Athletic Shoes: Types of Sport Shoes in English with Pictures

Athletic Shoes! Learn different types of sport shoes, running shoes, sneakers… with pictures and examples to improve and enhance your shoes vocabulary in English. If you are an avid exerciser, you might find yourself in the situation of needing a new pair of athletic shoes. However, there are more than one types, there are shoes for running, soccer and much more. In this section, you will learn the names of the various types of athletic shoes in English. This is a great way to add more words to your vocabulary as well as giving you the upper hand in sounding more native.

Athletic Shoes

List of Sport Shoes

  • Chuck Taylor
  • Golf shoes
  • Hiking boots
  • High-tops
  • Running shoes
  • Climbing shoes
  • Soccer shoes
  • Sneakers (U.S)/ Trainers (U.K)
  • Old skool
  • Basketball shoes
  • Ice-skates

Types of Athletic Shoes with Pictures

Athletic shoes are specifically designed to be worn for participating in various sports. Since friction between the foot and the ground is an important force in most sports, modern athletic shoes are designed to maximize this force, and materials, such as rubber, are used.

Chuck Taylor

– He took his Chuck Taylor and socks off.

Golf shoes

– I like this pair of golf shoes.

Hiking boots

– My hiking boots are too big.


– I can’t go out without any high-tops.

Running shoes

– Good running shoes should provide a cushion when running.

Climbing shoes

– These climbing shoes are much too small for me.

Soccer shoes

– Mother bought him a pair of soccer shoes.

Sneakers (U.S)/ Trainers (U.K)

– He wore old jeans and a pair of sneakers.

Old skool

– Could I try these old skool in a bigger size?

Basketball shoes

– I must whiten my basketball shoes.


– They were too poor to buy ice-skates for the kids.

Athletic Shoes Vocabulary | Picture

Athletic Shoes Vocabulary in English | Types of Shoes

Sport Shoes Video

Types of Shoes

Learn different types of shoes in English

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