204 Cool Animals that Start with U | Animals Beginning with U with Pictures

Last Updated on October 31, 2023

Are you curious about the amazing animals that start with the letter “U”? These animals are found all over the world, but that isn’t the only thing that makes them so fascinating and diverse. Each animal has an interesting fact to go with it so that you can better understand their differences in size, traits, habits, and so much more!

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Animals that Start with U

Animals that Start with UPin

List of Common Animals Starting with U

  • Uakari
  • Uganda Kob
  • Uguisu
  • Uinta Chipmunk
  • Uinta Ground Squirrel
  • Ulysses Butterfly
  • Umbrella Bird
  • Unau
  • Unicornfish
  • Upupa
  • Urchin
  • Urial
  • Uromastyx
  • Urraca

Common Animals that Start with U | Interesting Facts and Pictures


Unlike most monkeys, they have very short tails. They move by using their arms and legs, not by using their tail. They come from South America and are known for their bald heads and extremely bright red faces.


Uganda Kob

This species of antelope is found in Sub-Saharan Africa. They prefer grasslands, savanna woodlands, and floodplains that are close to a source of water. When they move in search of water, the females lead the group. Females are also known to be more social than males.

Uganda KobPin


This small bird is also known as the Japanese Bush Warbler and the Japanese Nightingale. These birds are found throughout Japan, China, and Taiwan.


Uinta Chipmunk

They are one of the 24 North American chipmunk species. Uinta Chipmunks construct their den typically under rocks or shrubs.

Uinta ChipmunkPin

Uinta Ground Squirrel

A small rodent that resembles a prairie dog. They are in hibernation for a long period of time, with them waking up in March and then going back into hibernation around mid-July. These animals are typically herbivores unless they find earthworms or human food.

Uinta Ground SquirrelPin

Ulysses Butterfly

A large swallowtail butterfly that lives in Australia, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, and the Solomon Islands. Their wingspan is between 100 and 130 mm. They are considered to be one of the most elusive butterflies, which makes it hard to snap a photo of their beautiful blue coloring.

Ulysses ButterflyPin

Umbrella Bird

These birds live in the rainforests of Central and South America. Their name comes from the umbrella-like crest that sits on the top of their heads. Monkeys, snakes, hawks, and eagles are their primary predators.


A species of sloth from South America. They are three times stronger than humans, and they have the lowest metabolic rate of any mammal, meaning it takes them a long time to digest anything.


Their mouths are designed to remove the algae from coral while leaving the coral intact. They have a bony horn on their forehead which is how they are easily identified.



This animal is the national bird of Israel. They range throughout Europe, Africa, and Asia.



There are 950 different species that live in the water of all temperatures – hot and cold. Urchins aren’t known to be aggressive, however, humans commonly get injured by stepping on them.



A wild sheep that’s native to the Middle East. They have reddish-brown fur that fades during the winter months.



These reptiles have the ability to change color by becoming darker to absorb more sunlight, and becoming lighter when they become too hot.



A bird found in El Salvador. They have a blue breast and a gray head.


Animals Beginning with U (by Locations)

Wild Animals that Start with U

  1. Uakari
  2. Uinta ground squirrel
  3. Umbrellabird
  4. Urial
  5. Uromastyx lizard
  6. Uguisu bird
  7. Ucayali spiny rat
  8. Unau (sloth)
  9. Ursid bear
  10. Ural owl
  11. Unstriped ground squirrel
  12. Ugandan kob
  13. Upupa bird
  14. Utahraptor (dinosaur)
  15. Urial sheep
  16. Ugandan red colobus
  17. Ussuri brown bear
  18. Urial mountain goat
  19. Urutu pit viper
  20. Upemba lechwe
  21. Umbrette bird
  22. Uromys rat
  23. Uakari monkey
  24. Unicorn fish
  25. Ursus bear
  26. Umbrellamouth gulper eel
  27. Urial wild sheep
  28. Utahraptor dinosaur
  29. Uguisu Japanese bush warbler
  30. Unadorned rock-wallaby
  31. Unicolored antbird
  32. Unstriped surili
  33. Uromastyx lizard
  34. Ussuri weasel
  35. Uta stansburiana lizard
  36. Unstriped ground squirrel
  37. Ural field mouse
  38. Uca crab
  39. Utricularia carnivorous plant
  40. Unicorn beetle

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Domestic Animals Beginning with U

  1. Urial Sheep
  2. Umbria Horse
  3. Utonagan Dog
  4. Uruguayan Cimarron Dog
  5. Ushuaia Wild Horse
  6. Ukrainian Levkoy Cat
  7. Ural Rex Cat
  8. Usuri Cat
  9. Ujumqin Sheep
  10. Uda Sheep
  11. Ushuaia Wild Cattle
  12. Uzunyayla Sheep
  13. Utrecht Whiteheaded Capuchin
  14. Unmol Donkey
  15. Ukrainian Riding Horse
  16. Upper Galilee Mountain Goat
  17. Uruguayan Pony
  18. Umtali Horse
  19. Utah Bantam Chicken
  20. Uzunyayla Goat
  21. Uralian Cow
  22. Uttara Curly Horse
  23. Ukrainian Grey Cattle
  24. Ulyanovskaya Cattle
  25. Ugandan Small East African Shorthorn Zebu
  26. Uzumlu Goat
  27. Uzunyayla Cattle
  28. Uzbek Black Pied Cattle
  29. Uruguayan Hereford
  30. Uzhhorod Goat

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Sea and Ocean Animals that Start with U

  1. Uakarii crab
  2. Uca maracoani crab
  3. Umbrella jellyfish
  4. Unicolor brotula
  5. Unicorn leatherjacket
  6. Unicorn fish
  7. Unidens angelfish
  8. Uniserial sea pen
  9. Urchin
  10. Urchinfish
  11. Urn jellyfish
  12. Urocaridella shrimp
  13. Urochordata
  14. Uroconger eel
  15. Urogymnus ray
  16. Urolophus stingray
  17. Uromastyx lizard
  18. Uroteuthis squid
  19. Urutu pit viper
  20. Uta stansburiana lizard
  21. Utahraptor (dinosaur)
  22. Utricularia carnivorous plant
  23. Uca crab
  24. Uca rapax crab
  25. Umbrina drum fish
  26. Upeneus goatfish
  27. Ursula’s goby
  28. Uria guillemot
  29. Urnula cranchii jellyfish
  30. Urobatis ray
  31. Urotrygon stingray
  32. Umbra fish
  33. Ural roach fish
  34. Uruguayan angel shark
  35. Unicorn shrimp
  36. Umbrellamouth gulper eel
  37. Umbrellabird
  38. Urobatis halleri ray
  39. Unstriped mullet fish
  40. Urophycis fish

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Zoo Animals that Start with U

  1. Umbrella bird
  2. Uakari monkey
  3. Uromastyx lizard
  4. Urutu pit viper
  5. Urial sheep
  6. Ugandan kob
  7. Utahraptor dinosaur
  8. Umbrellabird
  9. Ucayali spiny rat
  10. Unstriped ground squirrel
  11. Unicorn fish
  12. Ussuri brown bear
  13. Uguisu bird
  14. Uromys rat
  15. Usumbara orange baboon
  16. Ural owl
  17. Unstriped surili
  18. Utahraptor dinosaur
  19. Unstriped ground squirrel
  20. Ursid bear
  21. Ural field mouse
  22. Uralian cow
  23. Upland goose
  24. Uakarii crab
  25. Uca Marconi crab
  26. Urocaridella shrimp
  27. Urochordata
  28. Uroconger eel
  29. Urogymnus ray
  30. Urolophus stingray
  31. Ursula’s goby
  32. Urotrygon stingray
  33. Uria guillemot
  34. Umbrellamouth gulper eel
  35. Unstriped mullet fish
  36. Uca crab
  37. Uca rapax crab
  38. Umbra fish
  39. Uruguayan angel shark

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Animals with U (by Types)

Mammals that Start with U

  1. Urial (sheep)
  2. Umbrellabird
  3. Unicorn (mythical)
  4. Umbrella bat
  5. Unstriped ground squirrel
  6. Uakari (monkey)
  7. Uinta chipmunk
  8. Uintatherium (extinct mammal)
  9. Ucayali spiny rat
  10. Ugandan red colobus
  11. Ugandan kob
  12. Uist woolly mouse
  13. Uluguru bushbaby
  14. Uncia (snow leopard)
  15. Urial (sheep)
  16. Urutu pit viper
  17. Uromastyx (lizard)
  18. Usambara thrush
  19. Ussuri brown bear
  20. Ussuri dhole
  21. Ussuri white-toothed shrew
  22. Urial (sheep)
  23. Uakarii crab
  24. Urocyon (gray fox)
  25. Uroderma (tent-making bat)
  26. Ursid bear
  27. Urial sheep
  28. Uromys (rat)
  29. Usumbara orange baboon
  30. Utahraptor (dinosaur)
  31. Ucayali titi
  32. Ural field mouse
  33. Urial sheep
  34. Urutu pit viper
  35. Ussurian tube-nosed bat
  36. Ussurian water shrew
  37. Uttara orca
  38. Uzhursky flying squirrel
  39. Ubangian mole-rat
  40. Umbalite mongoose

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Insects that Start with U

  1. Unicorn beetle
  2. Ulysses butterfly
  3. Umbrella wasp
  4. Umber skipper
  5. Unmarked tussock moth
  6. Utetheisa moth
  7. Uresiphita moth
  8. Urodus beetle
  9. Umbonia spittlebug
  10. Unicolor darkling beetle
  11. Upupa epops (Hoopoe bird, also known as the “European Hoopoe”)
  12. Urania moth
  13. Udea moth
  14. Unusual scarab beetle
  15. Ulotrichous moth
  16. Ulopina moth
  17. Uraeus hawk moth
  18. Urodidae (a family of moths)
  19. Uropodina mite
  20. Urostylid mite
  21. Ussurian longhorn beetle
  22. Uvarovite bush cricket
  23. Uvarovite katydid
  24. Uvarovite grasshopper
  25. Uvarovite mole cricket.

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Birds that Start with U

  1. Ural owl
  2. Umbrellabird
  3. Upupa epops (Hoopoe bird)
  4. Upland sandpiper
  5. Unicolored blackbird
  6. Ultramarine flycatcher
  7. Udzungwa forest-partridge
  8. Unicolored jay
  9. Unicolored thrush
  10. Uniform finch
  11. Uralian finch
  12. Ussuri hawk-eagle
  13. Ultramarine kingfisher
  14. Unicolored brush-finch
  15. Unicolored tapaculo
  16. Ultramarine lory
  17. Usambara akalat
  18. Unicolored antpitta
  19. Unicolored blackbird
  20. Unicolored jay
  21. Unicolored thrush
  22. Unicolored wren
  23. Uniform crake
  24. Ural owl
  25. Uralian treecreeper
  26. Urutau
  27. Utahraptor (a dinosaur)
  28. Uvira sparrow
  29. Uzungwe forest partridge
  30. Ukrainian scops owl
  31. Upcher’s warbler
  32. Usambara eagle-owl
  33. Ugandan woodpecker
  34. Uruguayan nightjar
  35. Udzungwa forest-partridge
  36. Uluguru bushshrike
  37. Ultramarine grosbeak
  38. Ural owl

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Reptiles that Start with U

  1. Uakari gecko
  2. Ulianin’s snake
  3. Unadorned burrowing snake
  4. Unbanded tropical gecko
  5. Uncarina tortoise
  6. Underwood’s snake
  7. Ungaliophis snake
  8. Unicoloured black snake
  9. Unidactyl worm lizard
  10. Union Island gecko
  11. Unpatterned burrowing snake
  12. Upemba chameleon
  13. Upland chorus frog
  14. Upper Zambezi lizard
  15. Upsidedown catfish
  16. Upstart snake
  17. Ural dwarf gecko
  18. Uroplatus gecko
  19. Ursula’s leaf-toed gecko
  20. Urutu pit viper

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Animals Starting with the Letter “U” for Kindergarten

  1. Unicorn
  2. Urial sheep
  3. Uakari monkey
  4. Uguisu bird
  5. Utahraptor dinosaur
  6. Uca crab
  7. Urial goat
  8. Upland goose
  9. Umbrella cockatoo
  10. Umbrella squid

Frequently Asked Questions on U Animals

What are some animals that start with U?

Animals that start with the letter U include uakari, uguisu, ubume, and unicornfish. The uakari is a small primate found in South America, known for its bright red head. The uguisu, or Japanese bush warbler, can be found in Japan and Korea.

What animal starts with U and has horns?

An Urial is an animal that starts with the letter U and has horns. It is also known as the ‘Mountain Sheep’ or a ‘Siberian Ibex’, since it is found in cold climates of Eurasia such as Siberia, Mongolia or the Caucasus Mountains.

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