168 Animals that Start with H with Pictures | Animals Beginning with H

Are you searching for names of animals that start with H? Below you’ll find an alphabetical list of animals starting with the letter h. Each animal contains an interesting fact so that you can learn more about their origins, appearances, habits, and so on.

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Animals that Start with H

Animals that Start with HPin

Common Animals Starting with H List

Here are 52 animals that start with H you probably don’t know.

  • Haddock
  • Hagfish
  • Hake
  • Halibut
  • Hamerkop Bird
  • Hammerhead Shark
  • Hamster
  • Harbor Porpoise
  • Harbor Seal
  • Hare
  • Harp Seal
  • Harpy Eagle
  • Harrier Hawk
  • Hartebeest
  • Havanese
  • Hawaiian Crow
  • Hawk
  • Hazel Dormouse
  • Hedgehog
  • Hellbender
  • Hercules Beetle
  • Hermit Crab
  • Heron
  • Herring
  • Highland Cattle
  • Hippopotamus
  • Hissing Cockroach
  • Hoatzin
  • Honey Badger
  • Honey Bee
  • Hoopoe
  • Horn Shark
  • Hornbill
  • Horned Frog
  • Horned Puffin
  • Hornet
  • Horse
  • Horseshoe Crab
  • House Finch
  • House Martin
  • House Mouse
  • House Sparrow
  • House Wren
  • Hoverfly
  • Howler Monkey
  • Humboldt Penguin
  • Hummingbird
  • Humpback Whale
  • Humphead Wrasse
  • Huntsman Spider
  • Hyena
  • Hyrax

Common Animals that Start with H | Facts & Pictures


They primarily live in saltwater



Can go months without eating



At night, these fish swim towards the surface of the water to find food



Largest of all the flatfishes


Hamerkop Bird

Smallest African stork

Hamerkop BirdPin

Hammerhead Shark

Traps stingrays by pinning them to the seafloor

Hammerhead SharkPin


Able to run as quickly backward as forwards


Harbor Porpoise

Considered very shy and typically not approachable

Harbor PorpoisePin

Harbor Seal

The seals have the largest geographical range

Harbor SealPin


Larger than rabbits and have longer ears


Harp Seal

Spend very little time on land

Harp SealPin

Harpy Eagle

The largest eagle in the Americas

Harpy EaglePin

Harrier Hawk

Looks like an owl and hunts like one too

Harrier HawkPin


An African antelope that’s also known as “kongoni”



This dog’s coat feels like fine silk


Hawaiian Crow

Once believed to be a family guardian spirit in Hawaii

Hawaiian CrowPin


Females are larger than males


Hazel Dormouse

Unable to digest complex plant material

Hazel DormousePin


One of the oldest mammals on Earth



Largest salamander in North America

Hercules Beetle

Can lift a load that is 850 times heavier than their own weight

Hercules BeetlePin

Hermit Crab

Unable to grow their own shells

Hermit CrabPin


Easily confused with a stork



Known as the “silver of the sea”


Highland Cattle

Raised primarily for their meat, which is popular due to it being low in cholesterol

Highland CattlePin


Considered one of the most dangerous animals in Africa


Hissing Cockroach

Known to be found inside of rotting logs

Hissing CockroachPin


Also called the reptile bird, the skunk bird, and the stinkbird


Honey Badger

Their skin is too tough for most predators’ teeth

Honey BadgerPin

Honey Bee

The only insect that produces food eaten by man

Honey BeePin


The national bird of Israel


Horn Shark

Known to crawl along the bottom using their fins

Horn SharkPin


Important symbols of the Dayak tribe


Horned Frog

Found in the grasslands of Argentina, Uruguay, and Brazil

Horned FrogPin

Horned Puffin

Typically nest on cliffs

Horned PuffinPin


Preys on bees



Only sleeps around three hours a day


Horseshoe Crab

Been on Earth for longer than dinosaurs

Horseshoe CrabPin

House Finch

The males color can range from deep red to golden yellow

House FinchPin

House Martin

A fast-flying aerial feeder with a forked tail

House MartinPin

House Mouse

Produces between 40 and 100 droppings per day

House MousePin

House Sparrow

A common bird in Britain

House SparrowPin

House Wren

Named for its tendency to nest around human homes or in birdhouses

House WrenPin


Often mistaken for a bee


Howler Monkey

Spends 80% of its time resting

Howler MonkeyPin

Humboldt Penguin

Has two layers of feathers that provide insulation from the cold

Humboldt PenguinPin


The smallest migrating bird


Humpback Whale

Their flippers can grow up to 16 feet long

Humpback WhalePin

Humphead Wrasse

A giant coral reef fish with a bulge on its forehead

Humphead WrassePin

Huntsman Spider

Has the largest leg span, but isn’t the largest spider

Huntsman SpiderPin


Their laugh indicates their social status



They’re related to elephants and manatees


Animals Beginning with H (by Locations)

Wild Animals that Start with H

  1. Hyena
  2. Hippopotamus
  3. Honey badger
  4. Humpback whale
  5. Hare
  6. Harpy eagle
  7. Hammerhead shark
  8. Hedgehog
  9. Highland cow
  10. Howler monkey
  11. Hornbill
  12. Horseshoe crab
  13. House sparrow
  14. Hoatzin
  15. Hummingbird
  16. Hermit crab
  17. Harbor seal
  18. Herring gull
  19. Hartebeest
  20. Hooded seal
  21. Hairy-nosed otter
  22. Highland tiger
  23. Horsfield’s tarsier
  24. Hawaiian monk seal
  25. Hill myna
  26. Himalayan black bear
  27. Hook-billed kite
  28. House mouse
  29. Highland wild dog
  30. Hooded vulture

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Domestic Animals Beginning with H

  1. Horse
  2. Hen
  3. Hamster
  4. Highland cattle
  5. Himalayan rabbit
  6. Havanese
  7. Harlequin rabbit
  8. Holland lop rabbit
  9. Highland pony
  10. Holstein cow
  11. Honeybee
  12. Huacaya alpaca
  13. Hampshire pig
  14. Hereford cattle
  15. Herding dog
  16. Hungarian hound
  17. Havana Brown
  18. Hound dog
  19. Highland sheep
  20. Hybrid cat

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Sea and Ocean Animals that Start with H

  1. Haddock
  2. Hake
  3. Hammerhead Shark
  4. Harp Seal
  5. Hawksbill Sea Turtle
  6. Herring
  7. Hippopotamus Seal
  8. Hogfish
  9. Horse Mackerel
  10. Horse-eye Jack
  11. Humpback Whale
  12. Humboldt Squid
  13. Hunter Crab
  14. Hydrothermal Vent Worm
  15. Hydromedusa Jellyfish

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Zoo Animals that Start with H

  1. Hamadryas Baboon
  2. Harpy Eagle
  3. Hartebeest
  4. Hedgehog
  5. Himalayan Black Bear
  6. Hippopotamus
  7. Hognose Snake
  8. Honey Badger
  9. Hoopoe Bird
  10. Hornbill Bird
  11. Horned Lizard
  12. Horned Frog
  13. Horseshoe Crab
  14. Howler Monkey
  15. Hyacinth Macaw
  16. Hyena
  17. Hyrax
  18. Hamster
  19. Harris’s Hawk
  20. Highland Cattle
  21. Himalayan Tahr
  22. Hissing Cockroach
  23. Hoffman’s Two-toed Sloth
  24. Honey Bee
  25. Hooded Vulture
  26. Houbara Bustard
  27. House Mouse
  28. House Sparrow
  29. Humboldt Penguin

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Animals with H (by Types)

Mammals that Start with H

  1. Hare
  2. Harp Seal
  3. Hedgehog
  4. Hippopotamus
  5. Himalayan Black Bear
  6. Horse
  7. Humpback Whale
  8. Hamster
  9. Honey Badger
  10. Hyena
  11. Hyrax
  12. Highland Cattle
  13. Himalayan Tahr
  14. Hartebeest
  15. Horseshoe Bat
  16. House Mouse
  17. Human
  18. Harbor Seal
  19. Hoary Marmot
  20. Hooded Seal
  21. Howler Monkey
  22. Horsehair Worm
  23. Hog
  24. Hairy-tailed Mole
  25. Hairy-nosed Otter
  26. Harbor Porpoise
  27. Hog Deer
  28. Hispaniolan Solenodon
  29. Hula Painted Frog

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Insects that Start with H

  1. Harlequin Bug
  2. Harvestman
  3. Head Louse
  4. Heliconian Butterfly
  5. Helicopter Damselfly
  6. Hellgrammite
  7. Hercules Beetle
  8. Hermit Flower Beetle
  9. Hessian Fly
  10. Hickory Horned Devil
  11. Highland Midge
  12. Honey Bee
  13. Hornet
  14. Horse Fly
  15. Hoverfly
  16. Hummingbird Moth
  17. Humpbacked Fly
  18. Hunter Fly
  19. Horse Guard
  20. House Cricket
  21. House Fly
  22. Honeypot Ant
  23. Hourglass Dolphin
  24. Horseshoe Crab
  25. Hackberry Emperor
  26. Haematobia Irritans
  27. Haliplus Water Beetle
  28. Halobates Water Strider
  29. Halter Fly
  30. Hambletonian Hairstreak

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Birds that Start with H

  1. Harpy Eagle
  2. Hawk
  3. Heron
  4. Hoopoe
  5. House Sparrow
  6. Hummingbird
  7. Horned Grebe
  8. Hooded Merganser
  9. Horned Lark
  10. Herring Gull
  11. House Finch
  12. Hairy Woodpecker
  13. House Wren
  14. Hume’s Ground Tit
  15. Hawaiian Goose
  16. Horsfield’s Bronze-Cuckoo
  17. Helmeted Guineafowl
  18. Harris’s Hawk
  19. Hermit Thrush
  20. Himalayan Monal
  21. Hill Myna
  22. Harlequin Duck
  23. Hammond’s Flycatcher
  24. Hooded Crow
  25. Hawaiian Crow
  26. Hook-billed Kite
  27. House Martin
  28. Hottentot Teal
  29. Hume’s Owl
  30. Harris’s Sparrow

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Reptiles that Start with H

  1. Hognose Snake
  2. House Gecko
  3. Horned Lizard
  4. Hawksbill Sea Turtle
  5. Harlequin Snake Eel
  6. Hog-nosed Pit Viper
  7. Helmeted Turtle
  8. Hispaniolan Green Anole
  9. House Snake
  10. Horsefield’s Tortoise
  11. Huntsman Spider
  12. Hog Island Boa
  13. Honduran Milk Snake
  14. Highland Ground Gecko
  15. Hillstream Turtle
  16. Hermit Crab
  17. Hendrickson’s Gecko
  18. Hook-nosed Sea Snake
  19. Horned Bush Viper
  20. Himalayan Pit Viper
  21. Hump-nosed Lizard
  22. Harlequin Frog
  23. Hump-backed Garter Snake
  24. Hardwick’s Spiny-tailed Gecko

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Animals Starting with the Letter “H” for Kindergarten

  1. Hamster
  2. Horse
  3. Hippo
  4. Hen
  5. Hare
  6. Hedgehog
  7. Heron
  8. Hawk
  9. Hyena

Frequently Asked Questions on H Animals

What are some animals that start with H?

Hedgehogs, hyenas, hippopotami, herons, hawks, horses, hummingbirds, horses, and hares are some animals that start with the letter “H.”

What are some sea animals that start with H?

Some of the sea animals that start with the letter H are hermit crabs, horseshoe crabs, heart urchins, humpback whales, hammerhead sharks,s and honeycomb worms.

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