123 Cool Animals that Start with E | Animals Beginning with E with Pictures

Did you know that there are over 200 species of animals that start with the letter “E”? From the majestic elephant to the elusive echidna, this group of animals is diverse and intriguing. In this article, we will explore some of the most interesting animals that start with “E”, their unique features, and fascinating facts about them. 

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Animals that Start with E

Animals that Start with EPin

List of Common Animals Starting with E

Below is a wonderful list of animals that start with E in the English language.

  • Eagle
  • Eartheater
  • Earthworm
  • Earwig
  • Eastern Gorilla
  • Eastern Lowland Gorilla
  • Echidna
  • Edible Frog
  • Egyptian Mau
  • Eelpout
  • Electric Eel
  • Eft
  • Egret
  • Eider
  • Eland
  • Elepaio
  • Elephant
  • Elephant Seal
  • Elephant Shrew
  • Elk
  • Emperor Penguin
  • Emperor Tamarin
  • Emu
  • English Cocker Spaniel
  • English Shepherd
  • English Springer Spaniel
  • Entlebucher Mountain Dog
  • Epagneul Pont Audemer
  • Ermine
  • Escolar
  • Eskimo Dog
  • Estrela Mountain Dog
  • Eulachon
  • Euro

Common Animals that Start with E | Facts and Pictures


Their eyesight is up to eight times stronger than humans



A fish that has a turned-down mouth and a triangular-shaped head



There are 2,700 different kinds of earthworms and in one acre of land, there can be more than a million earthworms



Despite their name, they won’t go near your ears and are harmless to humans


Eastern Gorilla

Their face, soles, and hands are hairless, where the rest of their body is covered with black fur

Eastern GorillaPin

Eastern Lowland Gorilla

You’ll find these types of gorillas in zoos

Eastern Lowland GorillaPin


An egg-laying mammal that has no teeth and nimples


Edible Frog

Also known as the Common Water Frog and the Green Frog

Edible FrogPin

Egyptian Mau

An Italian princess was said to rescue this cat breed

Egyptian MauPin


A bottom-dweller found in fresh and brackish waters

Electric Eel

Their shock has been known to knock a horse off its feet

Electric EelPin


Or a young newt, is a nocturnal animal who is more active during a rainy night



A wading bird who is closely related to herons, and is also known as the American Egret or Great Egret



Their scientific name means “softest down body” and they are the largest duck



The slowest antelope who is ox-like and is the largest in the world



The first native bird to sing in the morning



The world’s largest land animal is known to be constantly eating


Elephant Seal

Their diet mainly consists of squid and there are two separate species

Elephant SealPin

Elephant Shrew

Known as the “jumping shrew because it can jump like a rabbit

Elephant ShrewPin


Can weigh up to 700 pounds and is one of the biggest deer species on Earth


Emperor Penguin

Largest of the penguins and they spend all their lives in Antarctica

Emperor PenguinPin

Emperor Tamarin

A monkey that has long, white whiskers that look like a mustache

Emperor TamarinPin


The second-largest bird in the world that has two sets of eyelids


English Cocker Spaniel

The smallest sporting breed that is common to have as a pet among celebrities

English Cocker SpanielPin

English Shepherd

Bred to work on farms who are highly intelligent

English ShepherdPin

English Springer Spaniel

Commonly used as show dogs and known for their love of water

English Springer SpanielPin

Entlebucher Mountain Dog

Originated in Switzerland and was bred to herd cattle

Entlebucher Mountain DogPin

Epagneul Pont Audemer

There was a rapid decline of them after WWII, and in France, they’re known as the “little clown of marshes”

Epagneul Pont AudemerPin


A mammal related to a weasel who hunts hares



A slender fish that eats wax esters which gives it its rich flavor

Eskimo Dog

The first dog is known to walk across a tightrope

Eskimo DogPin

Estrela Mountain Dog

Known for its love of children and family

Estrela Mountain DogPin


Known as candlefish and is a small saltwater fish


Also known as the Common Wallaroo


Animals Beginning with E (by Locations)

Wild Animals that Start with E

  1. Eagle
  2. Echidna
  3. Eel
  4. Eland
  5. Elephant
  6. Elk
  7. Emu
  8. Ermine
  9. Eurasian Lynx
  10. European Bison
  11. European Wildcat
  12. Eyelash Viper
  13. Eastern Grey Kangaroo
  14. Eastern Lowland Gorilla
  15. Egyptian Mongoose
  16. Emerald Tree Boa
  17. Emperor Penguin
  18. Ethiopian Wolf
  19. Eurasian Brown Bear
  20. Eastern Chipmunk

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Domestic Animals Beginning with E

  1. Emu
  2. English Setter
  3. European Shorthair
  4. Egyptian Mau
  5. Exotic Shorthair
  6. East Friesian Sheep
  7. English Mastiff
  8. Estrela Mountain Dog
  9. Egyptian Donkey
  10. English Cocker Spaniel
  11. Entlebucher Mountain Dog
  12. Ewes
  13. Essex Pig
  14. Embden Goose
  15. Exmoor Pony
  16. Eager Beaver
  17. English Toy Spaniel
  18. East Balkan Pig
  19. Eastern Grey Kangaroo
  20. English Lop Rabbit

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Sea and Ocean Animals that Start with E

  1. Eagle Ray
  2. Eel
  3. Electric Eel
  4. Elephant Seal
  5. Emperor Angelfish
  6. Emperor Shrimp
  7. Emu Sea Star
  8. Enypniastes Sea Cucumber
  9. Epigonichthys Lanternfish
  10. Escolar Fish
  11. Estuarine Crocodile
  12. European Eel
  13. Enormous squid
  14. Electric ray
  15. Eastern Pacific green sea turtle
  16. Emerald crab
  17. Emerald damselfish
  18. European hake
  19. European plaice
  20. European anchovy
  21. Epaulette shark
  22. Eastern cleaner-clingfish
  23. Eastern oyster
  24. Elkhorn coral
  25. Elegant tern
  26. Elephant fish
  27. Escargot sea snail
  28. Estuary stingray

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Zoo Animals that Start with E

  1. Elephant
  2. Emu
  3. Eurasian Lynx
  4. Elk
  5. Echidna
  6. Eastern Lowland Gorilla
  7. European Bison
  8. Egyptian Vulture
  9. Eastern Black Rhinoceros
  10. Eurasian Eagle-Owl
  11. European Otter
  12. Emperor Tamarin
  13. Ethiopian Wolf
  14. Eastern Quoll
  15. Eurasian Brown Bear
  16. Eastern Box Turtle
  17. European Badger
  18. Epauletted Fruit Bat
  19. Eurasian Spoonbill
  20. Emerald Tree Boa

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Animals with E (by Types)

Mammals that Start with E

  1. Eastern Grey Kangaroo
  2. Echidna
  3. Egyptian Fruit Bat
  4. Elephant
  5. Elk
  6. Emu
  7. Eurasian Beaver
  8. Eurasian Lynx
  9. European Badger
  10. European Bison
  11. European Hedgehog
  12. European Otter
  13. Evening Bat

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Insects that Start with E

  1. Earwig
  2. Eastern Carpenter Bee
  3. Eastern Tent Caterpillar
  4. Eight-Spotted Forester Moth
  5. Elaterid Beetle
  6. Emerald Ash Borer
  7. Emperor Dragonfly
  8. Empress Leilia Butterfly
  9. Ensign Wasp
  10. Epargyreus Clarus Butterfly

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Birds that Start with E

  1. Eagle
  2. Eagle Owl
  3. Eastern Bluebird
  4. Eastern Meadowlark
  5. Eastern Rosella
  6. Eastern Screech Owl
  7. Egyptian Goose
  8. Emeu
  9. Emu
  10. Eurasian Coot
  11. Eurasian Eagle Owl
  12. Eurasian Jay

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Reptiles that Start with E

  1. Eastern Box Turtle
  2. Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake
  3. Eastern Mud Turtle
  4. Eastern Painted Turtle
  5. Egyptian Cobra
  6. Egyptian Tortoise
  7. Electric Eel
  8. Emerald Tree Boa
  9. Emperor Newt

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Animals Starting with the Letter “E” for Kindergarten

  1. Elephant
  2. Emu
  3. Eagle
  4. Eel
  5. Elk
  6. Egret
  7. Earthworm
  8. Ermine
  9. Echidna

Frequently Asked Questions on E Animals

What are some animals that start with E?

There are many animals that start with the letter E, such as eagle, elephant, echidna, eel, elk, and emu. Eagle is the most common species of this group and it is one of the largest birds. All these animals play an important role in preserving global biodiversity.

What are some zoo animals that start with E?

There are a few different animals in zoos starting with E. They include echidna, elk, emu, elephant, eland, egret, and eagle.

What are some sea animals that start with E?

There are several sea animals that begin with the letter ‘E’. Some examples include electric eel, eagle ray, elephant seal, eastern Pacific green turtle, and eelpout fish.

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