Baby Animal Names in English

In this reference, you will learn about various baby animals and their names, making it easier to remember what to call them. The reference includes sections on kittens and puppies, baby farm animals, and exotic and wild animals. You’ll also find useful details on male, female, and baby animal names, along with pictures.

Baby Animal Names

Baby Animal Names
Baby Animal Names – Created by 7ESL

Kittens and Puppies

Kittens and puppies are among the most popular baby animals, and they often steal the hearts of animal lovers. A newborn kitten, with its tiny size and soft fur, quickly captures attention. They usually open their eyes at around 7 to 10 days old and start to walk at about three weeks. On the other hand, puppies are known for their energy and curiosity. They begin to walk and explore their surroundings at about two to three weeks old. Socialization is vital for both kittens and puppies, as it helps to shape their behavior as adult animals.

Farm Animals

Farm animals have adorable babies too. Among the farm babies, piglets, lambs, calves, foals, chicks, and bunnies have a noticeable charm. Piglets are playful and intelligent, usually born in litters of 10 to 12. Lambs are baby sheep that are often seen frolicking in fields with their soft, curly fleece. Calves, or baby cows, can stand within an hour after birth and begin to walk soon after.

Foals are the offspring of horses and are born with long, spindly legs that enable them to quickly learn to stand and run. Baby deer, known as fawns, are born with white spots that provide camouflage from predators. Chicks are baby chickens that emerge from their eggs after three weeks of incubation. Finally, bunnies are baby rabbits, known for their soft fur and gentle nature.

Exotic and Wild Animals

The animal kingdom is full of endearing baby animals born in the wild. Examples include lion cubs, elephant calves, baby giraffes, and bear cubs. Lion cubs are curious little animals that often play with their siblings and explore their environment. Baby elephants, or calves, are born weighing about 200 pounds and have a strong bond with their mothers.

Giraffes give birth to their calves standing up, and the newborns are around 6 feet tall at birth. Bear cubs, such as grizzly or polar bears, are born much smaller compared to their adult size but quickly grow into powerful creatures. Each of these wild babies serves an essential role in their respective ecosystems.

Male, Female & Baby Animal Names

Baby, Male, and Female Animal Names with Pictures

In English, many animals have specific names for male, female, and young.


Cat - Tom

          Tom (male cat name)

Cat - Queen

          Queen (female cat name)

   Cat - Kitten

           Kitten (baby cat name)


Dog - Dog

            Dog (male dog name)  

Dog - B*tch

           B*tch (female dog name) 

Dog - Puppy

          Puppy (baby dog name)


Chicken - Rooster

           Rooster (male chicken name)

Chicken - Hen

           Hen (female chicken name)   

Chicken - Chick

          Chick (baby chicken name)


   Duck - Drake

           Drake (male duck name)  

Duck - Duck

           Duck (female duck name) 

Duck - Duckling

         Duckling (baby duck name)


Ox - Bull

           Bull (male ox name)

Ox - Cow

           Cow (female ox name)

Ox - Calf

          Calf (baby ox name)


Deer - Deer

         Deer (male deer name)    

Deer - Doe

        Doe (female deer name)

     Deer - Fawn

          Fawn (baby deer name)


Horse - Stallion

       Stallion (male horse name)

Horse - Mare

       Mare (female horse name)

Horse - Foal

         Foal (baby horse name)


Sheep - Ram

       Ram (male sheep name)

Sheep - Ewe

        Ewe (female sheep name)

Sheep - Lamb

      Lamb (baby sheep name)


Tiger - Tiger

       Tiger (male tiger name)  

Tiger - Tigress

       Tigress (female tiger name)

Tiger - Tiger cub

       Tiger cub (baby tiger name)


Lion - Lion

         Lion (male lion name)

Lion - Lioness

         Lioness (female lion name)

Lion - Lion cub

        Lion cub (baby lion name)

List of Male, Female, Baby Animals and Group Names

Generic Name Male Female Baby Group
WHALE Bull Cow Calf School
WALRUS Bull Cow Cub/Pup Herd/Pod
TURTLE Male Female Hatchling Bale/Dule
TURKEY Tom Hen Poult Flock/Rafter
TIGER Tiger Tigress Cub/Whelp Streak
SWAN Cob Pen Signet Bevy
SPARROW Cock Hen Chick Flock
SHEEP Ram Ewe Lamb Flock
SHARK Bull Female Pup School
RABBIT Buck Doe Kit / Bunny Colony
PHEASANT Cock Hen Chick Brood
PIG Boar Sow Suckling/Piglet Herd/Flock
MONKEY Male Female Infant Troop
LOUSE Male Female Nymph Colony
LION Lion Lioness Cub Pride
LEOPARD Leopard Leopardess Cub Leap/Lepe
KANGAROO Buck Doe Joey Moop/Troop
HYENA Male Female Cub Cackle/Clan
HORSE Stallion Mare/Filly Foal String
HIPPOPOTAMUS Bull Cow Calf Bloat
HEDGEHOG Boar Soar Piglet/Pup Array
HARE Jack Jill Leveret Down
GIRAFFE Bull Cow Calf Herd/Tower
GRASSHOPPER Male Female Nymph Swarm
GORILLA Male Female Infant Band
GOAT Billy Nanny Kid Flock/Herd
FLY Male Female Caterpillar / Chrysalis Swarm
ELEPHANT Bull Cow Calf Herd
DUCK Drake Duck Duckling Flock
DOVE Cock Hen Squab Cote
DOLPHIN Bull Cow Pup/Calf Herd
DOG Dog B*tch Puppy Pack
DEER Stag Doe Fawn Herd
CHICKEN Rooster Hen Chick Flock
CROW Male Female Young Murder
CAT Tom Queen Kitten Clutter
CAMEL Bull Cow Calf Herd
BEAR Boar Soar Cup Sleuth
BAT Male Female Pup Colony

List of Cutest Baby Animals

Baby animals have a natural charm that captivates people. Their cute and innocent appearances often steal the hearts of animal lovers. This section will feature a list of some of the cutest baby animals, offering a quick glimpse into the world of these adorable creatures.

Red Panda Cub

Red panda cubs are undoubtedly one of the cutest baby animals. They have fluffy bodies with a striking reddish-brown fur and delightful facial expressions. Known for their playful nature, red panda cubs are often seen climbing trees and frolicking with their siblings.

Baby Giraffe

The baby giraffe, or calf, is another heart-stealer in the animal kingdom. With their long, spindly legs and captivating eyes, they are incredibly endearing. Calves are known to stand within about 30 minutes of birth, and their inquisitive nature adds to their cuteness.

Filly and Colt

A female baby horse is called a “filly,” while a male baby horse is referred to as a “colt.” These baby horses, or “foals,” are born with slender legs and a delicate appearance. Their innocence and youthful energy make them undeniably adorable.

Some more irresistible baby animals include:

  • Baby Skunk: Don’t let their smell deter you – baby skunks are unbelievably cute with their tiny size, fluffy tails, and precious faces.
  • Baby Armadillo: The little, armored animals have an undeniable charm. Their sleepy and curious expressions, combined with their unique appearance, make them a cute addition to this list.

As we explore the world of baby animals, it becomes evident that nature has blessed us with an abundance of cuteness. Each of these creatures, with their unique characteristics and irresistible appearances, brings joy to those who encounter them.

Lesser-Known Baby Animals

A variety of fascinating baby animals tend to fly under the radar due to their lesser-known status. Here are several examples along with their proper names.

  • Baby hedgehog: Known as a hoglet, these tiny creatures are born blind and rely on their sense of smell to navigate the world.
  • Baby crocodile: Referred to as a hatchling, baby crocodiles emerge from their eggs with a small, protective egg tooth on the tip of their snouts.
  • Baby cow: A young cow is commonly called a calf, while newborns are sometimes referred to as calves.
  • Baby rabbit: Depending on the species, a young rabbit may be called a kit, short for kitten, or a bunny.
  • Baby turkey: Known as a poult, these young birds typically hatch from eggs in a nest built on the ground.
  • Baby kangaroo: Often referred to as a joey, these marsupial babies begin their lives in their mother’s pouch, where they continue to grow and develop.
  • Baby donkey: These small creatures are called foals, just like baby horses, and share many physical characteristics with their equine relatives.
  • Baby snake: Known as a snakelet, these reptiles are often born as live young or hatched from eggs, depending on the species.
  • Baby fish: A newly hatched fish is called a fry, and in the early stages of life, may bear little resemblance to their adult counterparts.
  • Baby owl: Known as an owlet, these young birds are typically born with a fluffy coat of down, which eventually gives way to the more familiar feathered appearance.

These lesser-known baby animals display a remarkable diversity of features and continue to captivate the curiosity of animal enthusiasts everywhere.