Attorney vs. Lawyer: When to Use Lawyer vs. Attorney (with Useful Examples)

Attorney vs. lawyer! If you ever find yourself sued for one reason or the other, whom are you going to call to represent you in court? Certainly, you can represent yourself. But if you want a qualified professional, you are going to hire an attorney. Or are you going to hire a lawyer? These words seem to have very similar meanings, so it’s best to figure out if there are any significant differences.

Attorney vs. Lawyer

A LAWYER is a person who practices the law, while an ATTORNEY is a person who handles business for someone else.

In common English, these two words are used interchangeably when referring to people who represent their clients in court. However, strictly speaking, you can’t say that all lawyers are attorneys. A lawyer only becomes an attorney when he has a client, i.e. when he has someone to conduct business for.

Some people who practice law call themselves exclusively attorneys because they believe that the title of a lawyer is associated with dishonesty and other negative connotations.

However, the distinction between these two terms is very rarely observed in everyday speech or even by those who’ve made dealing with law their profession. So, everyone will understand what you mean, and nobody will probably get offended, no matter if you call someone a lawyer or an attorney.

Still, if you want to be completely correct, remember that an attorney is an agent hired by a client to represent him or to conduct any other kind of business for him. A lawyer who’s working with a client is simply one type of attorney.

Attorney vs. Lawyer Examples

  • He wants to be an attorney.
  • The attorney demonstrated that the witness was lying.
  • The attorney quickly turned his main defense argument on its head.
  • He delegated his power of attorney to his sister-in-law.
  • He needed to consult with an attorney.
  • The new district attorney has promised to fight police corruption.
  • She’s an attorney who advises companies about mergers and takeovers.
  • We had a long meeting with the attorney general.
  • She became a lawyer as her father had before her.
  • He invested his lawyer with complete power to act for him.
  • Her lawyer seemed very knowledgeable and experienced.
  • She went to a lawyer for some independent advice.
  • A clever lawyer can cozen the prisoner into an admission of guilt.
  • lawyer was appointed to represent the child.
  • The old man committed his will to the care of the lawyer.
  • He went to town to consult his lawyer.

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Attorney vs. Lawyer: When to Use Attorney vs. Lawyer

Last Updated on March 16, 2021

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