12 Common Adverb Verb Collocations in English

Adverb Verb Collocations are combinations of words where adverbs modify verbs to enhance your English fluency. This reference includes a List of Adverb Verb Collocations and offers Adverb + Verb Combinations with Example Sentences.

List of Adverb Verb Collocations

Adverb Verb Collocations
Adverb Verb Collocations – Created by 7ESL
  • Badly damage
  • Deeply rooted (in)
  • Never knew
  • Quite agree
  • Strongly argue
  • Strongly condemn
  • Strongly deny
  • Strongly dislike
  • Strongly object
  • Strongly recommend
  • Strongly suggest
  • Strongly support

Adverb + Verb Combinations with Example Sentences

Badly damage

  • At least nine cars were badly damaged, some virtually incinerated.

Deeply rooted (in)

  • Its people and its culture are deeply rooted in the earth.

Never knew

  • I never knew George was married. I thought he was single.

Quite agree

  • I quite agree with your answer.

Strongly argue

  • I am not going to strongly argue this point.

Strongly condemn

  • We strongly condemn this wild and cruel act.

Strongly deny

Strongly dislike

  • Your classmates will strongly dislike you.

Strongly object

  • Doctors who run programs offering the operation strongly object.

Strongly recommend

  • If you can, I would strongly recommend buying.

Strongly suggest

  • I strongly suggest you read this book.

Strongly support

  • It’s a change I strongly support.