“Bogged Down” Meaning with Helpful Examples

"Bogged Down" Meaning with Helpful Examples 2

One idiomatic phrase you may see or hear used frequently in everyday conversation or writing is “bogged down.” Here you will find the meaning of this phrase and the information available about its origin. You will also find examples of how to use this phrase properly in conversations/statements and you will find alternative ways that … Read more

“Queer” Meaning: What Does Queer Mean?

"Queer" Meaning: What Does Queer Mean? 3

The term “queer” is used widely in casual conversation in more than one way. Years ago, the word queer was seen as a derogatory insult towards someone part of the LGBT community. Particularly, referring as a derogatory slander towards men that were feminine or assumed to engage in sexual activities with other men. Today this … Read more

Happy Belated Birthday is Wrong! Here’s How to Wish Someone a Late Happy Birthday

Happy Belated Birthday or Belated Happy Birthday

Happy belated birthday or belated happy birthday? If you’ve ever had to send one of these cards (come on admit it, you must have done, right?), then you know that so often these terms are used interchangeably. But did you know that actually only one of these is correct? Grammatically speaking, there’s a huge difference … Read more

Passive Voice Misuse and And How To Fix Them

Passive Voice Misuse and And How To Fix Them 7

Passive voice misuse! Most teachers prefer their students to write in the active voice. Direct writing helps students fine-tune their message without tripping over grammar. Focusing on the subject allows the writers to grow a distinct writing style. In a school teachers discourage the use of the passive voice in their students’ essays. Sometimes teachers … Read more