58 Adjectives That Start with X (X Adjectives in English)

A list of adjectives that start with X with examples! The letter X is one of the most infrequently used words in the English language (only Q and Z are used less). As a result, there are very few adjectives that start with X. In fact, there are only about 300 words total that begin with the letter X.

Adjectives that Start with X

What Are X Adjectives?

Some common examples of adjectives with X include: xenophobic, xyloid, xeric, and xanthic. Xenophobic describes someone who has an intense fear or hatred of foreigners or strangers. Xyloid refers to something that is made of or resembling wood. Xeric describes an environment that is dry or lacking in moisture. Xanthic refers to something that is yellow or yellowish in color.

There are several prefixes, or word roots that are frequently used with X.


Xan originates with the Greek and means “defender of mankind.” It is sometimes used as a boy’s name. The prescription drug Xanax (used to treat depression or anxiety) is often illegality used (and abused) for a high. It is sometimes referred to in slang as “Xan.” It is usually pronounced “zan.”


Xeno means “alien,” “strange,” or “guest.” It often relates to foreigners, strangers, or any foreign place. In science-fiction, you will frequently see Xeno used to describe aliens or creatures from other worlds. It is usually pronounced “zeno.”


Xero comes from the Greek and means “dry.” It is usually used to form compound words such as xerophyte (which is a plant that has adapted to survive in places where there is little water. It is usually pronounced “zero.”

Descriptive Adjectives that Start with X

There are 41 descriptive adjectives that start with x.

Adjective Examples
X-acto The surgeon used an X-acto knife for the delicate procedure.
Xanthian The xanthian sunflowers brightened up the garden.
Xanthic The xanthic hue of the painting gave it a warm feeling.
Xanthochromatic The xanthochromatic crystals were rare and valuable.
Xanthogenic The xanthogenic bacteria caused the discoloration of the sample.
Xanthopous The xanthopous caterpillar blended in perfectly with the leaves.
Xanthoproteic The xanthoproteic test revealed the presence of protein in the sample.
Xanthous Her xanthous hair glowed in the sunlight.
Xany The xany atmosphere at the concert was contagious.
Xenacious The xenacious host made everyone feel welcome.
Xenial The xenial locals gave us a warm welcome.
Xenic The xenic plants thrived in the desert.
Xenobiotic The xenobiotic compound was toxic to the bacteria.
Xenodochial The xenodochial innkeeper made our stay comfortable.
Xenoglossic The xenoglossic translator was invaluable for the conference.
Xenophobic The xenophobic comments were offensive and unacceptable.
Xerarch The xerarch plants adapted to the arid conditions.
Xeric The xeric climate made farming difficult.
Xeronic The xeronic fungi survived in the desert.
Xerophilious The xerophilious cactus was able to store water for long periods.
Xeropilous The xeropilous grasses covered the arid landscape.
Xerothermic The xerothermic conditions made the hike challenging.
Xian The Xian Terracotta Warriors are a famous tourist attraction.
Xilinous The xilinous fabric was soft and breathable.
Xiphisternal The xiphisternal joint was used as a landmark for the surgical incision.
Xiphoid The xiphoid process of the sternum was thin and pointed.
X-linked The X-linked disorder was more common in males.
Xloid The xloid texture of the bark made it hard to climb.
Xonked After a long day at work, he felt completely xonked.
X-rayed The injured athlete was X-rayed to check for broken bones.
Xrayic The Xrayic technology allowed doctors to diagnose the illness accurately.
Xresic She had an Xresic appetite for chocolate.
XXenogenic The XXenogenic cells caused an adverse reaction.
Xyletic The xyletic tissue in trees is responsible for carrying water from roots to leaves.
Xyloid The xyloid texture of the beetle’s shell helped it blend in with the trees.
Xylotomous The xylotomous insects damaged the wooden structure of the house.

The majority of words that begin with X are very uncommonly used. In fact, of this list of adjectives, the only ones you will likely hear in every day usage are “X-rated” and “X-rayed.”

Positive Adjectives that Start with X

Adjective Example Sentence
Xanthein The petals of the flower were tinted with xanthein.
Xanthic The sunset had a beautiful xanthic hue.
Xanthochroid The xanthochroid girl stood out among the dark-haired crowd.
Xanthous Her xanthous hair shone in the sunlight.
Xenial The xenial innkeeper made us feel right at home.
Xenodochial The town was known for its xenodochial residents.
Xenolithic The archaeologists found a xenolithic artifact among the ruins.
Xeric The desert is a xeric environment.
Xerophilous The xerophilous plant thrived in the arid climate.
Xiphoid The xiphoid process is a small, sword-shaped bone at the bottom of the sternum.
Xyloid The xyloid texture of the mushroom made it easy to identify.

List of  Adjectives that Start with X

Here is the full list of adjectives words starting with letter X.

  • X-acto
  • Xanthian
  • Xanthic
  • Xanthochromatic
  • Xanthogenic
  • Xanthopous
  • Xanthoproteic
  • Xanthoriatic
  • Xanthous
  • Xany
  • Xaroncharoo
  • Xboba
  • Xenacious
  • Xenial
  • Xenic
  • Xenobiotic
  • Xenodochial
  • Xenogeneic
  • Xenogenic
  • Xenoglossic
  • Xenolithic
  • Xenophobic
  • Xenotropic
  • Xerarch
  • Xeric
  • Xerographic
  • Xeronic
  • Xerophilious
  • Xerophilous
  • Xerophthalmic
  • Xerophytic
  • Xeropilous
  • Xerothermic
  • Xerotic
  • Xian
  • Xii
  • Xilinous
  • Xiphisternal
  • Xiphoid
  • Xiphophyllous
  • Xipioid
  • X-linked
  • Xloid
  • Xlotomous
  • Xoba
  • Xonked
  • X-rated
  • X-rayed
  • Xrayic
  • Xresic
  • Xx
  • XXenogenic
  • Xyletic
  • Xylographic
  • Xyloid
  • Xylophagous
  • Xylophonic
  • Xylotomous

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