Ballbusting Meaning: What Does the Term “Ballbusting” Mean?

The slang term “ballbusting” is not heard or seen widely on the internet unless you run in certain particular circles. If you have heard or seen this term in passing and wonder what it meant, then you have come to the right place. Here you will find the meaning of this term and information about its origin.

You will also find some other meanings if there are any available and see some example conversations that use the term in proper context to help you further understand it. Finally, you will see some alternative words or phrases that you can use in conversation to replace this term and still convey the same meaning.

Ballbusting Meaning

What Does Ballbusting Mean?

The slang term “ballbusting” is a term used in the sexual fetish world of BDSM to describe the practice of a partner, in most cases a female, in a position of power and control over a consenting male causing pain to his scrotum by either punching. kicking, or kneeing. This typically turns the male on and causes an erection.

This is the literal definition of the term. However, it can also be used metaphorically to describe a non-sexual situation where a person uses words to inflict emotional pain in the same way through teasing and ridicule. It is often used as a term to describe a woman who puts a male into this place.

Origin of Ballbusting

When this term first began being used in the world of BDSM in the pornography genre of cock and ball torture is unknown. The term comes from the two words “ball” and “busting.” “Ball” is a slang term used to refer to a male’s scrotum and “busting” means to tear or rupture.” The term “ballbusting” has been used as a descriptive term for teasing, ridicule and putting a man in his place since the 1940s.

Other Meanings

The slang term “ballbusting” has also been said to be a title given to certain women who consider themselves feminist because they proclaim to hate men, Most feminists are feminists because they fight for gender equality. However, a “ballbusting” feminist does what she does because she has a severe dislike for the male species. It is believed that this term is associated with this form of feminism because of the dominatrix scenarios depicted in BDSM pornography.

Example Conversations

A text conversation between two friends.

  • Friend 1Hey you should check out this video. I think I could be really into this. (sends the link)
  • Friend 2(watches the video in link) I have seen that before. Its called ballbusting. I am not sure I would like it.
  • Friend 1: Really? You wouldn’t be incredibly turned on by a female having complete power over you?
  • Friend 2No, not really. I prefer to be the one in control.

An online conversation between two forum users.

  • User 1Hey everyone. Check out this ballbusting hentai I just drew!
  • User 2That looks great! Good job!
  • User 1Thanks! I am pretty proud of it. It’s the first one I have ever done.

Alternatives to “Ballbusting”

There are several words or phrases that you could use in place of the slang term “ballbusting” to convey the same message. Some of the other words or phrases that you could use in its place include:

  • tamakeri; the Japanese word for the sexual practice of ballbusting
  • punch in the nuts
  • knee you in the balls

Ballbusting Meaning Infographic