Adverbs Worksheet – Adverbs Exercises

Adverb worksheet often include identifying adverbs in sentences and using them correctly to complete sentences, which helps in recognizing the different ways adverbs can be employed. Through consistent practice, our learners become more adept at using adverbs to enhance their language skills.

Please take a moment to go over the articles below to enhance your grasp of Adverbs:

Adverbs Exercises

Adverbs Worksheet - Adverbs Exercises Pin

Adverbs Worksheet

Adverbs Worksheet 1: Identify the type of adverb in each sentence 

  1. She sings beautifully.
  2. They arrived early for the meeting.
  3. The weather today is unusually cold.
  4. He often visits his grandparents.
  5. The children are playing outside.
  6. I have never seen such a performance.
  7. She whispered the secret quietly.
  8. The train arrived exactly on time.
  9. Please drive carefully on the icy roads.
  10. We will meet there at noon.
  11. She completed the task effortlessly.
  12. He seldom eats breakfast.
  13. The flowers are blooming everywhere.
  14. She answered the question incorrectly.
  15. They can start the game now.
  16. He explained the rules clearly.
  17. The dog barked loudly last night.
  18. She always brushes her teeth before bed.
  19. The movie ended abruptly.
  20. They live here.


  1. Adverb of manner (describes how she sings)
  2. Adverb of time (describes when they arrived)
  3. Adverb of degree (describes the extent of the cold)
  4. Adverb of frequency (describes how frequently he visits)
  5. Adverb of place (describes where the children are playing)
  6. Adverb of frequency (describes the frequency of seeing such a performance)
  7. Adverb of manner (describes how she whispered)
  8. Adverb of degree (describes the precision of the train’s arrival)
  9. Adverb of manner (describes how to drive)
  10. Adverb of place (describes where the meeting will take place)
  11. Adverb of manner (describes how she completed the task)
  12. Adverb of frequency (describes how often he eats breakfast)
  13. Adverb of place (describes where the flowers are blooming)
  14. Adverb of manner (describes how she answered)
  15. Adverb of time (describes when they can start the game)
  16. Adverb of manner (describes how he explained the rules)
  17. Adverb of manner (describes how the dog barked)
  18. Adverb of frequency (describes the regularity of brushing teeth)
  19. Adverb of manner (describes how the movie ended)
  20. Adverb of place (describes where they live)

Adverbs Worksheet 2: Adverb transformation

  1. The old man walks __________. (slow)
  2. She sings __________. (good)
  3. He ran __________. (fast)
  4. The car drove __________. (far)
  5. The clock ticks __________. (late)
  6. The dog barked __________. (loud)
  7. The train arrived __________. (punctual)
  8. She answered the question __________. (wrong)
  9. The sun shines __________. (bright)
  10. The baby slept __________. (sound)
  11. The baby slept __________. (peaceful)
  12. He ate the cake __________. (bad)
  13. The team performed __________. (poor)
  14. The students listened __________. (close)
  15. The flowers smell __________. (sweet)
  16. The train arrived __________. (early)
  17. The birds chirped __________. (loud)
  18. The rain fell __________. (heavy)
  19. The cat purrs __________. (soft)
  20. The children played __________. (hard)


1. slowly 6. loud 11. hard 16. early
2. well 7. hard 12. badly 17. loudly
3. fast 8. wrongly 13. poorly 18. heavily
4. far 9. brightly 14. closely 19. softly
5. late 10. soundly 15. sweetly 20. hard

Adverbs Worksheet 3: Matching

Sentences Adverbs
1. She completed the test __________. A. Quickly
2. The dog barked __________ at the mailman. B. Loudly
3. He __________ accepted the award. C. Beautifully
4. The flowers were arranged __________ by the florist. D. Eagerly
5. They __________ agreed to the terms. E.Enthusiastically
6. The children waited __________ for their turn. F. Clearly
7. She whispered __________ to avoid waking the baby. G. Softly
8. The athlete ran __________ to win the race. H. Brightly
9. The stars shone __________ in the night sky. I. Carefully
10. The teacher spoke __________ to the students. J. Skillfully
11. He __________ remembered her birthday. K. Patiently
12. The cake was __________ decorated with icing. L. Suddenly
13. The audience applauded __________ after the performance. M. Expertly
14. The secret was kept __________ between the two friends. N. Happily
15. The instructions were explained __________ to avoid confusion. O. Promptly
16. The movie started __________, so we missed the beginning. P. Secretly
17. The car was parked __________ in the tight space. Q. Late
18. She sang __________, captivating everyone in the room. R. Happily
19. They __________ completed the project before the deadline. S. Heavily
20. The rain fell __________, causing the streets to flood. T. Graciously


1. O. Promptly 6. K. Patiently 11. N. Happily 16. Q. Late
2. B. Loudly 7. G. Softly 12. C. Beautifully 17. M. Expertly
3. T. Graciously 8. A. Quickly 13. D. Eagerly 18. R. Happily
4. J. Skillfully 9. H. Brightly 14. P. Secretly 19. L. Suddenly
5. E. Enthusiastically 10. F. Clearly 15. I. Carefully 20. S. Heavily

Adverbs Worksheet 4: Rearrange the adverb to its correct position in the sentence

  1. He studies always in the library. 
  2. She speaks fluently French. 
  3. They go often to the movies. 
  4. The cat quietly sat on the roof. 
  5. He works hard always. 
  6. She sings beautifully the song. 
  7. They play soccer well together.
  8. The children laughed loudly at the joke. 
  9. He drives fast the car.
  10. She carefully reads the book. 
  11. They spoke quietly about the secret. 
  12. The bird sings sweetly in the morning. 
  13. The students answered quickly the questions. 
  14. He plays the guitar well. 
  15. She solved easily the puzzle. 
  16. They danced gracefully the waltz
  17. The chef cooks deliciously the pasta. 
  18. The flowers bloom beautifully in the garden.
  19. She runs fast in the race.
  20. They walked slowly along the path.


  1. He always studies in the library.
  2. She speaks French fluently.
  3. They often go to the movies.
  4. The cat sat quietly on the roof.
  5. He always works hard.
  6. She beautifully sings the song.
  7. They play soccer together well.
  8. The children loudly laughed at the joke.
  9. He drives the car fast.
  10. She reads the book carefully.
  11. They quietly spoke about the secret.
  12. The bird sings in the morning sweetly.
  13. The students quickly answered the questions.
  14. He plays well the guitar.
  15. She easily solved the puzzle.
  16. They gracefully danced the waltz.
  17. The chef deliciously cooks the pasta.
  18. The flowers beautifully bloom in the garden.
  19.  She runs in the race fast.
  20. They slowly walked along the path.