Anywho Meaning: How to Use the Popular Term “Anywho” Correctly?

“Anywho” is a slang term you will hear, not only used on the internet and in text messages, but also everyday conversation and writing. Although this term may seem like a word that is incorrectly spelled at first glance, it is spelled correctly and is a term all on its own.

Here you will find the meaning of this slang term and information about its origin if there is any available. You will also find some other meanings if they exist and see the term used in example conversations that will help you to better comprehend its usage and meaning. Finally, you will see some synonyms for the slang term that you can use in its place when speaking or writing to relate the same meaning.

Anywho Meaning

What Does Anywho Mean?

The slang term “anywho” is used to take the place of anyway, however, or anyhow in a sentence or conversation. It is a transition word to clue your audience in that you are going to switch topics or revert to speaking about the first thing you were talking about if you have gotten off track for some reason.

Origin of Anywho

There is no definitive information regarding the origin of the slang term “anywho.” Some say it was first heard on a radio broadcast in 1968. Others say it was listed as a word in the Australian Dictionary as “anyhoo” before that time. However, many believe that it was not widely used in the U.S. until much more recently, circa 2001. It is believed that its popularity in the U.S. grew through its comic usage on popular television shows like Friends and The Simpsons.

Other Meanings

There are no other meanings listed for the slang term “anywho” or “anyhoo,” regardless of the way it is spelled.

Conversation Examples

A text conversation between two friends:

  • Friend 1: I told you what happened to me yesterday right?
  • Friend 2: You mean about your run-in with Aaron?
  • Friend 1: Yes! Oh my gosh, he is so sweet and so cute! I wish he would ask me out already!
  • Friend 2: Well, yeah you told me about it. Why?
  • Friend 1: Oh yeah, anywho, I talked to him and he said that his friend Damian likes you!

An online conversation between two Facebook users about an item listed for sale.

  • User 1: Brand new sneakers for sale. Don’t have tags but I have the receipt. Paid $100 for them but willing to take $75.
  • User 2: I had a pair just like these when I was growing up but they looked a little bit different.
  • User 1: That doesn’t surprise me. The brand has been around forever.
  • User 2: Yes, they have but that’s not surprising. They make great shoes that last a long time.
  • User 1: That they do.
  • User 2: Anywho, would you take $70 for them? I would like to buy them for my son.
  • User 1: Sure!

Alternatives to “Anywho”

There are several other words you could use in place of the slang term “anywho” that will convey the same thought. Some of the words you could use effectively in its place include:

  • anyhow
  • anyway
  • however

Anywho Meaning Infographic


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  1. Dumb in the extreme. No obvious connection to logic or other practical relationship in reality.

    Like “Got, gotten, get” that is – to me – a jarring corruption of correct ENGLISH expression.

    Got ~ received, obtained, acquired.
    Gotten ~ received, obtained, acquired.
    Get ~ obtain, take possession of, understand – etc..

    “Get” in particular is a horrible mangling of English language.

    The conjunction of “have got” and similar seem even more silly to me. ‘Have’ by itself does the job, unless you wish to expand to …

    …have received.
    …have obtained.
    …have acquired.

    It is too late for any of the above to have any effect whatsoever on how we speak and understand each other. That is a pitiful indictment on the global media who seem to NEED the word GOT in every other sentence.

    Could it be that they are as illiterate as their listeners?

    • To further make my point. The formatting I used in above was completely trashed by the receiving computer. Format is a useful (in fact – a vital) aspect of text communication in any form. So why do you and thousands of other sites trash the efforts of your readers and respondents by mangling what was otherwise quite legible.


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