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Exploring the different ways to express permission, authorization, and consent, we often seek out synonyms for “allow.” From everyday conversation to formal writing, having a variety of expressions at our disposal enriches our language and communication. Understanding synonyms for “allow” can enhance our descriptive capabilities and help us convey nuances in tone and context.

Allow Synonyms

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What Is “Allow”?

“Allow” is a versatile verb that we often use to express permission or enablement. Whether we’re giving someone the green light for an action or acknowledging that certain conditions are permissible, “allow” is a common choice in our conversations and writings.

List of Synonyms for Allow

  • Permit
  • Authorize
  • Enable
  • Empower
  • Entitle
  • Grant
  • License
  • Sanction
  • Approve
  • Consent
  • Endorse
  • Assent
  • Accredit
  • Concede
  • Agree
  • Acknowledge
  • Accept
  • Admit
  • Let
  • Afford
  • Yield
  • Suffer
  • Tolerate
  • Countenance
  • Indulge
  • Give permission
  • Give the nod
  • Give the green light
  • Give the go-ahead
  • Give the thumbs up
  • Ratify
  • Validate
  • Confirm
  • Clear
  • Pass
  • Warrant
  • Certify
  • Qualify
  • Commission
  • Leave
  • Greenlight
  • Bless
  • Support
  • Back
  • Uphold
  • Advocate
  • Champion
  • Favor
  • Accede
  • Concur
  • Comply
  • Abide
  • Heed
  • Observe
  • Follow
  • Conform to
  • Subscribe to
  • Go along with
  • Stand for
  • Bear
  • Stand
  • Swallow
  • Abet
  • Cooperate with
  • Go with
  • Bow to
  • Capitulate to
  • Acquiesce to
  • Conform with
  • Fall in with
  • Harmonize with
  • Meet
  • Say yes to
  • Second
  • Espouse
  • Embrace
  • Welcome
  • Receive
  • Take
  • Take kindly to
  • Humor
  • Cater to
  • Provide for
  • Make possible
  • Make way for
  • Open the door to
  • Lay the groundwork for
  • Pave the way for
  • Prepare the way for
  • Set the stage for
  • Be open to
  • Be supportive of
  • Not mind
  • Not object to
  • Turn a blind eye to
  • Give carte blanche
  • Give one’s blessing to
  • Give consent to
  • Give one’s assent to
  • Give approval to
  • Give the OK to
  • Give leave to
  • Give the seal of approval to
  • Give the stamp of approval to
  • Let pass
  • Let go
  • Let someone have
  • Let through
  • Let by
  • Let off
  • Let up on
  • Not prevent
  • Not prohibit
  • Not interfere with
  • Not hinder

Types of Synonyms for Allow

Formal Synonyms

These are often found in legal, academic, or professional contexts.

  • Authorize
  • Sanction
  • Permit
  • Consent to
  • License

Informal Synonyms

These are more casual and typically used in everyday conversation.

  • Let
  • Okay
  • Green-light

Synonyms Denoting Reluctance

Sometimes, the permission is given begrudgingly or hesitantly.

  • Tolerate
  • Suffer
  • Stand for

Inclusive Synonyms

These indicate a more welcoming or inclusive permission.

  • Welcome
  • Invite
  • Include

Common Synonyms for Allow

Allow vs. Permit 

“Allow” and “permit” are often used interchangeably, but there are subtle differences. Allow suggests a more passive permission, whereas permit implies formal or official consent.

  • Please allow me to explain the situation before jumping to conclusions.
  • The city council permits street performances in designated areas.

Allow vs. Let 

Let” is more informal and personal compared to “allow,” which can come off as more formal. Let generally involves less authority or control.

  • My mom let me borrow her car for the weekend, which was really nice of her.
  • The rules allow each team to have five substitutes on the bench.

Allow vs. Authorize

Authorize” carries a weight of official or legal power, often used in professional or formal situations, whereas “allow” is more general. Authorize usually means that there is a right or power backing the permission.

  • While the park allows picnicking, you must be authorized by the city to host a large event there.
  • Our management must authorize any expenditures over $500.

Allow vs. Enable 

Enable” differs from “allow” in that it not only gives permission but also provides the means or ability to do something. Enable is action-oriented, often implying facilitation rather than passive consent.

  • The museum allows photography without flash.
  • Installing a ramp enables wheelchair users to access the building easily.

Synonyms for Allow in Different Contexts

Formal Settings

In professional or formal circumstances, we tend to use more refined language. Here are some synonyms for “allow” that fit these settings:

  • Authorize: We authorize you to access the confidential files.
  • Permit: The regulations permit us to proceed with the construction.

Informal Contexts

When we’re in casual settings, our language naturally becomes more relaxed. Below are synonyms suitable for such situations:

  • Let: Just let us know if you need more time.
  • Allow: We allow pets in our establishment.

Educational Environments

Educational contexts often need clear and specific language. Consider these synonyms:

  • Approve: Our professor will approve the extension of our project deadline.
  • Sanction: The institution may sanction the use of calculators during exams.

Legal and Official Use

In legal or official documents, precise terms are essential. These synonyms are commonly used:

  • Grant: We grant you permission to represent us in court.
  • Endorse: The committee will endorse the new safety policy.

Supportive or Reluctant Permission

Sometimes, we grant permission supportively or with hesitance. Here are synonyms for these tones:

  • Condone (Supportive): By turning a blind eye, the authorities seemed to condone the behavior of the rowdy tourists.
  • Tolerate (Reluctant): The old machine still works, but it only tolerates a light workload.

Absolute and Near Synonyms of Allow 

Absolute Synonyms for Allow 

Word Meaning
Permit To give authorization or consent for something to happen.
Authorize To formally give power or right to do something.
Sanction To formally approve and encourage an action or practice.
Consent To agree to something or give permission.
Approve To officially agree to or accept as satisfactory.

Near Synonyms for Allow 

Word Meaning
Acquiesce To accept something reluctantly but without protest.
Tolerate To allow something to occur or continue without interference or objection.
Endorse To declare one’s public approval or support of something.
Condone To accept and allow behavior that is considered morally wrong or offensive.
Acknowledge To recognize the existence, truth, or fact of something.

Synonyms for Allow with Examples | Infographic

Another Word for Allow | 100+ Synonyms for "Allow" with Useful ExamplesPin

Frequently Asked Questions

What are other words similar to ‘allow’?

“Authorize”, “enable”, and “permit” are some commonly used words that share a similar meaning to ‘allow’, indicating the act of granting permission or making something possible.

Can you provide formal alternatives to the word ‘allow’?

Formal alternatives include “sanction” and “authorize”. These terms are especially appropriate in legal, official, or formal business contexts.

What are some synonyms for ‘let’?

Synonyms for ‘let’ include “permit”, “enable”, and “allow”. These words convey granting someone the freedom or ability to do something.

What is a more formal synonym for ‘permit’?

“Authorize” is a more formal synonym for ‘permit’. It carries a sense of official approval or formal consent.

What term describes the act of letting something proceed?

The term “facilitate” can be used to describe the act of making an action or process easy or easier, thereby letting something proceed smoothly.

What’s an alternative expression for being given permission?

Being given permission can be alternatively expressed as “receiving clearance” or “being granted consent”, often used in official or semi-official contexts.

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