303 Adjectives that Start with V (V Adjectives in English)

In this article, you will find different types of adjectives that start with V to improve your vocabulary in English. The letter V is infrequently used. In fact, less than 2% of English words start with V.

Adjectives That Start with V

What Are Adjectives that Start with V?

There are only about 550 words that begin with the letter V. That leaves us with less than half that can be used as adjectives.

Fortunately, of the adjectives that start with V, there are some powerful words to choose from. They include the word “very,” which can be used as both an adverb and an adjective. As an adjective, it can mean a lot of things: exact, sheer, absolute, utter, mere, precise, or particular.

Descriptive Adjectives that Start with V

Here are 55 descriptive adjectives that start with V.

Adjective Example
Vaccinated The nurse was vaccinated against the flu.
Vaginal The doctor performed a vaginal exam.
Vagrant The city had a problem with vagrant individuals.
Vague His instructions were vague and confusing.
Vain She spent hours looking in the mirror, being vain.
Valedictory The student’s valedictory speech was emotional.
Valid The contract was valid and binding.
Validatory The test results were validatory of her hypothesis.
Valued She was a valued member of the team.
Valved The machine had a valved system for regulating pressure.
Vanadous The mineral had a vanadous content.
Vanilla His personality was a bit vanilla, lacking in enthusiasm.
Vapid The book was vapid and lacked a compelling plot.
Vapored The vapored room was filled with a lavender scent.
Vaporific The vaporific substance was used for medicinal purposes.
Vaporing His vaporing about his accomplishments was tiresome.
Vaporizable The substance was easily vaporizable.
Vapory The vapory clouds obscured the mountain peak.
Variable The weather was variable, with sudden shifts in temperature.
Variant The variant spelling of the word was confusing.
Varied The menu offered a varied selection of dishes.
Various The store had various sizes and colors of the same item.
Varying The intensity of the light was varying throughout the day.
Vascular The surgeon was an expert in vascular surgery.
Vassal The vassal owed allegiance to his lord.
Vast The vast desert stretched for miles.
Vaulty The vaulty ceiling of the cathedral was breathtaking.
Vaunted His vaunted reputation as a skilled negotiator was well known.
Velvety The velvety texture of the fabric was luxurious.
Verbal The verbal agreement was not legally binding.
Verbose His verbose writing style made his essays difficult to read.
Verdant The verdant hills were a peaceful sight.
Verifiable The facts were easily verifiable through online sources.
Veritable The veritable chaos of the situation was hard to ignore.
Versatile She was a versatile athlete, excelling in multiple sports.
Versed The lawyer was well-versed in corporate law.
Very The coffee was very hot and required caution when drinking.
Viable The company’s new business plan was a viable option.
Vicarious She lived vicariously through her daughter’s adventures.
Vigilant The security guard was vigilant in his patrol.
Vigorous The athlete had a vigorous workout routine.
Violet The flower was a beautiful shade of violet.
Viral The video went viral and was viewed by millions of people.
Virtual The virtual meeting was conducted via video conferencing.
Visible The damage to the car was clearly visible.
Visual The visual presentation was informative and engaging.
Vital The vital information was crucial to the success of the project.
Vivid The sunset was a vivid display of oranges and pinks.
Vocal The singer had a powerful and emotive vocal performance.
Vocational The vocational school offered training in practical skills.
Voiceless The voiceless animal communicated through gestures.
Voluntary The worker made a voluntary contribution to the charity.
Vulnerable The baby bird was vulnerable to predators.

Positive Adjectives that Start with V

Unfortunately for the letter V, there are only 24 adjectives that describe something in a positive way.

Adjective Example
Valiant The valiant soldier charged towards the enemy.
Valid The argument he made was not valid.
Valuable Her valuable contribution to the project was appreciated by everyone.
Velvety The velvety texture of the cake was delightful.
Venerable The venerable professor had taught for over 50 years.
Venturesome The venturesome explorer went on a dangerous journey to Antarctica.
Verbal She gave a verbal warning to the misbehaving students.
Verbose His verbose explanation only confused the audience more.
Verdant The verdant hills were a sight to behold.
Verifiable The data was verifiable through experimentation.
Veritable The antique vase was a veritable treasure.
Versatile The versatile actor played both comedy and drama roles.
Versed She was well-versed in the field of computer science.
Vibrant The vibrant colors of the sunset were breathtaking.
Vicarious She lived vicariously through her daughter’s success.
Victorious The victorious team celebrated their win.
Vigilant The vigilant security guard spotted the intruder.
Vigorous The vigorous workout left her feeling refreshed.
Visionary The visionary artist created a masterpiece.
Vital Clean air and water are vital for human survival.
Vivacious She had a vivacious personality that lit up the room.
Vivid The vivid memories of her childhood remained with her.
Voluptuous The actress was known for her voluptuous figure.
Voracious The voracious reader finished the book in one day.

Negative Adjectives that Start with V

There are even fewer adjectives that start with V that describe something in a negative way.

Adjective Meaning
Vacant Empty; showing no intelligence or interest
Vagrant Wandering from place to place without a home or job
Vague Unclear; not specific
Vain Excessively proud of one’s appearance or achievements
Vapid Dull; lacking liveliness or substance
Vegetative Existing in a state of unconsciousness or lack of awareness
Vengeful Seeking revenge; feeling a desire to harm someone who wronged
Venomous Poisonous; full of malice or spite
Vexed Annoyed or frustrated
Vexing Causing annoyance or frustration
Vicious Cruel; intentionally harmful
Vile Disgusting; morally reprehensible
Villainous Evil; wicked; like a villain
Vindictive Having a strong desire for revenge
Vinegary Sour; sharp-tasting
Violent Using or involving physical force intended to hurt, damage, or kill
Volcanic Explosive; exhibiting intense emotions or energy
Vulgar Lacking refinement or good taste; crude
Vulnerable Susceptible to physical or emotional harm; easily hurt or damaged

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Adjectives that Start with V that Describe the Personality of a Person

There are only 16 adjectives that begin with V that describe a personality, or qualities of a person.

Adjective Meaning
Vain Excessively concerned with one’s own appearance or abilities
Vainglorious Excessively boastful or proud
Vehement Showing strong, intense feeling or passion
Vengeful Having a strong desire for revenge
Venturesome Willing to take risks and try new things
Verbose Using too many words or being overly talkative
Versatile Able to adapt to different tasks or situations
Vicarious Experienced through the feelings or actions of another person
Vicious Deliberately cruel or violent
Vigilant Watchful and alert to danger or threats
Vindictive Having a strong desire for revenge or spiteful
Visionary Having original or creative ideas about the future
Voracious Having a great appetite or eager to consume a lot
Vulgar Lacking refinement or good taste
Vulnerable Susceptible to being harmed or hurt

Adjectives that Start with V to Describe a Person

There are 56 adjectives that begin with V that are used to physically describe a person.

Adjective Meaning
Vacant Empty or lacking content
Vaccinated Protected against a particular disease
Vagabond Nomadic or wandering without a permanent home
Vagrant Homeless or living in a state of poverty
Vague Unclear or lacking definition
Valiant Brave or courageous
Validated Confirmed or verified as true or accurate
Validatory Serving to validate or confirm something
Valorous Showing great courage in the face of danger
Valuable Having worth or usefulness
Valueless Lacking worth or usefulness
Vanished Disappeared or gone missing
Vanquishable Able to be defeated or overcome
Vaporized Converted into vapor or gas
Vaporous Consisting of or resembling vapor
Variable Likely to change or be inconsistent
Vascular Relating to blood vessels or circulation
Vast Enormous or extensive in size or scope
Vaulting Ambitious or soaring in aspiration or ambition
Vegetable Inactive or lacking mental or physical activity
Vegetarian Following a diet that excludes meat and fish
Vegetative Relating to plants or plant life
Veiled Concealed or disguised
Venerable Respected or honored due to age or wisdom
Venetian Related to or from the city of Venice, Italy
Venezuelan Related to or from the country of Venezuela
Venomous Poisonous or harmful
Verbal Relating to or expressed in words
Verifying Confirming or establishing the truth of something
Versatile Capable of adapting to many different functions
Vested Having a personal interest or stake in something
Veteran Experienced or skilled in a particular activity
Veterinary Relating to the medical care of animals
Vexed Annoyed or frustrated
Vexing Causing irritation or annoyance
Vibrant Lively or energetic
Victorious Having achieved victory or success
Viewable Able to be seen or observed
Vigorous Strong and energetic
Vile Disgusting or morally reprehensible
Villainous Wicked or evil
Violated Broken or breached a rule or law
Violent Involving physical force or aggression
Virgin Inexperienced or untouched
Virtual Existing only in a digital or computer-generated form
Visible Able to be seen or perceived
Visored Wearing a visor or other protective gear
Visual Relating to sight or vision
Visualized Imagined or pictured in one’s mind
Vital Essential or necessary for life or success
Vivid Bright, clear, and lively
Voiceless Without a voice or unable to speak
Volunteering Willingly giving one’s time or service to a cause
Voyeuristic Obsessively interested in observing others’ lives
Vulnerable Susceptible to harm or injury

V Adjectives Image

Adjectives that Start with V

List of 303 Adjectives that Start with V

Adjectives that Start with Va

  • Vacant
  • Vaccinal
  • Vaccinated
  • Vacillant
  • Vacillatory
  • Vacuolated
  • Vacuous
  • Vacuum-packed
  • Vadose
  • Vafrous
  • Vagabond
  • Vagal
  • Vagarious
  • Vagient
  • Vagile
  • Vaginal
  • Vaginopennous
  • Vagous
  • Vagrant
  • Vague
  • Vagus
  • Vain
  • Vainglorious
  • Valedictory
  • Valent
  • Valerianaceous
  • Valerianic
  • Valeric
  • Valery
  • Valetudinous
  • Valiant
  • Valid
  • Validated
  • Validatory
  • Valkyrian
  • Vallar
  • Vallary
  • Vallatory
  • Valorous
  • Valuable
  • Valued
  • Valueless
  • Valved
  • Vanadic
  • Vanadous
  • Vandal
  • Vandalic
  • Vandyke
  • Vanilla
  • Vanillic
  • Vanished
  • Vanishing
  • Vanquishable
  • Vanward
  • Vapid
  • Vaporable
  • Vapored
  • Vaporiferous
  • Vaporific
  • Vaporing
  • Vaporish
  • Vaporizable
  • Vaporized
  • Vaporose
  • Vaporous
  • Vapory
  • Vapourific
  • Vapourisable
  • Vapourised
  • Vapourish
  • Vapourous
  • Vapulatory
  • Variable
  • Varian
  • Variant
  • Varicelliform
  • Variciform
  • Varicolored
  • Varicoloured
  • Varicose
  • Varicous
  • Varied
  • Variegated
  • Varietal
  • Variformed
  • Variolar
  • Variolic
  • Variolitic
  • Varioloid
  • Variolous
  • Variorum
  • Various
  • Varying
  • Vas
  • Vascular
  • Vasiform
  • Vasoconstrictor
  • Vasodilator
  • Vasoformative
  • Vasomotor
  • Vassal
  • Vast
  • Vaster
  • Vasty
  • Vatic
  • Vatical
  • Vaticinal
  • Vaulting
  • Vaulty
  • Vaunted
  • Vauntful
  • Vauty

Adjectives that Start with Ve

  • Vectigal
  • Vedantic
  • Vedic
  • Vegetable
  • Vegetal
  • Vegetarian
  • Vegetational
  • Vegetative
  • Vegetive
  • Vehement
  • Veiled
  • Veinless
  • Veinlike
  • Veinous
  • Velamentous
  • Veliferous
  • Vellicative
  • Velutinous
  • Velvety
  • Venatical
  • Venatorial
  • Vendable
  • Vendible
  • Veneficious
  • Venerable
  • Venetian
  • Venezuelan
  • Vengeable
  • Vengeful
  • Venomous
  • Venous
  • Ventilative
  • Ventricous
  • Ventriculous
  • Ventriloquial
  • Ventriloquous
  • Venturesome
  • Venturous
  • Veracious
  • Veratric
  • Verbal
  • Verbose
  • Verdant
  • Verdurous
  • Verecundious
  • Veridical
  • Verifiable
  • Verificative
  • Verifying
  • Veritable
  • Vermicious
  • Vermiculous
  • Verminous
  • Vermiparous
  • Vermivorous
  • Vernaculous
  • Vernal
  • Verrucous
  • Versable
  • Versatile
  • Versed
  • Versicolor
  • Versimilous
  • Versual
  • Vertebral
  • Vertebrarterial
  • Vertical
  • Vertiginous
  • Very
  • Vesical
  • Vesiculous
  • Vesperal
  • Vespertinal
  • Vested
  • Vestigial
  • Veteran
  • Veterinary
  • Vexatious
  • Vexed
  • Vexing

Adjectives that Start with Vi

  • Viable
  • Vibrant
  • Vibrational
  • Vicarious
  • Vicennial
  • Viceregal
  • Vicinal
  • Vicious
  • Vicissitudinous
  • Victorious
  • Vietnamese
  • Viewable
  • Vigesimal
  • Vigilant
  • Vigorous
  • Vile
  • Villainous
  • Villenous
  • Villous
  • Viminal
  • Vimineous
  • Vinaceous
  • Vinal
  • Vincentian
  • Vincible
  • Vindemial
  • Vindicable
  • Vindicative
  • Vindictive
  • Vinegary
  • Vinous
  • Violable
  • Violaceous
  • Violascent
  • Violated
  • Violative
  • Violent
  • Violescent
  • Violet
  • Violuric
  • Viperous
  • Viral
  • Virent
  • Virescent
  • Virgin
  • Virginal
  • Viricidal
  • Viridescent
  • Virological
  • Virtual
  • Virtuous
  • Virucidal
  • Virulent
  • Viscoidal
  • Viscometric
  • Viscosimetric
  • Viscous
  • Visible
  • Visional
  • Visionary
  • Visionless
  • Visitable
  • Visitatorial
  • Visitorial
  • Visored
  • Visual
  • Visualized
  • Vital
  • Vitelligenous
  • Viticultural
  • Vitiliginous
  • Vitreous
  • Vitrescible
  • Vitrifiable
  • Vitriolizable
  • Vituperable
  • Vituperative
  • Vituperrious
  • Vivacious
  • Vivid
  • Vivificative
  • Viviparous
  • Vivisectional
  • Vizierial

Adjectives that Start with Vo

  • Vocal
  • Vocational
  • Vociferous
  • Voiceful
  • Voiceless
  • Voidable
  • Volcanic
  • Volitable
  • Volitient
  • Volitional
  • Volumetric
  • Volumetrical
  • Voluminal
  • Voluminous
  • Voluntary
  • Volunteering
  • Voluptuous
  • Voracious
  • Voraginous
  • Vortical
  • Vortiginous
  • Voyageable
  • Voyeuristic
  • Voyeuristical

Adjectives that Start with Vu

  • Vulgar
  • Vulnerable
  • Vulturous

Adjectives Starting with V | Image

Adjectives that Start with V

More about Adjectives

Nouns and pronouns are used to identify a person, place, or thing. For example:

  • Person – Man or woman
  • Place – House or store
  • Thing – Dog or table

They are also sometimes used to describe an idea. For example:

  • Idea – Fear or fun

Pronouns are the general words that we use to substitute for nouns. They refer back to the noun, without having to use the same word. For example:

  • “I talked with Robert this morning and he told me that he was cooking.”

In this sentence, “Robert” is the noun, and “he” is the pronoun that refers back to Robert.

But when we use any of these nouns (man, house, dog, Robert, etc.), we sometimes want to give more information. “Man” is fairly generic and can describe a huge number of people. Adjectives modify (or give more of a description) the nouns. For example:

  • Man – Vile, vibrant, or vaccinated

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