Baby Names: Top 100 Meaningful Baby Names for Boys and Girls

Baby names! Having a baby is a precious and exciting time, but choosing a name for that baby might seem like one of the most daunting tasks in the world. In this article, we are going to take a look at the importance of finding the right name for your baby. We are also going to be looking at some of the most popular baby names for both boys and girls, along with their meanings.

Baby Names

Finding the right name for your baby is a big deal for so many parents. With trends coming in and out so quickly, it can be hard to keep up with which names are currently popular. And this is a good place to begin when choosing a name. Are you looking for a name which is unique or do you prefer to go along with the current trend? For some people, an old fashioned or classic name can be a lot more attractive than an extremely modern one such as Nevaeh, which has risen in popularity enormously in recent years.

Another factor to consider it spelling, some names can be spelt in multiple ways, let’s take Amelia for example, it can be spelt as we have just written it or it could be spelt Emelia or Emilia. It is important to think about whether an nontraditional spelling might cause problems for the child later in life, continuously having to spell out their name for others. The same can be said for pronunciation, some names are spelt very differently than how they are said, such as Niamh, for example. Are you willing to have to correct people every time they mispronounce your baby’s name?

Family names are another popular choice for new parents when deciding what to call their baby. Some families opt to use a name as a middle name rather than a first name and this is a good idea if there is a traditional name within a family that you are not overly keen on. By incorporating it as a middle name, you can use it without having to say it too often. Also, some parents will choose a name because it reminds them of a loved one who has passed on, such as the name of grandparents or aunt, for example.

Culture is something that many new parents think about when naming their child, for example, let’s take the Chinese name Wang, research shows that this name is extremely popular in China, however a family from Kenya might not use this name as it doesn’t fit within their culture. The same could be said for the popular English name, John, an Indian family is unlikely to choose this name as it is not fitting to the country’s culture. Choosing a name with cultural heritage can be a great way to honour the background of the child.

However you decide to choose the name for your baby, the end result will be something which stays with them, and you, for life so it is important to think carefully about the name you will give.

Baby Names List

Top 100 Meaningful Baby Names for Boys

We are now going to take a look at the top 100 names for baby boys.

  1. Liam- a name comes from the name William.
  2. Noah- a name which means rest.
  3. Elijah- meaning God is Yahweh.
  4. Logan- a name derived originally from a surname.
  5. Mason- a name which refers to a person who works with stone.
  6. James- meaning a follower.
  7. Aiden- a name which means spirit.
  8. Ethan- a name meaning strong.
  9. Lucas- a name which means bright.
  10. Jacob- meaning one who follows.
  11. Michael- this name means who is like God?
  12. Matthew- meanings a gift from God.
  13. Benjamin- means the son of my right hand.
  14. Alexander- means defender or protector.
  15. William- which means protector.
  16. Daniel- meaning to judge.
  17. Jayden- a name which means thankful.
  18. Oliver- a name deriving from the name of the olive tree.
  19. Carter- a name that comes from a transporting job.
  20. Sebastian- refers to the place, Sebast.
  21. Joseph- means the one who will add.
  22. David- a name which means the beloved one.
  23. Gabriel- a name meaning God is strength.
  24. Julian- which means young or youth.
  25. Jackson- meaning the son of Jack.
  26. Anthony- a name which means one who should be praised.
  27. Dylan- means man of the sea.
  28. Wyatt- means strong or warrior.
  29. Greyson- this name means the son of the grey haired person.
  30. Isaiah- meaning Son of God.
  31. Christopher- meaning carrier of Christ.
  32. Joshua- meaning God is my salvation.
  33. Christian- meaning a man who follows Christ.
  34. Andrew- which means manly.
  35. Samuel- this name means the name of God.
  36. Mateo- Spanish version of the name Matthew.
  37. Jaxon- another form of Jackson.
  38. Josiah- God has healed.
  39. John- meaning God is gracious.
  40. Luke- a name which means light.
  41. Ryan- this name means little king.
  42. Nathan- meaning giver.
  43. Isaac- a name which means laughter.
  44. Owen- a name meaning warrior.
  45. Henry- a name which means power.
  46. Levi- this name means one who is attached.
  47. Aaron- a name that means exalted.
  48. Caleb- meaning faithful.
  49. Jeremiah- meaning God will rise.
  50. Landon- referring to a place with a hill.
  51. Lincoln- after a place with a pool.
  52. Adrian- meaning water.
  53. Hunter- this name refers to the huntsman.
  54. Eli- short for Elijah.
  55. Jonathan- meaning God gives.
  56. Thomas- which means twin.
  57. Jack- meaning God is gracious.
  58. Jordan- taken from the name of a river.
  59. Connor- meaning the one who loves wolves.
  60. Brayden- meaning one from the broad valley.
  61. Cameron- taken from the surname.
  62. Bryson- meaning noble.
  63. Jose- a Spanish version of Joseph.
  64. Xavier- from Spanish meaning bright.
  65. Dominic- a name which means Lord.
  66. Nicholas- meaning victory.
  67. Charles- name meaning royalty.
  68. Robert- a name which means bright or fame.
  69. Angel- meaning messenger.
  70. Carson- deriving from the son of Carr.
  71. Easton- referring to someone from the East.
  72. Colton- deriving from a place name.
  73. Jaxson- another form of Jackson or Jaxon.
  74. Ezekiel- God is strength.
  75. Asher- meaning happy.
  76. Ayden- another form of Aiden.
  77. Austin- a name which means great.
  78. Chase- meaning a hunter.
  79. Elias- a Greek form of Elijah.
  80. Evan- a Welsh version of the name John.
  81. Leo- a name which means lion.
  82. Jace- this name means God is salvation.
  83. Adam- a name meaning man.
  84. Roman- a name referring to someone from Rome.
  85. Ezra- means helper.
  86. Ian- meaning God’s gift.
  87. Hudson- meaning heart.
  88. Nolan- derived from a surname.
  89. Kayden- this name means battle.
  90. Santiago- referring to a saint.
  91. Maverick- meaning independent.
  92. Jason- meaning to heal.
  93. Leonardo- meaning bold.
  94. Zachary- this name means God will remember.
  95. Vincent- which means conqueror.
  96. Tyler- referring to one who lays tiles.
  97. Gavin- this name means God send.
  98. Brandon- referring to a place on a hill.
  99. Bentley- meaning a clearing.
  100. Joel- meaning God is good.

Top 100 Meaningful Baby Names for Girls

We will now take a look at the top 100 girls names and what they mean.

  1. Emma- meaning whole
  2. Olivia- referring to the olive tree.
  3. Ava- meaning bird.
  4. Isabella- God is perfect.
  5. Sophia- meaning wisdom.
  6. Charlotte- a female version of Charles.
  7. Mia- meaning mine.
  8. Amelia- meaning strives.
  9. Harper- one who plays the harp.
  10. Evelyn- a child who was wished for.
  11. Abigail- gift from God.
  12. Emily- meaning hard working.
  13. Elizabeth- my oath is in God.
  14. Mila- meaning gracious.
  15. Ella- a name which means light.
  16. Avery- a name which means powerful.
  17. Sofia- a variant of Sophia.
  18. Camelia- referring to the flower.
  19. Aria- meaning song.
  20. Scarlett- referring to the colour.
  21. Victoria- meaning one who is victorious.
  22. Lucy- meaning light.
  23. Paisey- a name referring to a church.
  24. Everly- meaning the boar in the meadow.
  25. Anna- meaning beautiful or gracious.
  26. Caroline- a name which means free.
  27. Nova- meaning new.
  28. Genesis- referring to the book in the bible.
  29. Emilia- a variant of Amelia.
  30. Kennedy- a name which means chief.
  31. Samantha- meaning one who listens or flower.
  32. Maya- this name means water.
  33. Willow- referring to the willow tree.
  34. Kinsley- referring to a king.
  35. Naomi- meaning pleasant.
  36. Aliyah- meaning exalted one.
  37. Elena- meaning shining or bright.
  38. Sarah- meaning princess.
  39. Ariana- referring to a place.
  40. Alison- a name meaning noble.
  41. Gabriela- woman of God.
  42. Alice- this name means noble.
  43. Madeline- a name which means tower.
  44. Cora- meaning maiden.
  45. Ruby- referring to the gem stone.
  46. Eva- meaning living one.
  47. Serenity- meaning peace.
  48. Autumn- a name which refers to the season.
  49. Adeline- a name meaning noble.
  50. Hayley- this name means meadow.
  51. Gianna- god is grace.
  52. Valentina- meaning strong or healthy.
  53. Isla- meaning from an island.
  54. Grace- meaning gracious one.
  55. Chloe- this name means fertile.
  56. Penelope- meaning one who weaves.
  57. Layla- meaning dark beauty.
  58. Riley- meaning valiant.
  59. Zoe- a name meaning life.
  60. Nora- meaning honour.
  61. Lily- referring to the flower.
  62. Helena- meaning bright.
  63. Hannah- this means favour.
  64. Lilian- coming from the name Lily.
  65. Addison- son of one called Addie.
  66. Eliana- answer of God.
  67. Quinn- meaning chief.
  68. Nevaeh- Heaven spelled backwards.
  69. Ivy- referring to the plant.
  70. Sadie- this name means princess.
  71. Piper- one who plays the pipe.
  72. Olivia- from the olive tree.
  73. Alexa- from Alexander, meaning defender.
  74. Josephine- from the male name Joseph.
  75. Emery- meaning powerful or brave.
  76. Julia- meaning young one.
  77. Delilah- one who seduces.
  78. Vivian- meaning life.
  79. Kayleigh- one who keeps keys.
  80. Sophie- meaning wisdom.
  81. Brielle- meaning strength of God.
  82. Maddy- a variant of Madeline.
  83. Ali- a variant of Alison.
  84. Aubrey- meaning elf.
  85. Ella- a name which means light.
  86. Stella- meaning star.
  87. Natalie- a name which means Lord.
  88. Leah- this name means weary.
  89. Hazel- referring to the tree.
  90. Violet- referring to the flower.
  91. Aurora- meaning dawn.
  92. Savannah- referring to an open plain in Africa.
  93. Audrey- this name means noble.
  94. Brooklyn- meaning stream or water.
  95. Bella- meaning beautiful, a variant of Belle.
  96. Claire- meaning famous.
  97. Skylar- referring to the sky, or meaning one who learns.
  98. Belle- this name means beautiful.
  99. Iris- referring to the flower.
  100. Nancy- a name which means favour or grace.

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