“Bane of My Existence” Meaning with Useful Examples

The useful English idiom “bane of my existence” is a phrase you may hear or see frequently in everyday conversation or pieces of writing. Here you will find the meaning of the phrase and the information about its origin. You will also see some examples of how to use this phrase properly in conversations/statements and suggestions regarding some alternative ways you can say this phrase while still conveying the same meaning.

Bane Of My Existence

Bane Of My Existence Meaning

The phrase “bane of my existence” is used when someone is describing an object or another person that annoys, upsets, antagonizes or frustrated them and makes their life unhappy.

Origin of the idiom

The most likely origin of the phrase “bane of my existence” came from the word bane itself. This word was used singularly to mean a cause of harm, pain or death. The word was popularly used in Middle English and Old English to describe serious situations. Today, the word is combined to make the phrase “bane of my existence.” Typically today this phrase is used to describe less serious situations that do not include something as serious as death.

“Bane Of My Existence” Examples

Examples in Statements

A statement made by a politician on the campaign trail.

  • “That woman is the bane of my existence. She will stop at nothing to tell lies and smear my name in any way she can.”

A statement made by a celebrity on the red carpet at a recent event.

  • “I have just got to say, these heels are the bane of my existence. They are pinching my toes!”

Examples in Conversation

A conversation between a teacher and one of her students.

  • Teacher: Mark, where is your homework?
  • Student: I don’t have it.
  • Teacher: Why don’t you have it?
  • Student: Because I never did it.
  • Teacher: Why didn’t you do it?
  • Student: Because homework is the bane of my existence.

A conversation between a girlfriend and boyfriend on a camping trip.

  • Girlfriend: I am never going camping again.
  • Boyfriend: Aww come on, it’s not that bad.
  • Girlfriend: Not that bad? I never knew I would consider the mosquito the bane of my existence.

Other Ways to Say “Bane Of My Existence”

Like most phrases, there are many alternative ways to say “bane of my existence” and still convey the same meaning. Some of these alternatives include:

  • The curse of my life
  • My lifelong affliction
  • My primary enemy for life

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Bane Of My Existence