50+ Synonyms for “Also” with Examples | Another Word for “Also”

When you want to add information or show agreement in English, “also” is often your go-to adverb. But like any aspect of language, variety adds vitality and nuance to your conversations and writing. Fortunately, the English language is rich with alternatives to this commonly used word, allowing you to convey the same meaning with different shades of emphasis. Understanding and utilizing synonyms for “also” can enhance your linguistic repertoire and enable you to express yourself with greater precision.

Also Synonyms

50+ Synonyms for "Also" with Examples | Another Word for “Also” Pin

Also Meaning

Also” is an adverb that you use to add information to a sentence, which is similar or related to what has already been said. It implies the inclusion of something additional or further.


  • She is an excellent singer, and she can also play the guitar.
  • The store sells clothing and also accessories such as jewelry and handbags.
  • I enjoy hiking, and I also like to go cycling on the weekends.
  • He is a talented writer and also a skilled photographer.

List of Synonyms for Also

  • Above
  • Additionally
  • Again
  • Alike
  • Along with
  • Although
  • And
  • As well
  • As well as
  • Besides
  • Conjointly
  • Either
  • Else
  • Equally
  • Even
  • Extra
  • Farther
  • Finally
  • Forbye
  • Further
  • Furthermore
  • In addition
  • In like manner
  • Including
  • Into the bargain
  • Likewise
  • More
  • Moreover
  • Never
  • On top of
  • On top of that
  • Over and above
  • Over and above that
  • Plus
  • Right
  • Secondly
  • Similarly
  • So
  • Spotlighted
  • Still
  • Then
  • Therefore
  • Therewith
  • To boot
  • Together with
  • Too
  • Well
  • What is more
  • What’s more
  • Withal
  • Without
  • Yet

Types of Synonyms for Also


  • Moreover
  • Furthermore
  • In addition
  • Besides


  • As well
  • Likewise
  • Similarly
  • Additionally

Common Synonyms for Also

Also vs. Too

“Also” and “too” are often used interchangeably, but their placement within a sentence differs. You use “also” to indicate addition and it typically appears earlier in the sentence structure, while “too” is more often used at the end of a sentence to imply an afterthought or additional piece of information.

  • You mentioned needing a pen; I also need one.
  • I need a pen, too.

Also vs. In Addition

“In addition” carries a more formal tone compared to “also.” You might use “in addition” when you intend to give your sentence a more official or academic flavor. It can also suggest a greater significance or emphasis on the added information.

  • She has experience with graphic design, and she also knows coding.
  • In addition to graphic design, she has expertise in coding.

Also vs. Ditto

“Ditto” is an informal synonym for “also” and is less commonly used in written English, often to show complete agreement with what has been said previously. Since it is informal, it’s best suited for casual conversations or informal writings.

  • I think environmental policies are important; I think so also.
  • I think environmental policies are important. Ditto.

Academic Significance of Synonyms for ‘Also’

In formal academic writing, we frequently emphasize clarity and precision. Utilizing synonyms for ‘also’ can enhance the cohesiveness of our arguments and prevent repetition, which may otherwise diminish the reader’s engagement. Our choice of synonyms should align with the tone and context of our writing.

For instance, when presenting additional information or supporting points, we might select synonyms such as:

  • Moreover
  • Furthermore
  • In addition

Alternatively, to demonstrate similarity or agreement with previous points, we could use:

  • Likewise
  • Similarly
  • Correspondingly

It is imperative that we match these terms appropriately to the intended meaning. Here is a table that categorizes some common synonyms for ‘also’ based on their usage:

Context Synonyms
Adding Information moreover, furthermore, in addition
Showing Similarity likewise, similarly, correspondingly
Equivalence equally, as well, too

Our judicious use of these synonyms not only enriches our writing but also guides the reader through our discussion. When adjacent points complement each other, ‘likewise’ or ‘similarly’ could be appropriate choices to underline these connections. Meanwhile, ‘moreover’ and ‘furthermore’ signal that we are expanding on a topic with additional details.

We must ensure that the flow of our exposition is not disrupted by synonyms that seem out of place. In the realm of formal writing, our ability to weave synonyms seamlessly into the fabric of our text is crucial. Consistency in style is of equal importance; we must use synonyms that match the overall formal tone of our writing.

Synonyms for Also in Different Contexts

In Informal Context

  • Plus: You will get free shipping, plus a gift with your purchase.
  • As well: I’d like a coffee, and could you bring some water as well?
  • Too: I’m going to the beach on Saturday, and Jane is coming too.

In Academic Writing

  • Correspondingly: The demand for renewable energy has increased. Correspondingly, investments in clean technology have also grown.
  • Equally: Quantitative and qualitative research contribute valuable insights. Equally, each method offers unique perspectives on data.
  • Similarly: This study confirms the findings of previous research. Similarly, it further emphasizes the role of social factors in this phenomenon.

In Business Context

  • In addition: You need to improve your sales figures, and in addition, focus on customer satisfaction.
  • Concurrently: Manage the budget concurrently with the marketing campaign to ensure financial efficiency.
  • Supplementary: The report includes supplementary data that further supports the initial findings.

Absolute and Near Synonyms for Also

Absolute Synonyms for Also

Word Meaning
Similarly In a corresponding way or manner
Likewise In the same way or manner

Near Synonyms for Also

Word Meaning
Furthermore To introduce additional information in support of a point already made
In addition Used when presenting supplementary information

Synonyms for Also with Examples | Infographic

50+ Synonyms for "Also" with Examples | Another Word for “Also” Pin

Frequently Asked Questions

What alternative terms can be used in place of ‘also’?

You can use synonyms like ‘too’, ‘additionally’, ‘furthermore’, or ‘moreover’ as alternatives to ‘also’ when looking to add information that supports your previous statements.

Can you list formal synonyms for ‘also’ suitable for academic writing?

In academic writing, you can opt for ‘furthermore’, ‘moreover’, ‘in addition’, or ‘likewise’ to maintain a formal tone while adding information.

What substitutes for ‘also’ are commonly used in essay composition?

When composing essays, common substitutes for ‘also’ include ‘furthermore’, ‘moreover’, ‘in addition to’, and ‘as well as’. These terms help construct a compelling argument by introducing additional points.

How can I vary my language when using the word ‘also’ repetitively in a text?

To vary your language, consider using terms such as ‘similarly’, ‘equally’, ‘likewise’, or ‘besides’ to prevent repetitiveness while keeping the meaning intact.

What are some synonyms for ‘also’ that are appropriate in professional documents?

For professional documents, it’s appropriate to use synonyms like ‘additionally’, ‘moreover’, ‘furthermore’, and ‘as well’ to convey a sense of formality and clarity.


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