“AOP” Meaning: What Does “AOP” Mean and Stand For?

What does “AOP” mean? For an unmarried father, a powerful way to enhance the father-child relationship is to acknowledge the paternal relationship in a formal and authenticated document. It builds the child’s confidence and grants the father certain rights, including the right to visitation. In this article, you will learn the meaning and origin, other meanings, and examples of the acronym “AOP”.

“AOP” Meaning

What Does “AOP” Mean and Stand For?

The acronym AOP stands for Acknowledgment of Paternity. It is a legal document that binds the father and a child who was born outside of marriage. AOP is a form signed by the biological father to accept responsibility and assume specific legal entitlements to a child. In some instances, the AOP is signed voluntarily at the medical facility when a baby is born. AOP is also sometimes accomplished at a later point after the child’s birth.

Once the paternity is fully established, the biological father will have to assume certain responsibilities and rights as the child’s legal father. Though other parental rights are not assured in this acknowledgment, the father will still have the right to use his last name on the child’s birth certificate. In addition, the father will also be responsible for child support, and in cases of adoption, the father has to be consulted first and must give his consent.

Other Similar Meanings of “AOP”

  • Annual Operational Plan

AOP can also be an accounting term used in corporations. The annual Operational Plan is a detailed proposal of events formulated strategically to achieve the company goals and objectives.

  • Army Order of Precedence

In the military, AOP is a positioning order of several army corps during public processions or parades. The arrangement of the parade ground has to be according to the established Army Order of Precedence that follows a hierarchy.

  • Anomalistic Observational Phenomena

AOP or UFO refers to the unidentified flying object peculiarly observed in the sky, especially if the cause or origin is in question.

  • Annals of Probability

In mathematics, AOP is a journal that was started in 1973 by the Institute of Mathematical Statistics.

  • Association for Online Publishing

In the UK, AOP represents the digital publishing company industry that serves multiple media owners such as television and radio broadcasting, newspaper and magazine publications, and online media.

  • Academic Opportunity Program

In academics, it is a planned series of activities or lessons for freshmen students. It is a program for those who were not able to fulfill the admission requirements. The AOP aims to honor them the full-blown student status once the activities are completed and satisfied.

“AOP” Examples

Examples in Statements:

Ex 1:

  • “Is the father here to sign the AOP form?”

Ex 2:

  • “Once you sign the AOP, you will express in a legal statement that you are that child’s father.”

Ex 3:

  • “You can still complete the AOP by sending the accomplished form directly to the state’s agency handling cital records.”

Conversation Examples:

  • Person 1: “What guaranteed rights do I get in signing the AOP?”
  • Person 2: “Aside from assuming child support, you will have visitation rights and you can have your last name added on the child’s birth certificate.”

Other Words to Use Instead of “AOP”

The Acknowledgment of Paternity or AOP is an affidavit that is also known as JFS 07038. It is a legal form for unmarried parents to allow the biological father’s inclusion to the child’s birth certificate.

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