Animal Sounds: List of Different Animal Sounds with Pictures

When speaking in or listening to the English language you are sure to come across some animal sounds. Whilst animals make the same sound all over the world, different languages have different ways of saying and spelling the sounds that the animals make.

A word that sounds the same as the noise it is describing is known as a word of onomatopoeia and animal sounds fall into this category. We are going to take a look at the different animal sounds and how they are spelt when written down. We will also look at how these words work in a sentence and explore a comprehensive list of the various sounds that animals make.

Animal Sounds

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List of Animal Sounds

We will now look at a detailed list of the sounds which are made by animals, each one will be spelled out and its animal listed alongside it.

  • A screech is made by a bat
  • A growl is made by a bear
  • A buzz is made by a bee
  • A hum is made by a bee
  • A bleat is made by a lamb
  • A bleat is made by a calf
  • A grunt is made by a camel
  • A mew is made by a cat
  • A purr is made by a cat
  • A meow is made by a cat
  • A moo is made by a cow
  • A low is made by a cow
  • A bellow is made by a bull
  • A cluck is made by a chicken
  • A cheep is made by a chick
  • A scream is made by a chimpanzee
  • A crow is made by a cock
  • A cock-a-doodle-doo is made by a rooster
  • A chirp is made by a cricket
  • A caw is made by a crow
  • A bark is made by a dog
  • A woof is made by a dog
  • A click is made by a dolphin
  • A bray is made by a donkey
  • A coo is made by a dove
  • A quack is made by a duck
  • A trumpet is made by an elephant
  • A yelp is made by a fox
  • A croak is made by a frog
  • A cackle is made by a goose
  • A bleat is made by a goat
  • A squeak is made by a mouse
  • A growl is made by a hippo
  • A oink is made by a pig
  • A neigh is made by a horse
  • A snort is made by a horse
  • A whinny is made by a horse
  • A whisper is made by a man
  • A whistle is made by a bird
  • A laugh is made by a hyena
  • A chortle is made by a kangaroo
  • A warble is made by a bird
  • A roar is made by a lion
  • A chatter is made by a monkey
  • A whoop is made by a monkey
  • A screech is made by a monkey
  • A whine is made by a mosquito
  • A howl is made by a wolf
  • A hoot is made by an owl
  • A shriek is made by an owl
  • A grunt is made by a pig
  • A snort is made by a pig
  • A squeak is made by a rabbit
  • A croak is made by a toad
  • A bark is made by a seal
  • A gobble is made by a turkey
  • A cry is made by a wolf
  • A squark is made by a parrot

Animal Sounds Examples

The Use of Animal Sounds in a Sentence

Now we are going to take a look at how these animal sounds would look in a sentence. Here are some examples to demonstrate this.

  • The monkeys chattered in the jungle.
  • The forest was full of the sound of the twittering of the birds.
  • My cat meows loudly when he is hungry.
  • There were four dogs who were all barking angrily.
  • In summer time, the garden is full of the sound of bees buzzing and butterflies fluttering.
  • The king of the jungle, the lion, made an enormous roar.
  • At night, the owls hoot in the trees.
  • The rat squeaked when he ran through the room.
  • On the Serengeti you will hear the hyenas laughing.
  • When I am on the farm, I always hear the pigs oinking.
  • The lake is full of the sound of croaking frogs.
  • The turkey wandered around the yard saying gobble.
  • The howl of the wolf can be heard for miles.
  • Every morning the rooster wakes us by crying cock-a-doodle-do.
  • I didn’t sleep last night as there was a fly buzzing around the room.
  • The dove softly cooed.
  • I could hear the oncoming geese cackling before I could see them.
  • The cow in the field has a very quiet moo.
  • My dog always goes woof when he sees the postman coming down the path.
  • The baby lambs were bleating after their mother.
  • The bird spent the whole morning whistling in the treetops.
  • The bear growled as he walked out of his cave.
  • My parrot is always squarking first thing in the morning and last thing at night.
  • At Easter we see little chicks who make a cheep cheep sound.
  • The horse neighs whenever he sees us coming.
  • My hamster makes a squeaking sound when he is asleep.
  • The cat would sit on my lap and purr loudly when I rubbed her belly.
  • The dolphins were really intelligent they would click whenever the man asked them to.
  • The cock crowed as it strutted around the courtyard.
  • The chirping of the crickets becomes unbearable in the summer evenings.
  • The kittens mewed softly as they nuzzled against their mother.
  • The tiger is growling.
  • At the beach you can ride a donkey and hear them braying as they walk across the sand.
  • The chickens are clucking all day long.

A great example of the use of animal sounds in the English language is the children song ‘Old MacDonald‘ which is a rhyme designed to teach children the sounds which are made by animals. Even for adults, it is an effective way of remembering the correct sound words when thinking about animal sounds. The repetition of the animal sounds during the song is a great way to help remember them.


As with all languages, the way that animal sounds are spelt and pronounced can vary greatly. By remembering these sound words we are adding an important skill to our language knowledge. These types of words fit into the category of onomatopoeia because they resemble the sound about which they are referring to.

Examples of Animal Sounds | Picture

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