Aid vs. Aide: How to Use Aide vs. Aid in Sentences

Difference between aid vs. aide. As it often happens with words that differ only by one letter, aid and aide can’t be used interchangeably because, even though they have their similarities, their meanings are different. If you get these two confused all the time, don’t worry and read on to solve the aid vs. aide dilemma once and for all.

Aid vs. Aide

AID is a tricky word because it can be either a noun or a verb but in all of the cases, it means “help”. AIDE, on the other hand, is always a noun that means “assistant”.


  • The export sector will aid the economic recovery.
  • The country depends heavily on the foreign aide.
  • He served as an aide to the former president.
  • The aide reported to Daley that he was a perfect choice.

When to Use Aid

Let’s see a few examples. Take a look at James who’s coming over to visit and help his best friend who is sick. What you can say about James is, “He’s going to his best friend to aid him”. Here, aid is a verb that means “to help” or “to assist”.

When one country is sending money to a different country after a natural disaster or a war, it’s called financial aid. In this example, aid is a noun and it can be replaced with “help” or “assistance”, and that is why it is spelled without an e.

Finally, a machine that is designed to help or assist someone with someone is also called an aid, e.g. hearing aid, a mobility aid.

When to Use Aide

What about aide? Let’s say that you want to speak about something with an important political leader. However, it’s very unlikely that the politician himself will be able to find some time for this talk because he has a very tight schedule. Therefore, you’ll probably have to speak to his assistant, or his aide.

Aid vs. Aide Examples

  • We will aid their struggle against violent repression.
  • This feature is designed to aid inexperienced users.
  • The aid allocation for Pakistan was still under review.
  • He was breathing only with the aid of a ventilator.
  • We are moving ahead with plans to send financial aid.
  • The hearing aid helps to overcome the defects in hearing.
  • Anderson has worked as an aide to the mayor for three years.
  • You’ve been an excellent aide to me.
  • Afterward, Brown asked an aide for some coffee.
  • The President picked up his phone and spoke to an aide.
  • His aide signaled to me to move quickly and followed us out the door.
  • Jay Heiler, a council member and a top aide of Gov.

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How to Use Aid vs. Aide Correctly?

Last Updated on March 15, 2021

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