Baby Room: Baby Furniture and Accessories Vocabulary

List of baby furniture and accessories in the baby room with pictures and example sentences. Maybe you are about to be the proud parent of a new baby with an English speaking partner, if this is the case you may wish to talk about the baby’s room and what will be inside it, in English. Another situation where you might wish to be able to refer to the items found in a baby room would be when talking to friends about their home and children.

In this section, you are going to learn the English names for items that are commonly seen in the room of a baby.

Baby Furniture and Accessories

Baby furniture and accessories refers to furniture and accessories created for babies. They are often used to help the parents of the baby keep it safe and comfortable in the home.

List of Baby Furniture and Accessories

  • Baby lotion
  • Baby bottle
  • Bassinet
  • Bib
  • Doll
  • Rattle
  • Diaper
  • Pacifier (U.S)/ Dummy (U.K)
  • Mobile
  • Puzzle
  • Doll’s house
  • Cot (U.K)/ Crib (U.S)
  • Toy chest
  • Safety pin
  • Stroller (U.S)/ Pram (U.K)
  • Teddy bear
  • Block

Baby Room: Baby Furniture and Accessories Vocabulary

Baby Furniture and Accessories with Examples and Pictures

Learn these baby vocabulary words to improve your English.

Baby lotion

– Erin uses Johnson’s Baby Lotion to cleanse and moisturize.

Baby bottle

– She was feeding from a baby bottle and eating standard baby food.


– The baby was sleeping in a bassinet the boys allegedly tipped over.


– The baby was slobbering all over her bib.


– The little girl is playing with a doll.


– The baby was waving around plastic rattles.


– The baby had soiled her diaper again.

Pacifier (U.S)/ Dummy (U.K)

– Her baby was sucking on a pacifier.


– She bought a new mobile yesterday.


– Another piece of the puzzle fell into place.

Doll’s house

– She gave her baby a doll’s house.

Cot (U.K)/ Crib (U.S)

– Harry outgrew his cot when he was about two.

Toy chest

– This is the playroom, with a great big toy chest.

Safety pin

– Please give me a safety pin.

Stroller (U.S)/ Pram (U.K)

– A woman with a baby in a stroller was looking at clothes.

Teddy bear

– Emily hugged her teddy bear tightly to her chest.


– Polly was playing with blocks.

Baby Room | Image

Baby Room: Baby Furniture and Accessories Vocabulary

Furniture Names

Learn different types of furniture in English with examples and pictures.

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2 years ago

diaper (U.S.) nappy (U.K.)
bassinet (U.S.) moses basket (U.K.)

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