Adverbs of Frequency | English Grammar Lesson

What Are Adverbs of Frequency?

Adverbs of frequency tell us how often something takes place or happens.

There are lots of them. Here are some examples:

– Always: He is always ready to take on heavy responsibilities.

– Usually: We usually go to restaurant on Sundays.

– Regularly: I communicate with him regularly by letter.

– Normally: I don’t normally take my holiday in midsummer.

– Often: They often went carolling at Christmas.

– Sometimes: Sometimes, I just need someone to talk to.

– Occasionally: Occasionally Alice would look up from her books.

– Rarely: Rarely have I seen such a scene.

– Seldom: Opportunity seldom knocks twice.

– Never: He never turned up.

Adverbs of Frequency | English Grammar Lesson


Position of Adverbs of Frequency

We often place adverbs of frequency in these positions.

Rule 1

Most adverbs come before the verb.


I sometimes watch Chinese films.

She never eats vegetables.

I always read comic books.

They rarely watch music channels.

Rule 2

Use adverbs of frequency after these five forms of beam, is, are, was, were.


I am always worried about my study result.

She is usually very happy.

She is always cooking spaghetti.

You are seldom anxious about my health.

Rule 3

When a verb has a helping verb, the adverb goes after the first part of the verb.


Drivers should always wear a seat belt.

Richard doesn’t usually smoke.

Rule 4

Sometimes we use adverb of frequency at the beginning of the sentence.


Always wash your hands before the meal!

Often he walked.

Sometimes I go skating.

Rule 5

Sometimes we use adverb of frequency at the end of the sentence.


We read books occasionally.

They like to watch TV often.

We go to school by bike sometimes.

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