“ASOP” Meaning | What Does “ASOP” Stand for?

If you have heard or seen the acronym “ASOP” being used and thought it was a form of internet slang you have never heard before, you would be incorrect. The acronym is not a form of slang at all. Below, you will find the meaning of this acronym, the origin of this acronym, and some other options that the acronym can stand for other than the most popular representation. You will also see the acronym used in some example conversations to help you better understand its meaning by seeing it used in the proper context. Finally, you will see some synonyms that can be used if it is possible to substitute other words and still maintain the same meaning.

“ASOP” Meaning

What Does “ASOP” Mean?

The acronym ASOP is used to represent the title “Alliance for Safe Online Pharmacies.” Also known as ASOP Global, this organization is a nonprofit group that helps patients across the globe ensure they are getting their medications from online pharmacies that are real, safe, and operate according to applicable laws.

Origin of “ASOP”

The organization that ASOP represents was founded in 2009. They are based out of Washington, D.C. and have partners throughout the world including the European Union, Asia, and the United States. Members of this organization strive to combat illegal pharmacies that are present online who try to sell pharmaceuticals illegally, The organization is made up of doctors, pharmacies, prescription drug manufacturers, and public health organizations. There are many other types of members as well who have all united to ensure patient safety while using the internet to purchase their necessary pharmaceuticals.

Other Meanings

This acronym is used to represent some other businesses, organizations, policies, and practices as well across many different industries. Some of the other things that this acronym can represent are “Army Occupations Survey Program,” “Actuarial Standards of Practice,” “Advance Schedule of Projects,” “American Society of Orthopedic Professionals,” and “Austin School of Photography.” These are just a small handful of what this acronym can represent because there are too many to mention them all here.

Conversation Examples

A text message conversation between two friends.

  • Friend 1: I need to get prescriptions filled and was thinking about doing it online. I hear it is cheaper.
  • Friend 2: Often it is cheaper, but you have to make sure you are ordering them from a legitimate online pharmacy. Otherwise it can be dangerous.
  • Friend 1: I assumed if they were online trying to sell pharmaceuticals they would all be legit.
  • Friend 2: No, they all don’t have proper licensing or act within the law. Check the ASOP. They have a list of legitimate pharmacies and also have a way to look up individual online pharmacies to see if they are legitimate.

An online conversation between two Facebook users.

  • User 1: Can anyone recommend a legitimate online pharmacy where I can get my medication cheaper?
  • User 2: Look on ASOP.
  • User 1: What is that?
  • User 2: It’s an organization that keeps track of legitimate online pharmacies. If you go to their site, you should be able to look for one on there or type in the name of the one you are considering using to see if it is real or not.
  • User 1: Okay, I will do that. Thank you!

Synonyms of “ASOP”

Whether using this acronym to represent the organization mentioned here or in another optional capacity mentioned or not mentioned, the acronym represents the title of an official entity or practice. Therefore, there are no synonyms for this acronym no matter what capacity it is used in.

“ASOP” Meaning Infographic

ASOP Meaning: How to Use this Useful Acronym Correctly?