible
  • Participative
  • Participatory
  • Participial
  • Particular
  • Partisan
  • Part-time
  • Party
  • Paschal
  • Passable
  • Passerine
  • Passing
  • Passionate
  • Passionless
  • Passive
  • Past
  • Pastel
  • Past-life
  • Pastoral
  • Pasty
  • Patchy
  • Patent
  • Patentable
  • Pathetic
  • Pathless
  • Pathological
  • Patient
  • Patriarchal
  • Patrician
  • Patrilineal
  • Patrimonial
  • Patriotic
  • Patristic
  • Patronal
  • Patronizing
  • Patterned

Adjectives that Start with Pe

  • Peaceable
  • Peaceful
  • Peachy
  • Peaked
  • Peaky
  • Pearly
  • Pear-shaped
  • Pea-sized
  • Pectoral
  • Peculiar
  • Pedantic
  • Pedestrian
  • Pediatric
  • Peep-toe
  • Peerless
  • Peeved
  • Pelagic
  • Penal
  • Pendent
  • Pendulous
  • Penetrable
  • Penetrating
  • Penetrative
  • Penile
  • Peninsular
  • Penitent
  • Penitential
  • Penniless
  • Pensionable
  • Pensive
  • Pentagonal
  • Pentatonic
  • Pent-up
  • Penultimate
  • Penurious
  • Peppery
  • Peppy
  • Peptic
  • Perceivable
  • Perceptible
  • Perceptive
  • Percipient
  • Percussive
  • Peremptory
  • Perennial
  • Perfect
  • Perfectible
  • Perfective
  • Perfidious
  • Perforate
  • Perforated
  • Perfumed
  • Perianal
  • Pericardial
  • Perilous
  • Perinatal
  • Period
  • Periodic
  • Periodical
  • Periodontal
  • Peripatetic
  • Peripheral
  • Perishable
  • Peristaltic
  • Peritoneal
  • Perivascular
  • Perky
  • Permanent
  • Permeable
  • Permissible
  • Permissive
  • Pernicious
  • Perplexed
  • Perplexing
  • Persian
  • Personable
  • Personal
  • Personalized
  • Person-to-person
  • Perspectival
  • Perspective
  • Perspicacious
  • Perspicuous
  • Persuasive
  • Pert
  • Pertinent
  • Perturbed
  • Perturbing
  • Peruvian
  • Pervasive
  • Perverse
  • Perverted
  • Pesky
  • Pessimistic
  • Pestering
  • Pestiferous
  • Pestilent
  • Pestilential
  • Pet
  • Petite
  • Petitionary
  • Petrified
  • Pettish
  • Petty

Adjectives that Start with Ph

  • Phasic
  • Phatic
  • Phenolic
  • Phenomenal
  • Philippine
  • Philological
  • Philosophic
  • Philosophical
  • Phobic
  • Phonemic
  • Phonetic
  • Phonic
  • Phony
  • Photographic
  • Photometric
  • Phreatic
  • Phyletic
  • Physical
  • Physiologic

Adjectives that Start with Pi

  • Picked
  • Pickled
  • Picky
  • Pictorial
  • Piddling
  • Piebald
  • Pied
  • Pie-eyed
  • Pierced
  • Piercing
  • Pietistic
  • Piffling
  • Piggish
  • Pig-headed
  • Pigtailed
  • Pilot
  • Pimpled
  • Pineal
  • Pink
  • Pinkish
  • Pinky
  • Pinpoint
  • Pin-striped
  • Pint-sized
  • Piquant
  • Piratical
  • Pissed
  • Piss-poor
  • Pitch-black
  • Pitch-dark
  • Pitchy
  • Piteous

Adjectives that Start with Pl

  • Placid
  • Plaguy
  • Plaid
  • Plain
  • Planar
  • Planetary
  • Planned
  • Plastic
  • Platonic
  • Platy
  • Playable
  • Playful
  • Pleading
  • Pleasant
  • Pleased
  • Pleasing
  • Pleasingly
  • Pleasurable
  • Plentiful
  • Plenty
  • Pliant
  • Plodding
  • Plosive
  • Plucky
  • Plug-in
  • Plumb
  • Plummy
  • Plump
  • Plural
  • Pluralist
  • Plus
  • Plush

Adjectives that Start with Po

  • Pocked
  • Pocket-size
  • Poetic
  • Pointless
  • Pointy
  • Poised
  • Poisonous
  • Poker-faced
  • Pokey
  • Poky
  • Polar
  • Polemical
  • Polish
  • Polished
  • Polite
  • Politic
  • Political
  • Polychrome
  • Polycyclic
  • Polygamous
  • Polygenic
  • Polygonal
  • Polyhedral
  • Polymeric
  • Polymorphic
  • Polytheistic
  • Polytonal
  • Polyvalent
  • Pompous
  • Ponderous
  • Pontifical
  • Pontine
  • Poor
  • Poorer
  • Poorest
  • Poorly
  • Pop
  • Pop-eyed
  • Popish
  • Popping
  • Poppy
  • Popular
  • Populist
  • Populous
  • Pop-up
  • Porcine
  • Porky
  • Portable
  • Portly
  • Posey
  • Posh
  • Positional
  • Positive
  • Positivist
  • Possessive
  • Possible
  • Postoperative
  • Post-operative
  • Post-punk
  • Postural
  • Post-war
  • Potable
  • Potbellied
  • Pot-bellied
  • Potent
  • Potential
  • Potholed
  • Potty
  • Pouty
  • Powdery
  • Powerful
  • Powerless

Adjectives that Start with Pr

  • Practicable
  • Practical
  • Practiced
  • Praetorian
  • Pragmatic
  • Prandial
  • Prayerful
  • Prebiotic
  • Precast
  • Precious
  • Precipitate
  • Precipitous
  • Precise
  • Preclinical
  • Precocious
  • Preconscious
  • Pre-cooked
  • Predicative
  • Predictable
  • Predictive
  • Predisposed
  • Predominant
  • Preemptive
  • Prefatory
  • Prefectural
  • Preferable
  • Preferential
  • Pregnant
  • Prehensile
  • Prehistoric
  • Prejudiced
  • Prejudicial
  • Pre-launch
  • Preliminary
  • Premalignant
  • Premier
  • Premium
  • Premonitory
  • Premorbid
  • Prenatal
  • Prenominal
  • Preoccupied
  • Preoperative
  • Pre-owned
  • Preparative
  • Preparatory
  • Prepared
  • Preplanned
  • Preponderant
  • Prepositional
  • Preppy
  • Pre-release
  • Prerequisite
  • Presbyterian
  • Preschool
  • Pre-school
  • Prescient
  • Prescriptive
  • Present
  • Presentable
  • Present-day
  • Preservative
  • Pre-service
  • Preset
  • Presidential
  • Pressing
  • Pressure-cooker
  • Pressurized
  • Prestigious
  • Presumptive
  • Presynaptic
  • Pre-tax
  • Pretend
  • Pretentious
  • Pretibial
  • Pretrial
  • Pre-trial
  • Pretty
  • Prevailing
  • Prevalent
  • Preventable
  • Preventative
  • Preventive
  • Previous
  • Prevocational
  • Prewar
  • Pre-war
  • Priceless
  • Pricey
  • Prickly
  • Pricy
  • Prim
  • Primal
  • Primary
  • Prime
  • Primed
  • Primitive
  • Princely
  • Principal
  • Principled
  • Printable
  • Prior
  • Prismatic
  • Prissy
  • Pristine
  • Private
  • Privative
  • Privileged
  • Privy
  • Prize
  • Prized
  • Pro
  • Proactive
  • Probable
  • Probative
  • Procedural
  • Procreative
  • Productive
  • Profane
  • Professed
  • Professional
  • Professorial
  • Proficient
  • Profitable
  • Profitless
  • Profligate
  • Profound
  • Profuse
  • Prognostic
  • Programmable
  • Programmatic
  • Progressive
  • Prohibitive
  • Projective
  • Prokaryotic
  • Proliferative
  • Prolific
  • Prominent
  • Promiscuous
  • Promised
  • Promising
  • Promissory
  • Promotable
  • Promotional
  • Prompt
  • Prone
  • Pronged
  • Pronominal
  • Pronounceable
  • Pronounced
  • Proof
  • Proper
  • Propertied
  • Prophetic
  • Prophylactic
  • Propionic
  • Propitiatory
  • Propitious
  • Proportional
  • Proportionate
  • Proportioned
  • Propositional
  • Proprietary
  • Proprietorial
  • Proprioceptive
  • Propulsive
  • Prosodic
  • Prospective
  • Prosperous
  • Prostatic
  • Prosthetic
  • Prostrate
  • Prosy
  • Protean
  • Protectable
  • Proud
  • Provable
  • Provencal
  • Proverbial
  • Provident
  • Providential
  • Provincial
  • Provisional
  • Provocative
  • Prudent
  • Prudential
  • Prussic

Adjectives that Start with Ps, Pu

  • Psionic
  • Psychic
  • Pubic
  • Public
  • Pudgy
  • Puerile
  • Puffy
  • Pulpy
  • Punchy
  • Punctilious
  • Punctual
  • Punctured
  • Pungent
  • Punic
  • Punishable
  • Purdy
  • Pure
  • Purist
  • Purple
  • Purported
  • Purposeful
  • Purposefully
  • Purposeless
  • Purposive
  • Purring
  • Pursuant
  • Purulent
  • Push-pull
  • Pushy
  • Putative
  • Putrid
  • Puzzled
  • Puzzling

Adjectives Starting with P | Images

Adjectives that Start with P | 600+ Adjectives Starting with P in EnglishPin

Adjectives that Start with P | 600+ Adjectives Starting with P in EnglishPin

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